Can I Use CeraVe On My Dog?

Once in a while, you might think about using your personal care products on your dog. You might wonder: “Can I use CeraVe on my dog?”. Let’s answer this question for you below.

Your dog will have itchy and dry skin at some point in his life, and you would want your doggo to get relief as soon as possible. You may think of trying Cerave moisturizing lotion on your dog. But, wait a minute: do you think it will be right to do that?

We are here to tell you not to do it! You should not use ceraVe (or in fact any other) human moisturizing lotion on your dog. Dogs tend to lick themselves a lot. Ingesting even a small amount of moisturizing cream can cause drooling, vomiting, and gastrointestinal problems.

Can I Use CeraVe On My Dog

There is another reason why you should not do it: The pH value of human skin is slightly acidic. So, moisturizers and lotions like Cerave are specially designed to replenish the acid mantle on our skin within 12-24 hours. On the other hand, if I talk about dogs, then the pH of their skin is a bit alkaline. 

So when you use your ceraVe moisturizer in your doggo, it disturbs the acid mantle and creates an environment that lets harmful microorganisms into your dog’s skin. In this article, I will discuss more such questions related to the effect of human lotions on dogs. Keep reading!

Can I Use Cerave On My Dog?

Nope, as explained earlier, he might end up licking it and ingesting harmful chemicals.

Your pet dog is your child with whom you walk, play, enjoy, cuddle and teach them. You share your bed and snacks with your doggo. But can you share your personal care products like ceraVe lotion with your good boy?

The skin of your furry friend keeps on changing with the season. When winter arrives, his skin becomes chapped and dry. In the spring season, there can be allergies on the skin, or his eyes and paws may become itchy, and in summer, your dog’s nose becomes dry because of the use of an air conditioner.

Zinc Oxide in CeraVe

Sometimes you don’t have dog moisturizing lotion, so you might think of using your ceraVe cream instead. But stop right there, because vets tell us that it is not safe for your dog. CeraVe lotion may contain harmful chemicals like zinc oxide

So if your pet dog licks the cream after you applied it on his coat, then he may face zinc toxicosis. He will show symptoms like drooling, vomiting, and gastrointestinal problems. Moreover, ingestion of zinc oxide can affect the red blood cells of your dog. So, never use any of your moisturizing lotions on your dog.

Can I Use CeraVe On My Dog

Dry Skin Can Also be Sign of Thyroid

Dry skin can also be a sign of a medical problem in your dog, like thyroid imbalance, skin allergy, or any external parasites like fleas. Again, the skin of dogs differs from one another. So you cannot purchase any moisturizer meant for your dogs and apply it on your furry friend. 

It’s best to consult your veterinary doctor before using any moisturizing lotion on your dog’s coat. Your doctor will determine the root cause of the dry skin in your dog and do the treatment accordingly. 

The veterinary doctor may prescribe some medications to treat the problem from the inside and some lotions and creams to relieve dryness and itchy skin.

Can I Use Cetaphil On My Dog?

Just like CeraVe, Cetaphil is also dangerous for dogs.

Unfortunately, you cannot use Cetaphil on your dog because it contains harmful chemicals and ingredients which can irritate the skin. Moreover, if your furry friend ingests a small amount of Cetaphil, it can cause vomiting and gastrointestinal issues. So, you should use a skin-soothing product that is 100 percent safe for your dog.

Why Do Dogs Like Vaseline?

It tastes and smells good to them! It’s also not harmful.

Vaseline is a petroleum jelly that you will find in most houses. We use Vaseline to treat our chapped lips and dry skin. These products have flavors and colors which attract your pet dogs. Sometimes if your dog has minor wounds, you may use Vaseline for treatment. 

It’s a guarantee that after applying Vaseline, your doggo is going to lick it. Your dog can eat or lick Vaseline because it smells and tastes good. The best part is ingesting Vaseline will not cause any harm to your dog.

Can I Use CeraVe On My Dog

The Vaseline is very soft. So it will not cause blockage like various food items. Bt, if your dog overeats Vaseline, then he can have a tummy ache, vomiting, or may get dehydrated, and you need to consult a veterinary doctor.

Although Vaseline is not harmful to your dog, I will suggest you stick to products that are 100 percent safe for your dog.

Why Does My Dog Lick My Psoriasis?

It’s a sign of your best friend’s affection for you.

Your dog knows that his wounds need soothing as soon as possible because it hurts a lot. So whenever you have psoriasis the dog visualizes that you are in pain. 

Your skin is itching, and there are red patches on the elbows and knee area. So he licks your psoriasis by thinking that he can heal some of your pain. Again it is believed that the saliva of a dog has healing capacities.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. What human medicines are safe for dogs?

Antibiotic gels

#2. Can you use a human moisturizer on Dogs?

No, you should not use your moisturizer on the skin of your dog. 

Human moisturizers contain harmful chemicals and other ingredients that can irritate your dog’s skin. Again if your doggo ingests the human moisturizer while applying, he may have vomiting, stomach upset, and mild gastrointestinal problems.

#3. How do you moisturize a dog’s skin?

Put a few drops of vitamin E oil in their water while bathing.
Add a little bit of olive oil to their diet.
You need to regularly groom or brush your dog coat to distribute the natural oils evenly.
You need to bathe them pro[er way by using shampoos and conditioners made especially for dogs. Please don’t use your shampoo or conditioner to wash his coat.

#4. Can Elocon cream be used on dogs?

No, you should not use Elocon cream on your dog.

Elocon creams are used to treat itchy and inflammatory skin in human beings. But if you want to use that cream on the skin of your dog, then it’s best to consult a veterinary doctor before using it.

A Few Final Words

Your dog can have itchy and red patches. His skin may become dry and irritated. But don’t be in a hurry to use your moisturizer on their body. The moisturizer may contain harmful chemicals that can badly affect your furry friend.

So I will strongly advise you to use products meant only for dogs. Fortunately, there are thousands of lotions, creams, shampoos, and conditioners available on the market, mainly for dogs. So buy one of them and apply on your furry friend. He will be safe, and there will be no danger of side effects like vomiting gastrointestinal problems if you doggo licks those creams by mistake.

Thank you for reading, I do hope that we covered most of your doubts. If there are still some left, please add them in the comments section and we will get back to you. You might also like to read: Can I Use Tresemme Conditioner On My Dog? And Can You Use Cocoa Butter On Dogs?