Can You Sell Dogs On OfferUp?

Are you a breeder looking to sell your pups online? Not finding many avenues? Wondering: “Can you sell dogs on OfferUp, Facebook, or Whatsapp? Find all the answers to your questions below

We raise our dogs with love and care. Before getting our pets, we should always be careful where we are buying them from. There are enough scamsters on the internet to warrant careful research before spending your hard-earned money.

One such place is WhatsApp, from where we can effortlessly search for our beloved pet. But we cannot sell dogs or any other live animals on OfferUp.  

A breeder always has multiple questions about selling puppies and fulfilling all the requirements related to them. This article has mentioned why it is essential to sell puppies with proper paperwork. Stay tuned to explore all the aspects associated with selling puppies.

Can You Sell Dogs On OfferUp

Can You Sell Dogs On OfferUp?

You cannot. You can, however, sell animal products such as dog food, etc.

Many types of animal products can be posted on Offer Up. However, you cannot sell any live animals on Offer up, including:

  • Marine animals
  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, or other pets
  • Reptiles such as lizards or snakes
  • Fish
  • Farm animals such as chickens, goats, pigs, or cows
  • Insects
  • Horses or ponies

Can You Sell Puppies On The Facebook Marketplace?

No, you can’t sell dogs on Facebook. There are pages advertising adoption.

The Facebook marketplace has become a popular option used to sell and buy gadgets, furniture, pets, and cars. It also includes a lot of puppies. 

You can find dogs on the marketplace, but it is only for adoption purposes. If you find someone charging a major amount for your dog or pup, it is usually a scam. Dogs up for adoption are usually being given away, not sold for profit. In fact, Facebook had a few years back banned all ads from pup factories.

Can I Sell Puppies Online?

Yes, but you should do it only through reputable websites.

Selling puppies online is a question that everybody has. Some breeders sell their puppies online through specific famous dog selling sites or websites. This allows you to reach a vast audience and the puppy owners. However, it is always recommended to avoid this practice.

One platform used widely for the sale and purchase of dogs online is DogsMart. If you sell puppies online, you can upload a description of the puppies you want to sell. 

Can You Sell Dogs On OfferUp

Can I Sell My Puppies Through WhatsApp?

No, it is against their policy.

Whatsapp policy clearly states that businesses cannot use their software to sell animals online. In fact, you cannot use Whatsapp for many things including tobacco, alcohol, drugs, weapons and body parts.

How Do I Legally Sell My Puppies Online?

There are many reputable sites that let you do it.

There are many online sites including puppyfind and hoobly where you can sell your puppy online. You can also advertise the sale of pups through social media channels (though the sale transaction cannot happen through their channel).

All types of cats and dogs should be microchipped by three months, except exempt cats and dogs. They should be microchipped before being sold or given away, whatever condition happens first. Ensure that you have registered your dog or cat online with the NSW pet registry. 

Are You Able To Sell Your Pets On Gumtree?

Ideally no, though people still do it in personal chats.

Gumtree used to ban adverts that offer shipment of animals or when animals are used as food for other animals or hunting purposes. It is also used to ban renting or loaning animals in a particular season. 

However, whatever is arranged on private messages is not monitored or checked. There have been multiple dangers and horror stories after purchasing pets through gumtree. 

Can Animals Be Sold Without Papers?


Even if you are a DOGS NSW registered breeder, you are not permitted to sell any puppies without papers under any circumstances. You are not supposed to breed any kind of dogs which are not registered on the main register of the ANKC national database. 

Can You Sell Dogs On OfferUp

Can You Sell Puppies If You Are Not A Dog Breeder?

No, you can’t

Breeders are allowed to sell puppies only if they have bred themselves, and it is allowed to be sold only from the place the puppy was bred and reared. They should be at least eight weeks before they are sold or leave their mother. 

Can You Sell A Dog That Is Not Microchipped?

No, you can’t

The dog breeders must ensure that the puppies are microchipped before they sell them. The puppies cannot be sold until they are two months old, and they must be microchipped even at the point of sale. If you are buying a puppy, make sure that they are microchipped before taking them to your house. 

How Much Money Do You Make Studding A Dog?

Anywhere between $250 to $1,000 depending on the breed.

Studding is the amount provided to the proven male dog for each kind of stud service. The dog owners get paid each time their stud mates with a female dog. Stud dog fees are around $250 to $1000 each time the dog mates with another female dog. 

Can You Sell Dogs On OfferUp

What Do Breeders Do With Dogs That Don’t Sell?

Usually, they sell them to pet stores. Otherwise, they will usually be put up for adoption, and in the worst-case allowed to become strays.

The dogs which are not sold go on sale in the stores. The store owners buy them in the trace amount of what they charge from their customers. If the puppy isn’t sold still, then the stores will cut out the losses and give their puppies to rescue groups, friends, and employees who need them. 

What Is A Reasonable Rehoming Fee For A Dog?

Anywhere upwards of $50.

The reasonable rehoming fee of the dog begins at around $50, and it can go up from that amount. The purpose of charging money is not to make money but to avoid giving the dog to someone unwilling to care for and invest in a pet. The possibility of the dog being used for fighting or sold in a particular lab is also reduced to a certain extent by charging the fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you sell your dog on Offer up?

You can post multiple types of animal products on the Offer up, but you cannot sell your dog on the Offer up.

What app can I sell my dog on?

There are many, such as DogSmart

You can search for legal dog applications to sell and purchase the dogs online. One such most commonly used application is DogsMart. You can upload the breed and other information related to the puppies you want to sell. Make sure that you are always dealing with legal pages on Whatsapp.

How do I sell my dog?

You can sell online through many websites like Craigslist or Hoobly.

There are numerous ways through which you can sell your dog. One of the most popular ways to sell your dog is by posting an advertisement on online websites such as craigslist or on the local ASPCA. 

You can share all the minute details about the dog and the vital statistics related to the dog’s breeding, age, and sex. Many buyers are interested in understanding the minute details of your dog or whether it is neutered or spayed.

Where is the best place to sell a dog?

There are multiple renowned places where you can sell your dogs. Make sure you check out the requirement for selling your dog at a particular place. 
1) Social media: You are not allowed to make official sales on different social media platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook; however, you can inform other potential buyers that you are a breeder who is ready to sell.
2) Puppy find: You can effortlessly describe your litter on the official platform of this website. You can post ads free of charge, but it is essential to pay a small fee to contact the buyers. 
3) Hoobly classifieds: You can easily list your dogs on hoobly classifieds. You can quickly sign up and post an ad on this platform. You can easily use this platform, and it has an easy user interface.
4) Next day pets: Next day pets is an excellent platform where you can post about your pets. Various potential buyers visit this platform to find breeders who sell the pets.

Final Words

Many breeders want to sell their dogs at food prices, but it is essential to understand certain vital aspects like microchipping. You can understand all the crucial things before selling your dog through this article. 

The dog must be eight weeks old, and you can’t sell live animals on the Offer up. It is essential to go through the rules and regulations of the Offerup to avoid any kind of mishap that can occur. 

Thank you for reading, we hope we covered most of your questions if you have more, do reach out to us and we will answer them. We have written other articles about breeding such as Can You Breed Half Sibling Dogs?, do read more about this topic.