Can You Use Dial Soap On Dogs?

If you find Dial soap to be very mild and effective, you might wonder: “Can you use Dial Soap on dogs too? The answer is no, and there is a scientific reason behind it. Let’s read on to know more about it.

Dial soap bars are among the most popular soap bars for humans. Many people use these regularly, and some of them might wonder if these Dial soaps are healthy to use on their dogs as well. 

In short, the answer to this question by pet owners is no; Dial soaps are not suitable for your pet dogs. You should not use these or any other human soap bars to bathe your pet dogs. This is because dogs’ skin has a different pH than humans’. We will further explore why you should not do so in this article. 

Can You Use Dial Soap On Dogs

Why Are Dial Soaps Not Suitable For Dogs? 

Dial soaps are not suitable for your pet dogs as these soap bars are made according to the sensitivity of human skin. There is a big difference in human skin and that of a dog. 

Understanding the difference between human and dog skin

Our skins have an outer coating or layer known as the stratum corneum, and just above this layer is a small acid mantle barrier that protects the skin from bacteria and other parasites that it comes in contact with.

The acid mantle is carefully balanced for the pH value of the skin. pH is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of skin. Dog skin has a pH value of 5.5 to 7.5, whereas human skin has a pH between 5.2 and 6.2. This means humans have slightly acidic skin, whereas dog skin is slightly alkaline

Bath products for dogs and humans are designed to make sure not to affect the acid mantle respectively. But when you use soap meant for humans on dogs, it will destroy the acid mantle, leaving your dog vulnerable to many diseases.

Thus, you should not use these soap bars on your dog as they are not calibrated for their skin pH value. Dry and itchy skin and lesions all over their body from biting and scratching are common symptoms of using human soap or dishwashing liquid on dogs. 

Can You Use Dial Soap On Dogs

Is Dial Soap Harmful To Dogs? 

Yes, Dial soap is calibrated to work on human skin and can be harmful to dogs.

Yes, Dial soap bars are harmful to dogs. Soaps and shampoos designed for humans can result in harming the skin of your pet dog. 

Secondly, if by any chance, if your pet dog eats these soaps, then he or she could be in serious trouble. These soaps contain chemicals that can cause chemical burns in their intestines, stomach, mouth, and so on. 

Using a soap designed for humans disrupts the acid mantle of your dog. Due to this disruption, they are more vulnerable to bacteria, parasites, and viruses. 

One of the most common symptoms of using Dial soap on dogs is that their skin turns flaky and dry. This can lead your dog to scratch themselves, resulting in abrasions and marks on their body. Bacteria can enter your dog’s system through these abrasions and then attack its immune system. 

What Can You Use Instead Of A Dial Soap For Dogs? 

Use any good dog soap instead.

You can go for authentic dog shampoos and soaps available in the market. There are plenty of brands making such items according to the pH value of a dog’s skin. It is always better to use a product specializing in a field rather than a product that is not made for you. 

If you don’t or can’t have dog soap or shampoo, you can go for baby shampoos and soaps. These soaps and shampoos are suitable substitutes for dog products; the main reason is that a dog’s skin is as sensitive as a baby’s skin. So these baby products are made to be gentle and light on the skin, which is also the requirement for dog soaps. 

Can You Use Dial Soap On Dogs

Why Do Dogs Try To Eat Soap? 

Because it smells nice to them.

Dogs can be attracted to eating bar soaps, maybe because the scent and look of the soap remind them of something that they like to eat. This can be because dogs are playful and very curious creatures. Due to this, they have a habit of poking their nose everywhere, and they also try to eat non-food items. 

Ingestion of human soap by dogs is very harmful to their body. Just like these soaps are not suitable for their exterior, they are also not good. This condition is also called pica in dogs. In this condition, your pet dog starts to eat something on their instinct rather than their nutritional deficiency. 

Other Commonly Asked Questions

Is Dial soap pet safe?

No human soap is pet safe.

No, Dial soap is not petting safe. You should try and never use these soap bars on your pets, such as vats and dogs. There is a scientific reason behind this statement. 

You should not use these soap bars on your pets because the pH value of the skin of cats and dogs is significantly different from that of humans. So a bar soap designed to cater to humans cannot also cater to pets as effectively. 

Instead of using human bar soaps, you can use bar soaps specially designed for pets. Such soaps are readily available in the market, and you can get your hands on them quickly.

What soap can I use to wash my dog?

You can use Dr. Bronner’s pure castile soap, or any soap formulated for dogs.

The best shampoo or soap that you can use on your dog is baby soaps and shampoos. These soaps and shampoos are designed for babies, so they are very sensitive to their skin. Since dogs and cats also have very sensitive skin compared to humans, baby soaps will work just fine on their skin. 

Even baby shampoos and soaps are not good substitutes to dog shampoo and soaps. Baby soaps are less harsh on the skin and fur of your dog, but even they are designed for humans. Ideally, you should only use dog soap and shampoo.

Can I use antibacterial soap on my dog?

No, do not use even antibacterial soap on your dog. 

Wounds on the skin or fur can be very tricky to deal with. They are very different from wounds on human skin. You should be very careful with these wounds and avoid taking a risk with them. 

Some dog wounds are such that you should not allow them to close too early. So in such cases, you should not use any antibacterial soap, oil, or shampoo on your pet dogs. The best-case scenario is to consult your vet and then proceed further.

A Few Final Words

We would like to request you as responsible dog owners to properly look after your pet dogs. If you cannot compare your dog’s skin to your own, then why would you use a Dial soap bar designed for humans on your pet dogs? 

There are some harmful effects of using such soaps on your dog’s fur and skin. If you experience any harmful symptoms, you should immediately take your dog to the doctor. 

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