Can I Shave My Dog To Get Rid Of Fleas?

Can I shave my dog to get rid of fleas? Will it help me to spot the flea larvae and remove them with flea medicine? It turns out shaving your dog is not such a good idea. Find out more in the article below.

Fleas are the most common among external parasites discovered in dogs and cats. They may be found in almost every corner of the country, and even the most well-cared-for dogs might see themselves hitched to unpleasant passengers on the way to their new home.

You can put your dog under medications to remove fleas. You might also think that if you just shave your dog, you will be able to spot and remove the fleas yourself.

Can I Shave My Dog To Get Rid Of Fleas

However, shaving is neither very effective nor is it a good idea. It might help you locate fleas, but the damage shaving can do is not worth the trouble. I will talk about these issues in more detail in the article below.

Is It True That Shaving Helps Dogs With Fleas?

No, shaving your dog will not help you remove fleas. Instead, it can cause several problems.

In the months when fleas are most prevalent, some pet owners prefer to have their dog’s hair cut tightly to prevent it from being bitten. 

Owners of dogs should be aware that frequent skin checks and brushing are efficient strategies to ensure their pets do not have fleas on them. 

It may be helpful for flea identification rather than flea prevention. Dogs with thick, dense coats are more resistant to fleas if maintained regularly.

Due to the frequent scratching caused by the bugs, a dog or cat may need to have its fur shaved. Due to the extreme itching caused by fleas, many dogs develop matting in the regions where they scratch.

Even though shaving may make it easier for pet owners to determine whether or not fleas have taken up home on their pet or can alleviate the symptoms of an infestation, shaving is not an effective flea treatment or preventative.

Can I Shave My Dog To Get Rid Of Fleas

Shaving Can be Bad For Your Dog

For double-coated dogs such as retrievers and huskies, it is never a good idea because the second coat is meant to keep them warm in cold weather and cold in warmer climates.

For single-coated dogs, shaving completely will expose them to risks such as sunburn and cancer. Always leave atleast a 1-inch coat on your dog, never shave it completely.

Is It Painful For Dogs To Be Shaved?

While it may not be painful, in many cases it may not be a good idea to shave a dog entirely. 

We had explained earlier why shaving is not such a great idea for dogs. Secondly, shaving can cause anxiety and nervousness in dogs, because they are not used to being in this vulnerable state.

If you still want to go ahead and shave your dog, we suggest you do it very slowly, and never go below atleast a 1-inch mark:

  • Grooming a dog is like caring for a toddler or a baby. A trustworthy person’s gentle approach is preferred by everyone, regardless of their tolerance for it.
  • Start with a small part of your dog’s body to familiarise him with the sensation of having hair shaved before attempting to shave him all over. There are several reasons why you should not simply leave your dog with a professional groomer for the day.
  • Be patient and seek advice from other dog owners about what they did that worked for them and their canine companions. Take your time. Bear in mind that your dog may experience some sensitivity or a sense of dislocation after having his fur since this will be an unfamiliar sensation for him.
  • Leave atleast a 1-inch layer of hair on your dog.
  • After shaving, some dogs may become agitated, sluggish, or sad, mainly if it was done incorrectly or if a pet professional was not consulted. The best course of action is to see a veterinarian if you notice that your dog is dejected or sad after having his hair, and he should not feel confined.
Can I Shave My Dog To Get Rid Of Fleas

How To Get Rid Of Fleas?

Inquire with your veterinarian to learn about the most recent, safest, and most effective parasite preventatives available, and then follow the product’s instructions strictly. 

Maintain regular contact with your dog or cat to ensure no symptoms of an infestation. They should wash their bedding regularly and dry it on the highest heat setting. 

If you suspect your house is infested with fleas, vacuum it periodically and discard the vacuum bag immediately. Consult with your groomer about the best equipment to use to brush and comb your pet’s coat so that you can keep an eye on their skin and coat. 

Use all of the instruments in your toolbox to prevent and cure fleas, and you won’t have to worry about them becoming an issue.

Does Flea Shampoo Have Any Effect? 

Yes, flea shampoo can be effective in removing fleas.

Yes, it will kill most fleas if applied correctly and kept on the pet for the time specified on the label. However, it will not prevent new fleas from leaping onto the pet’s coat. 

This is why treating fleas is just the first step in eliminating them, and pet owners should check with their veterinarian to ensure that effective prophylactic measures are in place.

