Can SOS Pads Kill Dogs?

Dogs are like babies They love putting everything in their mouths. Some household things can be very bad for them. For example, can SOS pads kill dogs? They can be very harmful, and to know why you must read the article below.

SOS pads are used in almost every household to clean utensils and the areas where food is eaten. If you have a pet dog in your house, you need to be extremely careful with these scrubbing pads. Your pet dog may take the SOS pad that you are using or can also snatch it from your hands at the first chance that it gets. 

If you wonder why your pet dog is behaving like this, the primary reason behind your dog’s behavior is that they want to play with the scrubbing pad. While playing with the SOS pad, unknowingly, your dog might consume portions of it.

SOS Pads are made up of steel wool, and the making material is highly harmful to the dog’s digestive system. So, you need to prevent your dog from consuming it. 

Can SOS Pads Kill Dogs

If your dog has consumed SOS pads, it will not kill them, but you need to be watchful for a few days after the ingestion. If your dog has consumed bits of the pad, let it pass through its gastrointestinal tract. But if your dog has consumed a large part of the pad or an entire pad, then this is something serious. You need to take your dog to the vet immediately if your dog is vomiting, lacks appetite, has tense belly pain, or has a fever above 103.5°F.

All your worries regarding the adverse effects of the consumption of SOS pads that can be seen in your dog are entirely justified. So, in this article, we will talk about everything you need to know regarding the topic, “Can SOS pads kill dogs?” 

Are SOS Pads Toxic For Dogs?

Yes, they contain silver nitrate and titanium dioxide which can be harmful to dogs.

The first thing that is alarming about SOS pads is the toxicity level. Most of the SOS pads available in the market nowadays are made by using sodium nitrate.

This compound is known for its adverse effects on the cardiovascular system of any living animal. Alongside the impact on the cardiovascular system, the blood toxicity level also increases. 

We as humans will never like to taste SOS pads, but the pet dog does not have the same amount of intelligence to decide what needs to be eaten and what is not.

Can SOS Pads Kill Dogs

Moreover, the SOS pads also have a small amount of titanium dioxide in them. Though titanium dioxide is present in small amounts, it also causes serious health issues. 

Other than that, as we use SOS pads for cleaning pots, pans, and surfaces, the presence of chemicals coming from the soap used for cleaning is natural. When the chemicals present in the SOS pads or the soap get into your furry friend’s stomach, it will make them vomit. 

What Happens When a Dog Consumes SOS Pads?

The steel mesh can cause intestinal blockage.

It is unusual for your dog to consume an SOS Pad, but if they do consume the pad made out of steel wool, let us tell you that there are several potential risks. The toxic chemicals present in the SOS pads can cause digestive issues in your dog. 

Moreover, the sharp edges of the product can internally cut the organs involved in the digestive pathway. The parts of the SOS pad can also block the digestive path, which will make your dog stressed. Under this condition, you should observe your dog’s behavior closely to know about any damage. 

After observing your dog for a certain period, you will notice changes in your dog’s behavior. Your pet will start coughing, and the coughing will lead to puking as it will try to get the pieces of SOS pad from the inside of the body. 

Also, there are chances that it will have a lack of appetite, tense belly pain, and high fever. It has been seen that the majority of the dogs managed to digest the particles of the consumed SOS pad, and within two days, it passed away with the stool. 

Can SOS Pads Kill Dogs

What to Do When a Dog Eats SOS Pads?


You might panic a lot when your dog eats SOS pads. If a dog consumes one, it will puke it out within a few minutes after consumption. This is the best-case scenario that can take place after this unfortunate event. 

If your dog cannot vomit the SOS pad or parts of the SOS pad, you need to take the necessary steps in this regard. This needs to be done as the steel wool-made pads can cause severe problems in your dog’s body. 

Give a Laxative

It is often recommended that it is ideal for giving a dog a laxative under this circumstance. The laxative is believed to help the pieces of the SOS pad pass through the dog’s body with the stool. 

