Can Neutered Dogs Still Ejaculate?

Neutering lowers the sexual desire of a dog, but can neutered dogs still ejaculate? Will they still be able to enjoy masturbation? Find out below!

Neutering is a surgical process that removes the testicles of a dog so that it cannot fertilize a female dog. Neutering and spaying have many benefits; it protects the dog from various diseases like testicular cancer and prostate disease. It helps the dog to lead a healthy life and live longer.

Secondly, some dog owners don’t want their dogs to reproduce because it is difficult to control this urge and the dog may inadvertently impregnate someone else’s female dog, who might not want to care for a litter of pups right now. So they prefer to neuter their dog.

Can Neutered Dogs Still Ejaculate

People have observed that some dogs will not have any sexual interest after neutering, whereas others may be interested in it. This leads to several questions in the minds of pet parents such as: can neutered dogs still ejaculate?

The answer is yes, your dog can ejaculate and have an erection even after neutering. After neutering, your dog can still mount female dogs, but it will not  be able to impregnate them.

Let us understand more about neutering, its benefits, and how it changes behavior in male dogs further.

What Are The Benefits Of Neutering Your Dog?

The American Animal Hospital Association recommends that small breed dogs be neutered by six months while larger ones should be neutered by 5 to 15 months. Neutering has many benefits such as:

#1. Neutering Your Dog Helps It To Live Longer

Neutered dogs are less likely to develop cancer, pyometra, and uterine infections. So they live longer than unneutered dogs.

#2. Neutered Dogs Are Healthier

Neutering your dog reduces the chances of pancreatic cancer. Additionally, a neutered dog will not develop testicular cancer. So, neutering keep a dog healthier.

#3. Neutered Dogs Are Happy

Neutered dogs don’t experience “heat” as much, they do not have to run around looking for a female to impregnate anymore. Staying more at home and not running after other female dogs prevents dogs from road accidents.

Can Neutered Dogs Still Ejaculate

#4. Neutered Dogs Behave Better

Neutered dogs are less aggressive and behave in a better way compared to intact dogs. Nearly 72% male dogs had reduced behavioral problems after neutering.

#5. Saves Your Money

You will pay money for the neutering procedure. However, you are saving money in the long term by preventing various health problems in your dog.

#6. Neutering Fights Overpopulation

Millions of dogs wander for shelter every year. Neutering your dog reduces the risk of him impregnating several females in the area and thereby increasing the dog population to an unsustainable level.

Can My Dog Have Erection After Neutering?

Yes, your dog can have an erection even after neutering.

When your dog is neutered, then his testosterone hormone levels are lowered. He no longer produces sperms that can fertilize a female dog. However, the surgical procedure does not stop your dog from having an erection.

A neutered dog generally has less erections compared to dogs with testicles. But a neutered dog can still get excited by seeing something, and his body responds by sending a greater amount of blood to the penis, which leads to an erection.

Remember neutering procedure removes your dog’s testicles but does not prevent the flow of blood to the penis. So, your dog will continue to become erect after neutering. Some dogs even ejaculate and mount on other dogs after neutering.

Can Neutered Dogs Still Ejaculate

Do Dogs Masturbate- Normal Behaviour Or Not

Masturbation and inappropriate mounting (humping) are normal in dogs. They masturbate in various ways. For instance, your dog will mount on other animals, people around him, or on objects like toys, blankets, and others. 

Sometimes you will find your canine rubbing on objects or people. These are all signs of masturbation.

Why Do Dogs Masturbate?

#1. Sexual Behaviour

Your dog will masturbate even if you have neutered him. Masturbation is a part of sexual behavior in dogs. It’s normal for your dog to hump on other dogs, objects, or pillows. Many dog owners think that only intact dogs can masturbate. 

But no, neutered dogs can still masturbate and have erections and ejaculations like intact dogs. If you see your dog having flirtatious body language like they keep their tail up with ears back or lick themselves, play bows, and others, these are all signs of arousal.

#2. Play

Your dog may show his sexual behavior by playing with other animals. If your dog is not socialized, he will mount on other dogs to initiate play. However, during playing, he may not be erect but can hump.

#3. Stress Or Excitement

Your dog may get excited by seeing another dog for the first time and hump on it. Sometimes your dog may get stressed or nervous if you change his bed, place or when a new member visits your house. It makes your dog sexually excited and hump on objects like toys, pillows, and others.

Can Neutered Dogs Still Ejaculate

#4. Social Status

Humping is a kind of social status. Your dog mounts on other animals to show his prowess as a male. However, mounting causes excitement but does not necessarily cause erection and ejaculation in your dog.

#5. Paraphimosis

Paraphimosis is an illness in which the erection of your dog will not go away, which becomes a concern both for you and your canine. A neutered dog can also get affected by paraphimosis. The penis of your dog will not retract. It will cause your pet a lot of pain and discomfort if you don’t take him immediately to the veterinary doctor.

Can Dogs Still Ejaculate When Neutered?

Yes, a dog can ejaculate after the neutering procedure, but his fluid does not contain any sperm. Neutering means the removal of testicles in your dog. So, it is obvious that he will have less or no sexual desire compared to intact dogs. It mainly depends on hormones.

A neutering procedure will not prevent your dog from engaging in sex with other dogs. They can masturbate, ejaculate and erect just like intact dogs, but they cannot reproduce.

Can Neutered Dogs Still Ejaculate

A Few Final Words

It’s completely natural for your dog to ejaculate and erect even after neutering. The best response to the sexual excitement of your dog is to ignore it. You can also try to keep your dog active and calm to avoid any unnecessary excitement.

We thank you for reading this article, and hopefully, this article has cleared all your queries regarding sexual behavior after neutering your dog. If you still have any questions, please write them in the comment section. We will be happy to answer all your queries.

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