Can You Change Dog Food Flavors?

Is it possible to change your dog’s diet when it is set in its ways? Can you change dog food flavors suddenly for nutritional purposes? We discuss these questions below.

Dogs love their dog food and like to try a new flavor every now and then. In my experience, feeding our dog his favorite food and worrying about his nutrition are two different things. 

So if you are wondering whether you can change dog food flavors for better nutrition, I say yes, go ahead and do it immediately. There might be some temporary side-effects, but it will be worth it in the long run.

Can You Change Dog Food Flavors

Are you in a dilemma regarding your dog’s food choices and habits? Does he like his food, or is he eating it because it is the only option? Is he healthy and energetic? Here is a brief about what to do and not to do with your dog’s food.

Why Would You Want To Change Food Flavors?

For Nutrition

If your dog has started avoiding his food, but you have had him checked out, and there is nothing wrong with his health, then this is the perfect time to change dog food flavors. 

However, there could be various temporary side effects. While the dog may like the food flavor that has changed, his digestive tract may not adjust to the change quickly. 

Do you ever wonder what happens when you constantly eat junk food? You feel bloated, and your gut health slows down. This is what happens to dogs as well, which is why doctors recommend a balanced, nutritional diet for dogs.

Gas, diarrhea, and vomiting are some of the common side effects that your dog may suffer from after changing the food flavors. If he suddenly stops eating the food, make sure that you visit your veterinarian before changing his food. Always keep one thing in mind that does not change your dog’s food when he is ill because it will put extra stress on his body.

Can You Change Dog Food Flavors


If your dog suffers from Kidney Disease or Diabetes, it is essential to change the diet as per the requirements. If you are making a change in his diet, be careful about the modifications. If he is losing or gaining weight suddenly, you need to visit the veterinarian shortly. 

Whatever changes you make, the key is to make changes eventually. In the initial stages, you  should serve 75% old food and 25% new food in the next three days, serving 50% old food and 50% new food. After that, serve 75% new food, and then gradually, you can serve 100% of the same food. 

Can You Mix Dog Food Brands?

No, this is not a good idea.

It is essential not to mix different foods of multiple brands. This can result in nutritional deficiency and overexposure to a particular nutrient. To prevent these imbalances, avoid mixing the dog food of different brands. 

Can You Switch Dog Food Flavors Of The Same Brand?

Yes, as long as they are in the same tier.

You may be wondering how we can mix two different brands of dog food to enhance the nutritional value of the food? 

Here is the answer to it. You can make the dog food flavors of the same brand. For example, you can mix the chicken flavor of the Platinum Tier with the fish flavor. You must pay attention that they are in the same tier of dog food. 

But do not mix the Platinum Tier’s chicken flavor and the fish flavor of the Gold Tier. This is because each tire has a different combination and ratio of nutritional value. So if you mix them, you can disrupt the balance. It can result in overconsumption of minerals, vitamins, and deficiency of other nutrients. 

Can You Change Dog Food Flavors

Will A Dog’s Loose Tooth Tighten Back Up?

No, you will need help from a vet, it won’t become tight on its own.

However, the answer to this question completely depends upon how loose the tooth is. If it is not very loose then it can be tightened back but if it is very loose then you need to get it removed by the vet.  

How Many Times Per Day Can I Feed My Dog? 

It’s not important, what matters is that they are getting the right nutrition. However free feeding should be a strict no-no.

As a pup, you should feed your dog three times a day with an AAFCO nutritional label-based diet. Once your dog grows up, you can feed it as per their convenience whether they like to be fed once, twice, or thrice.

Puppies eat very little, but they need to eat many times because they also poop a lot. Their stomachs are tiny and that’s why they can’t hold their food for long. Bigger dogs can hold their food in their stomach for a long time, so they can even do with one meal a day and they will be fine.

How Do I Know If I Am Feeding My Dog Adequately?

Sometimes it becomes difficult to know which food is to be fed to the dog and is it right for him? The way to look at whether you are feeding your dog correctly is to notice the signs and symptoms of getting the nutrient correctly. 

You need to ensure that the daily requirement of carbs, fats, and protein is fulfilled, the dog is getting the right amount of minerals and vitamins he needs

The signs of a healthy dog are firm brown stools, a shiny coat, healthy skin, and energetic age. Always pay attention to the water consumption of your dog.

Can You Change Dog Food Flavors

Do Dogs Get Bored When They Eat The Same Dog Food Again And Again? 

It is more commonly said that they do not get bored by eating the same food all the time, but all of us feel that he is getting bored. We, the masters of our pets, correlate our feelings with the dog about what could happen if we eat the same thing every day. 

But feeding the dog with the same food every day has certain demerits like nutritional imbalances. Every food label suggests that it is complete but commercial dog food processed cannot fulfill a dog’s nutrition needs through the same food. 

So you can change the dog’s food and make sure that your dog gets enough nutrients required to be healthy. You can also rotate your dog’s food so that it gets complete nutrition. 

A Few Final Words

Dogs are our beloved pets, and we worry about their nutritional needs and health. We have come up with the answers to some of the most widely asked questions about changes in dog diet.

Thank you for reading the article. If we were able to answer all of your queries, do give us a thumbs up. If we left out something, then let us know in the comments below.

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