Can You Put Clear Eyes In Dogs Eyes?

Humans use over-the-counter eye drops to help dry eyes. Is it safe for dogs too? Can you put Clear Eyes in dogs eyes? Let’s find out.

Humans use Visine and other over-the-counter eye drops for conditions like allergies, redness, itching, and dryness in the eyes. At some point in time, dogs also have eye infections and allergies that need to be treated. 

Can you put Clear Eyes in dogs’ eyes? The answer is no. Using clear eyes for dogs is not recommended. Clear eyes can cause permanent damage to your dog’s eyes. 

Can You Put Clear Eyes In Dogs Eyes

Using a sterile purified water drop to clean and soothe your dog’s eyes is better. Using artificial tear drops is also fine, but it depends on the formula and use. If your dog’s eyes are inflamed, it is better to get it diagnosed properly and get the right treatment.

In this article, let us look at what kind of eye drops you can use in your dog’s eyes and some eye care tips for your dogs.

Do Dogs Require Eye Drops?

Most pets’ eyes are protected with a nictitating membrane (or third eyelid). In dogs and cats, this eyelid is hidden behind the lower eyelid. This membrane helps remove the dust from the dog’s eyes and protects it against wind and pollutants. It also helps keep their eyes moist and distribute tears.

However, even after protection with the third eyelid, your dog may have irritated and dry eyes. Some dogs with eye infections need to use eye drops, and let us look at some eye problems that require dogs to use eye drops.


Glaucoma is an eye disease that is caused due to tumors, inflammation in the eyes, or dislocation of the lens. To treat this type of eye problem, most vets recommend using eye drops such as timolol and dorzolamide to heal dogs’ eyes. 

Can You Put Clear Eyes In Dogs Eyes


Due to environmental conditions and sensitivity to personal care products like shampoo or cleaners, dogs may have some allergies. 

Sometimes people look into their dog’s eye and remove any irritants to relieve dogs from itchiness and eye irritation. Some vets recommend using an eye drop if the dog has a severe allergy.


Dogs may require eye drops if they suffer from eye infections such as pink eyes, trauma, keratitis, or dry eyes.

What Kind Of Eye Drops Can I Use On My Dog?

Choosing the right eye drop is essential to treat your dog’s eye problems. Sometimes, a saline eye drop is needed, while some eye-related problems need certain medications prescribed by the vet.

Saline Eye Drops

Some over-the-counter medications include saline eye drops that help remove dust and debris from dogs’ eyes. 

Using saline drops also helps remove the crustiness from the corners and helps relieve dogs from mild allergies. Though saline eye drops may not help treat dryness, red eyes, or any severe eye problems.

Can You Put Clear Eyes In Dogs Eyes


Some vets recommend giving steroid drops to treat any severe allergies and infections in dogs. Remember not to use steroids without your vet’s consultation. Also, avoid using steroids if the cornea is already damaged.

Antibiotic Drops

Some vets suggest antibiotic eye drops like Ciloxan to treat pink eyes or conjunctivitis in dogs.

Wipes And Other Topical Creams

Dog wipes and certain topical creams are also available in most dog stores to clean dogs’ eyes and help soothe irritation. However, consult your vet before using any products on your dogs.

Some vets recommend using topical creams to treat your dog’s eyes as an alternative. However, this depends on your dog’s eye condition. 

Eye drops are specially designed to treat a dog’s eye without harming their eyes. If your dog shows any side effects, stop using the eye drop and ask your vet for an alternative.

Can You Put Clear Eyes In Dogs Eyes

Can You Put Human Eye Drops In Dog’s Eyes?

No, using human eye drops in a dog’s eye is not recommended, and it can do more harm to your dog’s eyes. Avoid using any human eye drops that include natural tears in your dog’s eye before consulting your vet. 

The ingredients used in human eye drops may be toxic to dogs and are not suitable. Human eye drops that are used to treat redness mostly contain naphazoline, and this ingredient is harmful to dogs if ingested. If your dog is exposed to even a small amount of such ingredients, it can cause heart rate and blood pressure.

How Can You Keep Your Dog’s Eyes Healthy?

Firstly, have a look at your dog’s eyes closely. Know what is normal, so it will be easy for you to find when something is wrong with your dog’s eyes. 

To keep your dog’s eyes healthy, it is advisable to perform weekly or monthly eye exams. Usually, healthy eyes look clear and have a smooth and moist surface. If they have any eye problems, it will be easy to find out and get treatment. 

Eye Care Tips For Dogs

As a dog owner, you need to regularly take care of your dog and check your dog’s eyes for dirt and debris. Let us look for some preventive eye care tips for your dogs.

  • Frequent Cleaning. You should clean your dog’s eyes using a wet cloth at least once a week. Remove the debris from the corner and around the eyes. It will help keep their eyes healthy and clean. 
  • Clear The Mucus. Like us, dogs also have mucus discharge when they are out in dust and wind. Once you remove the mucus from their eyes, they will feel comfortable. Using an eye drop or artificial tears helps remove the mucus with ease.
  • Trim Dog Hairs Around His Eyes. You should always keep your dog’s hair trimmed around its eyes. It will help them see clearly, and you can detect any eye problem faster. If you are not comfortable trimming your dog’s hair, take them to the vet.
Can You Put Clear Eyes In Dogs Eyes

A Few Final Words

Like humans, dogs also have their needs. It is good to clean your dog’s eyes regularly and remove any dirt and debris that gets stuck. Sometimes, dogs need eye treatments for certain eye infections and allergies. 

Using clear eyes in dogs is not recommended as it contains many ingredients that may harm the dog’s eyes. If you find something wrong with your dog’s eyes, consult your vet and get the right treatment done. 

Thank you for reading the article, we hope you understand that Clear Eyes is not a good option for your dog. You might also like to read: How To Get The Hair Out Of Dog Eye? And Dog Cant Open Eyes After Grooming