Can I Give My Dog Heartworm Medicine Early

If you are going on a vacation and are worried about missing your dog’s heartworm medicine, you might ask: “Can I give my dog heartworm medicine early?” Read on to know the answer!

Heartworm is a type of parasite and roundworm found in dogs. It looks like a thin thread if you get a chance to see it. Heartworm spreads to the host through a mosquito bite. 

If your dog is affected by heartworm you need to immediately start its medication. This is a terrible disease that can cause severe organ failure and even death. The best way to protect your dog against heartworm is to give it heartworm preventives. 

Can I Give My Dog Heartworm Medicine Early

However, maintaining a strict schedule of giving preventive once a month may become difficult sometimes, and dog owners might want to occasionally give the medicine a little early. There is no harm in doing so, as long as you keep in mind that the cycle needs to be reset from now on and that date becomes the new monthly date for giving medicine to your dog.

Let us further look at common questions related to heartworm medicine such as Trifexis, Heartgard in this article

Can I Give My Dog Heartworm Medicine Early?

Yes, you can give heartworm medicine to your dog early. 

Due to the heartworm cycle you need to give your dog a dose of heartworm medicine every 30 days. You can however give the medicine on 25th or say 21st day also. 

But you should never delay the medication. If you delay, the immature heartworm larvae can develop into fully grown ones, and then it will be a bif trouble for your dog. 

What Can Happen If You Give Your Dog Heartworm Medication And They Already Have A Heartworm?

Never give heartworm preventive to dogs who are known to have heartworm.

Dogs that already have heartworm in them can suffer from severe consequences. In some cases, they can also experience life-threatening effects. 

This happens as the heartworm prevention medicine is only designed to kill the heartworm in the early stages of their lives. The treatment can only kill and remove early-stage larvae. 

In a dog that already has heartworm, these early-stage larvae would already be in the bloodstream, and if the microfilariae die suddenly, your dog can go in shock.

Can I Give My Dog Heartworm Medicine Early

When should you give your dog heartworm medication? 

Once a month, around the same date, all year round.

Scheduling the medicine doses is an essential aspect of properly avoiding this condition. You should give these medicines to your dog on the same day of the month every time. When giving the first dose, your dog may need some time to adjust to this medicine. 

The first dose is designed to kill any existing heartworm infection in your dog. This dose will also protect your dog for the upcoming month. 

The AHS recommends that you give this heartworm prevention medicine to your dogs all year round, once a month. 

Effect of heartworms on dogs

Heartworm disease can leave long-lasting damage to the dog. This worm affects vital organs such as the heart, lungs, and arteries. 

This condition also effectively reduces the quality and life expectancy of the dog. The quality of life of your dog will deteriorate even after the parasite is gone from that body. This is a significant reason pet owners should prevent their dogs from this condition at all costs. 

Can I Give My Dog Heartworm Medicine Early

Can I Feed My Dog With Trifexis A Few Days Early?

Yes, but change the monthly cycle from the next month after that.

Trifexis is given to dogs to treat heartworm. This medicine is non-toxic and non-harmful to dogs. A dog can safely digest a dosage of trifexis without any significant issues. 

Like any other heartworm medicine, Trifexis should also be given to your dog once every month. You can even feed your pup Trifexis once every day since it won’t cause any harm to him. You do not need to worry about giving an early dose with Trifexis since this is not toxic for him at all.  

Can Heartgard Cause Diarrhea In Dogs?

Rarely, in most cases Heartgard is harmless.

Heartgard is among the most popular heartworm prevention medicines. It is the medicine that is used by the majority of pet owners. Pet owners prefer this medicine over any other treatment for heartworm prevention as it protects and controls the infestations in dogs. 

If you give the medicine properly there are hardly any side effects of Heartgard. But on some rare occasions, dogs can experience diarrhea or vomiting. 

Can I Give My Dog Heartworm Medicine Early

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you give your dog heartworm medicine too soon?

Nothing, but you must remember to reset your cycle from then on.
Heartworm prevention medicines are highly effective. But your dog can still be affected by heartworm if you just miss a single dose of the prevention medicine. As a pet parent, it is up to you to ensure that your dog has this medicine on time. 

If you have given Heartgard twice to your dog in a month then there is nothing to worry about since this is a very safe medicine for dogs. Toxicity can only occur if you give your dog way too much (about twenty times the dosage required).

Can I give my dog Heartgard two days early?

Yes, but remember to give it on the same date from the next month.

Yes, you can give your dog Heartgard two days early as this is a very safe medicine for your dog. Ideally, you should give your dog this Heartgard medicine after 30 days of the first dose. 

You can also provide this medicine 30 days after your dog is exposed to mosquitoes. If the treatment is delayed by a few days or many days, then you’ll be putting your dog at risk for this condition.

When should I give my dog heartworm medication?

All year round, once a month.

According to the American heartworm society, you should start heartworm prevention medication for your puppy after the seventh week of age. It should also be no later than the eighth week of age as then you’ll be putting your dog at risk of heartworm disease. 

The dosage of the heartworm prevention medication is dependent on the size and the weight of the dog. Your vet will guide you perfectly as different dogs have different sizes and weights.

Do I need to give heartworm medicine in winter?

Yes, it has nothing to do with winter or summer. 

You may feel that since mosquitos are not around as much during winters there is no immediate need to give heartworm medicine to your dog, but this is taking an unnecessary risk. Heartworm medicine is completely safe and there is no harm in giving it to your dog all year round.

A Few Final Words

Heartworm disease is a severe condition that affects dogs of all sizes and weights. Since this condition is fatal, the best way to protect your dog is to give it heartworm preventive.

The AHS says that you should give your dog heartworm protective medicine once a month, all year round. 

We thank you for reading this article and hope we have answered your queries if you have more, please drop them in the comments section and we will be glad to answer them.

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