You can give your dog a vaseline sandwich and bland food for some days until you see that the pads pieces have stopped coming out of the stool and your dog is fine now.

Talk to the Vet

If your dog is showing negative signs after the consumption of SOS pads which are alarming for you, seek advice from medical professionals and take your dog to the closest veterinary clinic as your dog might require surgery if the pieces of SOS pad have caused a blockage in your dog’s digestive tract. 

Can SOS Pads Kill Dogs

Can SOS Pads kill Dogs?

No, they don’t have enough toxicity to kill a dog.

SOS pads or any other steel wool pads are not highly toxic. Rarely do these pads cause the death of a pet dog. As mentioned earlier, the main reason for the death after consuming SOS pads is solely related to the toxic materials present in the SOS pads, such as Titanium dioxide, sodium nitrate, and others. 

Another possibility is that the steel wool present in the pad might cut the present organs inside of a dog’s body, and the internal bleeding from the affected organ might even lead to death. This internal bleeding may even result in clotting in the dog’s digestive system, which can prove to be fatal for your pet friend. 

Most dogs remain in fine condition even after consuming SOS pads, and in the cases mentioned above, your dog may end up dead after eating an SOS pad. Keep the SOS pad or any other products like this far away from your dog’s reach. 

If somehow the dog consumes some parts or a full SOS pad, it will start showing some unusual behaviors. If you feel that things are getting out of hand, consult the nearest veterinary clinic. 

Can SOS Pads Kill Dogs

Frequently Asked Questions

Are SOS pads toxic?

Yes, but not fatal.

The answer to your question is yes, SOS pads are toxic. The potential toxic components present on the SOS steel wool pads, used for scrubbing utensils and surfaces used for cooking and eating, are sodium nitrate and titanium dioxide. 

Both of the toxic compounds are responsible for affecting the cardiovascular system, increasing the blood toxicity level.

Should I induce vomiting if my dog ate a tampon?

No, talk to your vet because vomiting will not work.
Women use tampons to stop the menstrual blood flow from the uterus. In case your pet dog consumes a used or unused tampon, then some people may suggest that you should induce vomiting. 

But inducing vomiting does not help get the tampon out of the dog’s body. Not all the parts of the tampon will come out by vomiting. 

While most of the dogs manage to pass the tampon out of the body, in some cases, it has also been seen that the product has caused intestinal blockage and a few life-threatening issues. So do not induce vomiting and look for professional help from a veterinary clinic.

Are dog heating pads safe?

If they cause excess heating or are left on for too long, they can cause burns.

Dog heating pads are a blessing for dog owners, and you, as a dog owner, can lay your dog to make it feel comfortable when the temperature falls during winter. The safety of a heating pad depends on the quality of the product. 

If the heating pad gets overheated, it might leave burns on your dog’s body. So, it is ideal that you do not let your dog lay directly on the heating pad to prevent skin burning.

How can I tell if my dog has a blockage?

Observe for signs of nausea, vomiting, and weakness.

Consuming any unusual objects such as an SOS pad or a tampon can lead to intestinal blockage, which mostly causes stomach upset, and it will pass within 48 hours. The symptoms of a blockage in the digestive tract include  
Nausea which leads to vomiting
Loss of appetite means least desire in consumption of food and drinks.
Weakness and lethargy
Difficulty in pooping. 

Final Words

Dogs want to taste everything as they try to know everything around them by tasting the objects. That is the primary reason behind your dog trying to taste the SOS pad you are using to clean your house’s utensils. 

If your dog is showing unnatural behaviors after the consumption of the SOS pad, then to prevent any harmful effects on your dog’s body, take your dog to the veterinary clinic for proper help. 

Thank you for reading the article, we hope we have answered all of your queries. If not do write to us in the comments section and we will address your questions as well. You might also want to know about other common household items such as electric fences and fish food.