What Causes Fleas on My Dog?

Fleas may be found in practically any environment, but there are a few sites where they are more likely to be found. Avoiding flea-infested areas for your dog begins with knowing which places to avoid.

Dog parks 

Fleas are a common problem at dog parks, mainly if there are a lot of other dogs there.

A powerful flea treatment like Frontline Plus or Advantage II, which will kill any adults that your dog may come into contact with while in the park, is recommended before taking your dog there.

Can I Shave My Dog To Get Rid Of Fleas

Furniture or Beds for Dogs 

Before bringing any new furniture into your house, you may wish to clean and disinfect any previously acquired old dog beds or other items. Afterward, you should use a wet vac to clean the furniture or vacuum it thoroughly. There are a variety of flea and other pesticides that may be used to rid your home of unwanted pests.

Before allowing him to use anything as his own, ensure it is free of flea eggs or larvae (which may reside in upholstered goods like beds and sofas).

Your Own Private Garden

If you look carefully, your backyard may seem well-kept and bug-free, but in reality, some areas are highly untamed.

Every time your dog comes inside, inspect his hair for fleas. This is especially essential for dogs that spend extended time in the grass or on the porch.

The Groomer

Fleas may readily spread among dogs in a grooming salon or kennel, just as they do in a dog park, and they can also spread via dirty equipment.

Talk to the salon management about their policy for treating any other dogs they may be caring for at the time. Make sure your dog is treated with a potent topical therapy before he leaves the house.


Especially if you’re bringing your dog on a plane or other public transportation, you must inspect him for fleas before and after your trip.

Make sure to have a natural insect repellent if you take your dog into the woods or on camping vacations, and comb him out when you come back home to look for any remaining creatures.

In their hair and crates, dogs and carpets may carry fleas into your house, where they can lay eggs or larvae that will hatch into new generations of the parasitic pests. So that you don’t have to deal with an infestation, vacuum your carpets and rugs thoroughly once a week.

Can I Shave My Dog To Get Rid Of Fleas

Do Groomers Get Rid of Fleas?

Yes, groomers can help you identify and eliminate fleas.

Groomers are frequently skilled at locating fleas and conducting “flea funerals,” which is fortunate for both you and your pet. Fleas are tiny and quick-moving; therefore, it is conceivable that your dog has fleas, and you are entirely unaware of them. 

When your dog has full grooming, a groomer will be able to look at your dog’s entire body. Fleas will be visible to them if they are present.

Pet owners who have a flea-infested pet might seek a flea wash and groom for their pet. Many pet owners opt to work with a flea wash and grooming service and simultaneously get their home checked for parasites. A flea bath is also a good approach to fight against fleas. 

How Do Professional Groomers Help With Fleas?

  • First, groomers select a good flea wash, which may include pesticides like permethrin  or pyrethrin in them.
  • To ensure that any fleas are hiding on the dog’s head do not get into your dog’s ears, eyes,  nose, and lips, the first place to be shampooed is the neck. 
  • After the neck has been treated, the remainder of the body is washed with shampoo to complete the treatment.
  • Because flea shampoo may be pretty harsh on a dog’s eyes, groomers will take great care to ensure that it does not come into contact. 
  • The flea shampoo has to rest on the dog for at leat 10 minutes or more, which means that the groomer has to have good knowledge of the product that they are using.
  • Groomers might also use a flea comb (ones that have very fine teeth) on the dog’s head during this time.
Can I Shave My Dog To Get Rid Of Fleas

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fastest way to get rid of fleas on a dog?

Give your pet good bathing & grooming.
Kill the fleas by combing the hair of your dog or cat with a fine-tooth flea comb.
Make a mix of apple cider vinegar and water and spray it on your pet.

Should I groom a dog with fleas?

Yes, you can groom your dog with the help of experienced groomers who will not only groom but also help identify and eliminate fleas for you.

What dog breeds should not be shaved?

A small list of breeds with double coats that should not be shaved: 
Alaskan Malamutes 

Final Words

It is not a great idea to shave the dogs to remove fleas. You must instead take your dog to a pet groomer and ask him to remove the fleas. 

Thank you for reading, we hope we answered your questions. If you have more doubts, you can reach out to us in the comments section below. You might also want to read about: Why Does My Dog Flea Bite Me? And Can I Use CeraVe On My Dog?