Can You Use Puppy Pads For Rabbits? Is You Bunny Safe With Puppy Pads?

Can use puppy pads for rabbits? Is it possible to train them to do their business using a puppy pad? Is it safe for rabbits? Get all your answers here.

New pet parents to rabbits are often confused with what they can use to line the litter box that their rabbit uses. There are various options available that you can choose. The only problem is that cleaning the litter box takes time and pet owners look for an option that is less time-consuming. 

Another factor responsible for selecting a liner for a litter box is that rabbits tend to chew on everything, so you need to ensure that the material you use is non-toxic.

A great option would be to use a material that is absorbent and controls the odor. A puppy pad is highly absorbent. But can you use puppy pads for rabbits? Let’s find out.

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Can You Use Puppy Pads for Rabbits?

No, you can not use puppy pads for bunnies. Puppy pads have chemicals that can cause health issues in rabbits as rabbits tend to chew on things.

One other reason it is not suitable to use puppy pads for bunnies is that they contain absorbent materials. It can expand in the gut of your rabbit if ingested, and that causes severe health problems.

Can You Use Puppy Pads For Rabbits

Can I Use Pee Pads in My Rabbit Cage?

No, you can not use pee pads in your rabbit cage. Rabbits tend to chew on things as their teeth grow constantly. If they don’t chew on things, their growing teeth may cause health problems for them. 

If you use pee pads in your rabbit cage, then it is inevitable that they will chew on the pads. Since the pads are made of absorbent material, if your rabbit ingests it, the material will absorb water and can get stuck into their intestines. It could lead to some severe health issues and also become fatal.

How Do You Train a Rabbit To Use a Pad?

  • Even though rabbits are considered messy animals, you can train them to use a litter box for peeing and pooping. You need to have patience and persistence with the training process. Take a cat litter box. Cut a hole in the side of the box if it is too tall for your bunny to hop in. 
  • Line the litter box with a thin layer of absorbent like paper pellets or liners.
  • Rabbits often tend to eat and poop simultaneously, so make sure that you place hay in the litter box itself, or you can place a hay box near the litter box. 
  • Place the hay box in such a manner that to reach it, your rabbit has to sit in the litter box.
  • At first, you would need to limit the space to train your rabbit to use the litter box. Confined space makes them accustomed to using the litter box. 
  • Once your rabbit develops the habit of using the litter box, gradually expand the area. If you expand the area and your rabbit stops using the litter box, limit the space once again.

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What Do You Line a Rabbit Litter Box With?

There are a variety of options available as choices for lining your rabbit litter box. But in the end, all of it depends upon what your rabbit will like. There might be some things that your rabbit develops an aversion to, and you won’t use the litter box until you remove them. Some of the common items used for lining a rabbit litter box are:

Wood Shavings

Using pine, cedar, and aspen shavings as bedding is common. However, cedar and pine are known to result in respiratory issues in your rabbit. 

Liver damage is another health hazard that your pet might face if you use pine or cedar. Therefore, we do not recommend using cedar or pine shavings as either bedding or litter liner. 

One of the most common reasons people often use wood shavings is that they are easily available and cheap compared to other materials. On the other hand, aspen shavings are fine to use. But, they do not control the odor, and you need to replace them often.

Can You Use Puppy Pads For Rabbits

Paper-Based Lining

Several brands make liners that are made using natural fibers. These beddings or liners are safe for small pets, absorbs pee well, and controls odor. The one problem with other materials is that they stick to the fur of the rabbits. With these paper-based bedding, this is not an issue. 

However, these paper-based liners are cheap. Unfortunately, they are also expensive and not commonly available at grocery stores.

Paper or Newspaper Shreddings

Paper or newspaper shreddings are one of the cheapest options that you can use in the litter box of your rabbit. It works fine for some pet owners, but if your rabbit develops a tendency to eat the shreddings, that can be fatal. 

Paper can block their intestine, and that can cause serious health issues. Another issue is that there is little to no odor control, and you need to replace the paper frequently.

Wood Pellets

One of the best options to use as a liner for a litter box for your rabbit would be hardwood pellets. These do not cost much and are easily available in grocery stores and home improvement stores. The wooden pellets absorb liquid and also control the odor and don’t need frequent replacement.

However, it would be best to make sure that the pellets are not treated with chemicals that could be harmful to your rabbits.

Paper Pellets

Paper pellets are another excellent liner for a litter box. These are non-toxic, natural, and dust-free, making them great bedding or liners for small animals like rabbits. You can find paper pellets easily in grocery stores, and you also put the used pellets in a compost bin, which reduces the waste.

However, paper pellets don’t control odor very well, and also scooping up the soiled pellets is not easy.

Clumping Litter or Cat Litter

Another thing that pet owners use as a rabbit’s litter box liner is cat litter. But we advise against it as this litter tends to clump, and if your rabbit ingests it, that can be fatal. The smell of these litters is also awful, and your rabbit won’t even like going in the litter box.

Clay Litter

Another option is to use clay litter. However, we don’t recommend it as it is not dust-free. It is known to cause breathing issues in small animals. And since rabbits chew on almost everything, eating the clay litter can be fatal for them.

Corn Cob Litter

Corn cob litter is another good option for lining the litter box of your rabbit. It is highly absorbent and reduces the odor too. However, the corn cob litter is tiny, and your rabbits will track it everywhere they go. Accidentally stepping on the corn cobs would be painful. Ingesting these corn cobs can also be fatal for your rabbit.

Can You Use Puppy Pads For Rabbits

Choose What You Line Your Bunnies Litter Box With Carefully 

Can you use puppy pads for bunnies is one of the questions asked by new rabbit owners. The answer to this question is- you can not. Even though puppy pads are an excellent absorbent, and because bunnies pee quite a lot, puppy pads would have been a great solution. 

But since bunnies tend to chew on things, it is a given that they would chew on the puppy pads, and that can be risky for them. Also, puppy pads are chemically treated, and that is not suitable for bunnies.