Can You Use Dog Clippers On Human Hairs?

Can you use dog clippers on human hairs? Yes, you can, but it is not right to do so. Let us look at dog hair clippers and human clippers in detail and know the difference. 

Dog clippers and human hair clippers may look similar but are actually very different. Their features and functionality differ. One may think of using dog clippers in human hairs.

Many people ask this question: can you use dog clippers on human hairs? Well, yes, you can, but it is not appropriate to use dog clippers as they can mess up a person’s hair. However, you cannot use human clippers on dog hairs as their blades are placed very close to each other and will cause discomfort to your dog.

Can You Use Dog Clippers On Human Hairs

Have you ever thought of using dog clippers? Well, it can be out of curiosity, or you might have been trying to save a bit of time and money. Many people tried doing this during quarantine, but keep in mind there are many things to look at before using these clippers for grooming yourself. 

Let us look in detail at dog clippers and human clippers and what you need to look at before using dog clippers on human hairs.

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Dog Clippers And Human Clippers

If you want to know about the difference between dog clippers and human clippers, you are in the right place. Dog clippers and human clippers look similar, but their features and functionality vary. 

Dog Clippers

Dog clippers are specially designed for dogs and are made per the dog’s coat. Dogs have different coats such as long coats, smooth coats, double coats and heavy coats. So when people make dog clippers, they look at two coats: single coat and double coat. 

It is also essential to look at the blade of the clipper. There are two types of blades used for dog clippers: fine tooth blades and skip-tooth blades.

Fine Tooth Blade

The fine-tooth blades are marked with English letters and numbers, so it is easy to identify the type of place. Fine tooth blades have gaps between the teeth, and the gap may be less than the other clippers. However, this blade is not suitable for thick-coated dogs.

Can You Use Dog Clippers On Human Hairs

Skip-Tooth Blade

This type of blade comes with long teeth and does not hurt the dog while pulling its long hairs. These blades are ideal to use for double-coated dogs. These blades have gaps between the teeth and are very comfortable for dogs. If your dog has a double coat, this blade is excellent to use. This blade is marked with numbers only, so it is easy to identify the blade type.

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When we look at dog clippers,

  • The motor is quiet and soft. Dog clippers do not have a powerful motor and run quietly. This is because dogs get scared of noises and vibrations. So with a quiet motor, you can groom your dog well.
  • The blades are not close to the skin. Your dog can be nervous and super excited anytime. So if the clippers are not very close to the skin, it will not harm your dog. 
  • Speed. Dog are not like humans. They will not be able to understand what’s happening around them. Also, you can hold your dog for a very long time, so you need to look for fast clippers for grooming.

Human Clippers

Human clippers are usually what you see in a barbershop. These clippers are relatively thinner, sharper and have less gap between their teeth. 

When we talk about human clippers,

  • These are made to groom short hair. Most men use these clippers to groom their short hair, and it takes less time to finish.
  • It has a powerful motor. Human clippers are much more powerful and durable than dog clippers. 
  • Heat. As human clippers have a powerful motor, it gets heated up quickly.
  • Cutting Length. Usually, mens use clippers to shave their beard and remove body hairs. These clippers can be used close to the skin. As the brushes are not far from the blade, they may harm or cause cuts on pets. So it is advisable not to use human clippers on dogs.
  • Human Clippers have a very strong vibration. Using human clippers makes some sounds that may discomfort a dog but is fine for humans.

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Can You Use Dog Clippers On Human Hairs

Can You Use Dog Clippers On Human Hairs?

Yes, you can. There is no harm in using dog clippers in human hairs, and let us look at the advantages of using dog clippers on humans.

  • It Makes Less Noise. Dog clippers do not make any noise when you use them. So if you do not like the sound of human clippers, you can consider using these.
  • Safe. Dog clippers are safe to use for human hair as it is not close to the skin and will not harm you in any way.
  • Works Much Faster. The dog clippers work very fast and will save you valuable time.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using Dog Clippers On humans?

  • The Blades Can Get Damaged. Usually, dog clippers are not very durable and cannot be repaired once damaged. You need to keep a check on its blade, oil etc. It can get damaged easily if not used properly.
  • It Can Damage Your Skin. When using dog clippers on humans, you need to use suitable blades. Else you have chances of messing up your hair and damaging your skin.

Dog clippers are designed to be used for dogs only and not humans. But sometimes, you may have to use it by chance. So it is essential to know its advantages and disadvantages before using these clippers.

Things You Need To Consider Before Using Dog Clippers

Use Right Clippers And Blade

When using dog clippers, always use the right blade and clipper for your hair, else you have chances of messing up your hair.

Can You Use Dog Clippers On Human Hairs

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Replace Blade Frequently

When using dog clippers, make sure to change the blade in at least three to six months and clean it well after every use. 

Check Blade Number 

Dog clippers are marked with numbers and the length you can cut with the blade. So before using a dog clipper, it is essential to look at the blade number and length you can cut. 

A Few Final Words

The dog clippers and human clippers are the same, and the blade and power are slightly different but work the same way. Though you cannot use human clippers on dogs as they can harm them, you can use dog clippers on human hairs.

I hope you find this article helpful and get a clear idea about using dog clippers and human clippers. Thank you for reading, and if you have any further queries please do not hesitate to write to us in the comments section.

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