Can You Pass A Drug Test With Dog Pee?

“Can You Pass A Drug Test With Dog Pee?” Out of the many techniques people are using to pass their drug tests, using dog pee to replace your own is the most easily available one. Let us look at whether this idea works or not.

Random workplace drug testing is increasingly on the rise. Industries such as mass transit, airlines, trucking, shipping get to carry the same out under the United States government law. Urine is a commonly used biological sample for drug detection tests. 

So it is no surprise that people employ multiple tampering techniques and tactics to prevent the detection of drug use. Adulterating the sample by introducing a foreign substance, consuming pills, working out to sweat out, and replacing the sample are some methods people employ to test negative. 

Can You Pass A Drug Test With Dog Pee

Out of these, the easiest to do seems to be replacing your pee with that of your pet dog. However, due to the reasons that we will explain in this article, this trick does not work!

I will answer below why you cannot use dog urine to pass a drug test and also walk you through the terms and tests associated with the same. 

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Is There a Difference Between Human Urine and Dog Urine?

Yes, and using 1H-NMR tests, you can tell which is which.

It is difficult to tell the difference between human urine and dog urine in one glance since they look quite the same. However, a laboratory can differentiate the two since their chemical composition differs. 

The former contains urea, sodium, chloride, potassium, creatinine, and other proteins, hormones, and metabolites. On the other hand, the latter comprises uric acid, urea, ammonia, creatine, fatty acids, sodium, hormones, chloride, potassium, magnesium, and carbohydrates. 

Studies employing 1H-NMR with multivariate and metabolomic analyses have indicated key differences between human and dog pee. There is a difference between human pee and dog pee, but the same can be determined only by relevant chemical analysis. 

Can Dog Urine Be Used for a Drug Test?

Don’t try it; it can be checked in a lab, and if found out, you will be in major trouble.

There are many ways to cheat a drug test. The sure shot version is not consuming any drug. Can you use dog pee for a drug test? Yes, one can substitute dog pee for the human urine sample you are needed to give for a drug test. 

But, does this method work? We highly doubt it. The chances of getting through a drug test without any trouble with a dog urine sample are close to none. 

Can You Pass A Drug Test With Dog Pee

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History has evidence that people who attempted doing so were caught red-handed as the laboratory immediately detects animal pee and sends out the message. Back in 2019, a Kentucky woman used her dog’s urinary offerings to save herself from the consequences of the drug test but could not do so. 

So, in the end, she had to give out the truth when she was confronted about the dog pee by the probation officer. If somehow someone ever managed to get through a drug test with animal urine, it was sheer luck and nothing else.

What Shows Up in a Drug Urine Test?

What shows up in a urinalysis test depends on the testing method employed

Immunoassay tests and mass spectrometry (MS) are the most widely employed urinalysis tests. (PCP) Immunoassay tests test phencyclidine, amphetamines, opiates, cocaine, marijuana. 

Immunoassay tests detect the amount of THC-COOH, a primary metabolite drug present in the urine, and if it happens to be more than a predetermined cutoff, the person can be in trouble. 

The permissible limit of this metabolite is usually 50ng/ml. Laboratories divide pee samples into two, and the first sample is exposed to an analyzer. 

If the same show a positive result, the second sample is tested via gas chromatography/ mass spectrometry tests that are more accurate. Mass spectrometry is potent for detecting multiple analytical targets while ensuring improved specificity.  

How Long Will Clean Pee Last for a Drug Test?

Without the fridge, it will last only 1-2 hours. With refrigeration, it can last a bit longer.

Storing urine at room temperature for an hour or two is fine, but one might also need the freezer if you want to use old pee. Refrigeration is known to slow down the process of bacterial growth. 

Increased bacterial growth can affect the urine sample and, hence, affect the test results. If the drug test is bound to occur in the next 24 hours, one may require refrigeration. The easiest way to get the sample is to collect it close to the time of your test so that you do not need to bother about storing it. 

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Can You Pass A Drug Test With Dog Pee

How Often Are Drug Test Results Wrong?

Laboratories use a double confirmation method to ensure that results are not wrong.

Drug test results depend largely on pharmacological and chemical factors. These factors include:

  • Quantity of drugs consumed
  • When one consumes it
  • The consumer’s metabolism
  • State of hydration, and 
  • The laboratory’s method of carrying out the tests. 

The nature of the drug consumed determines the duration of its stay in a human body. Urine testing is noninvasive and tends to be very accurate. 

Laboratories can detect anabolic steroids THC (a part of marijuana) via urine samples. The immunoassay test does not necessarily detect all substances and does give false positives. 

However, as a reconfirmation, a mass spectrometry/ gas chromatography (MS) test is carried out for a positive from the former. If the same does not happen, someone who believes they have been flagged false positive must request for an MS or get the same done urgently. 

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What Can Cause a False Positive Drug Test?

Passive smoking and the use of CBD can cause false positives.

Passive smoking, particularly marijuana, can also be responsible for the presence of THC in a non-smoker’s urine if they have been in contact with a marijuana smoker for prolonged periods. 

Another reason for a false positive can be the consumption of CBD oil. CBD oil is used for medicinal purposes. Regardless of its usage, the consumer’s urine can show traces of THC. 

Differentiating new drug use and residue of drugs consumed weeks ago is another troublesome situation. Certain drugs such as marijuana can stay in the system for 30 days. Multiple studies are being carried out to improve the detection of new drug use. 

Can You Pass A Drug Test With Dog Pee

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A Few Final Words

We hope we satisfactorily answered- Can you pass a drug test with dog pee? 

Unfortunately, the dog pee version of sailing safely through a drug test does not work. 

Consider sharing this article with people who are likely to find such information helpful. In addition, should there be any incidents or information related to the same that you would like to share with us, feel free to do the same in the comments section? 

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