Can You Spray Febreze On Dogs?

Febreze is a strong odor remover that many people use in their houses. If your dog is the cause of the stink, can you spray Febreze on dogs directly? Let’s find out.

Dogs have a very strong characteristic smell which gets even stronger during their mating period. Most pet-owners get accustomed to that smell, but it can be a lot to take for the stranger who came into your house or your family members. 

Febreze is one of the most popular odor changes and is used by many pet owners to get rid of the characteristic smell of their dog. If you wonder, can you spray Febreze on dogs? Then the answer is yes

It is safe to spray Febreze, but you should not spray directly on your pets. Let’sLet’s dive deeper into this matter and understand its useful and harmful sides and how you should use it.

Can You Spray Febreze On Dogs

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What Is Febreze?

Febreze is one of the most popular household odor eliminators manufactured by Procter &  Gamble. This product originated from America but is sold in a wide number of countries, including Asia, Europe, Africa, America, Australia, and many other countries. 

This product is made to get rid of the odor, and you can use it on a wide range of items, including fabrics, furniture and you can even use it directly in the open space of your room. Febreze does more than mix a new smell in the air, and its special composition traps the scent inside the room and helps increase the freshness of the room.

Can I Spray Febreze on My Dog?

Yes, Febreze is safe for use on dogs as well.

Although it is perfectly safe to spray directly on your dog, we should avoid doing so. Dogs are very smell-sensitive creatures, and having a different odor on their body can cause them a lot of distraction and confusion. 

Dogs rely on their strong sense of smell for a wide range of numbers, including identifying someone to recognize their food and other items.

The composition of Febreze is safe for your dog and is in the way it is toxic or harmful to your dog. There has been no evidence proving any fatal cause related to Febreze. Although spraying it directly on your dog is not suggested, you can spray it on things that have a strong smell, like carpets, toys, kennels, and other things.

Febreze does not help get rid of the odor directly from your pet so spraying it on them has no benefits. It is better to bathe them to remove the smell or spray the room freshener on their belongings. 

Can You Spray Febreze On Dogs

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Can You Use Febreze on Dog Beds?

Yes, you can use it on dog beds too, but it is better to let it dry off before the dog sleeps in it.

Febreze, in most cases, is used for fabrics, but you can use it on other items too and even as a room-fresher. The instruction manual of Febreze suggests letting the solution dry before bringing it close to others. It still contains many chemicals, and prolonged exposure can have numerous harmful effects on your dogs.

If you want to use Febreze on your dog’s bed, then you can do so but make sure that the spray dries out before letting your dog on their bed. Also, make sure that the amount of your jet is minimal as dogs have a stronger sense of smell, and the scent of Febreze can make it harder to breathe for them freely. 

Does Febreze Air Freshener Hurt Dogs?

The strong characteristic smell of a dog can sometimes suffocate, so it is better to get rid of them before they get spread into all the items at your place. 

Air Freshener is a very common method to get rid of a dog’s smell, but due to the popularity of Febreze, it is used more often. Numerous research has been conducted to find the effects of Febreze on dogs, and according to ASPCA, it is found that it does not have any harmful effects on dogs. 

Possible Harmful Effects of Febreze

According to the official website of Febreze, this product does not have any harmful effect on your dog, but if your dog happens to like or consume any Febreze when it’s still wet, it can cause minor issues in them. 

Problems like upset stomach and mild skin irritation can be generated in your pet if it consumes any Febreze, so it is better to keep it out of their reach.

Birds are more sensitive to air composition and have a harder time getting accustomed to the change in environment. It is better to keep your birds out of the room in which you used Febreze until its effects dissipate. 

On the other hand, dogs and cats do not have any serious issues with a room freshener, and they can easily get accustomed to this change in environment.

Can You Spray Febreze On Dogs

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Other Ways To Get Rid of the Dog Smell in Your House

Some methods include Vacuuming, regular cleaning of dog beds and leashes, bathing and shampooing your pet.

Dogs’ smell can get very strong in some cases depending upon the breed of your dog and its health condition. In most situations, it becomes much stronger during their mating seasons. Dogs and other animals release a certain scent to attract the opposite gender of their species. 

It may be attractive for the opposite gender of their dogs but Is almost unbearable for humans. This is a very common problem among people with pets, and there are also many daily activities to reduce its effects. You can sue the points given below to get rid of the smell of your dog:

Can You Spray Febreze On Dogs

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A Few Final Words

There can be a variety of room freshener uses, but spraying directly on your dogs is surely not a safe option. There is a specific dog spray available in the market to help you tackle this problem and keep both the smell out and your dog safe at the same time. 

Febreze is one of the most popular and widely used room-fresheners, and if you are also a fan of this product, then you can use it to get rid of your dog’s smell but avoid direct spraying of it on your dog.

Thank you for reading, we hope you enjoyed the content and if you have more queries please write to us in the comments section below. You might also like to read whether soaps like Cerave and Dial soaps are safe to use on your pet.