Can I Give My Dog Dewormer If He Doesn’t Have Worms?

Many dog owners, especially new ones are confused about dewormers. “Can I give my dog dewormer if he doesn’t have worms?” is a common question that we will answer in this article.

Dogs are our beloved pets, and paying attention to their hygiene and health is vital for us. Dogs are one of the most common hosts for parasites and worms. It is essential to keep them free from parasites, but internal deworming is not often done correctly. 

A pet who is living with worms can affect the family members too. As a preventive measure, many dog owners wonder if they can be dewormed even when the dog doesn’t have worms. 

Dewormers are safe for dogs unless given in very high dosage and there is no harm in giving this important medicine to them. We will explore this more in-depth about this. So stay tuned to reading this article.

Can I Give My Dog Dewormer If He Doesnt Have Worms

Why Is It Important To Regularly Deworm Our Dogs? 

Parasites enter most dogs. Pet animals lick and gobble anything like trash, poop, and dirt in their mouths. The pet may suspect worms if it has vomiting, coughing, diarrhea, losing weight, short of breath, licking under its tail. 

You can treat it depending on symptoms and the type of worms. Many different worms that infect dogs are tapeworms, hookworms, roundworms, and whipworms, which live in the intestine.

Why Is Prevention The Best Medicine? 

The best way to protect your pet is to control mosquitoes that carry any kind of worms. You can keep your home and yard clean. By this, you can save yourself too because some types of worms and fleas affect human beings also. You can follow these simple tips to get rid of worms-

  • Make sure you take your pet dog to the veterinarian at least once a year for a checkup.
  • You can keep your dog flea-free. All that you can do is get yourself medicine. You can put it on your dog’s skin as it prevents fleas. There are multiple control treatments that you can provide to your dog by mouth.
  • Make sure you get a prescription from your veterinarian to prevent heartworms and give the medicine at least once a month to your dog. You can even ask a veterinarian about heartworm prevention which can be injected into your pet dog after every six months. Never forget to skip the dose. 
  • You can clean your dog at least weekly and scoop up your dog when you go for a walk to wash hands, often including your pet animals, especially when you pick up their waste.
Can I Give My Dog Dewormer If He Doesnt Have Worms

Can I Give My Dog A Dewormer If He Doesn’t Have Worms? 

Yes, it is OK to give the dewormer to a dog that doesn’t have worms. 

Most dewormers are safe and effective. It effectively kills roundworm, whipworm, tapeworm, and hookworm within seven days. You can offer the chewable tablet to your dog or with just a small amount of food. 

Can I Give My Dog A Dewormer Just In Case? 

Yes, dogs need to be dewormed every month, even if they don’t have any worms.

Most pet dogs are dewormed when they are puppies, and after that, they are dewormed when diagnosed with worms. However, this might be too late and therefore prevention is the best option. 

How Do I Choose The Right Dewormer For My Dog?

The right dewormer depends upon the age of the dog. Drontal and Panacur are the right dewormer for puppies. 

These dewormers come in the form of liquid. If your adult dog hasn’t been on heartworm prevention, Drontal is just perfect for them. It is a one-time tablet that helps them get rid of the current infection. 

Answers To Other Common Questions About Deworming

What medication is used for deworming in dogs?

It depends on how old your dog is.
It depends upon the life stage your dog is in. Nemex and Panacur are liquid formulations that can work for puppies. If they are not on prevention as an older dog, then Drontal can be used.

How is my dog tested for worms?

Through a stool sample-based test.
It is an easy diagnostic. The stools of the dog are collected. After that, the fecal float is done to see if there are any eggs, and this is done by examining the fecal under the microscope.

How can the dog be dewormed at home?

You can buy your vet-recommended dewormer and give it monthly to the dog in food or as a liquid.
A veterinarian should prescribe the best deworming products you can give to your dog. So, it always requires an examination. You can pick it up from a supermarket or pet store but always use medicines for your pet dog prescribed by the veterinarian.

How often should the dog be dewormed?

All year round, once a month.
From a preventative viewpoint, you should deworm your dog year-round. The deworming products prevent fleas, heartworms, ticks, and intestinal parasites. It prevents hookworms and roundworms, but it can prevent almost everything. It is fine to check out the annual stool sample if a dog is on prevention.

What happens when your dog is dewormed?

When a dog is dewormed, it may shed some of the worm larvae. You can see live worms in the dog stool.

Should dogs be dewormed regularly?

Yes, dogs need to be dewormed regularly.
Many pet owners do not understand that the dog needs to be dewormed regularly. It is often suggested that you deworm your dog every three months. However, the puppies require more frequent treatment until they are six months old as they are more prone to various diseases.

Should deworming be done on an empty stomach for dogs?

Yes, you should do it only on an empty stomach.
Deworming is known to be very effective, and it is done on an empty stomach. So if you want the medicine to kill the worms effectively, then you can give it on an empty stomach.

A Few Final Words

Deworming our dogs is an essential part of our life. We need to take care of their deworming dates and schedules. Many times these worms affect human beings also. Prevention is always better than cure, and many times dog owners wonder if they can deworm their dogs even if the dogs don’t have worms. 

In this article, we have provided in-depth info about whether the dog can be dewormed or not, and if yes, at what intervals? Make sure you go through it and understand the significance of deworming your dogs. 

Thank you for reading this article, and we hope it was able to clarify your queries about deworming. If you have more questions, you can write to us in the comments section.

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