Can I Give My Dog Benefiber?

Constipation is a commonly observed problem in dogs. Benefiber is a probiotic fiber supplement meant for humans, but can I give my dog Benefiber too? Let’s talk about Benefiber, constipation and other things in this article.

Fiber is a carbohydrate that your body cannot digest. The soluble fiber dissolves in water and helps in lowering glucose and cholesterol level, and the insoluble fiber helps in preventing constipation.

But what about pet dogs? Do they need fiber? Yes, even they need fiber to keep their gut healthy. If you don’t add sufficient fiber to the dog’s diet, he may have difficulty with regular bowel movements. 

Can I Give My Dog Benefiber

There are many fiber supplements available on the market which are meant for dogs, and you can add them to your pet dog diet. But these supplements are not always available at your home. 

So, you may sometimes think of giving a commonly used fiber supplement for humans such as Benefiber to your dog. It is a good fiber supplement that increases the digestive health of humans. 

But can you give it to your pet dog? Yes, you can. Just remember adding the correct dosage is essential; otherwise, your pet dog can have gas, stomach cramps, or upset stomachs. I will strongly advise you to consult your veterinary doctor before giving Benefiber to your dog.

The article discusses some questions related to giving Benefiber to canines. So, keep on reading the article for more information.

What Are The Causes Of Constipation In My Pooch?

#1. Excess Licking

If your dog licks his fur excessively, it may cause hairballs that block the colon.

#2. Your Dog Has Consumed Something That It Can’t Digest

If your dog has consumed foreign objects like rock or gravel, it may lead to constipation.

#3. Side Effects Of Surgery

If your dog has undergone surgery recently, then he will have a constipation problem.

#4. Medications

Some medications may cause constipation problems in your dog.

#5. Old Age Problem

If your dog is old, then he may frequently have a constipation problem.

#6. Prostate Gland

If your dog has an enlarged prostate gland, then he frequently has a constipation problem.

Can I Give My Dog Benefiber

Can I Give My Pooch Benefiber?

Yes, you can give your dog Benefiber.

Your dog can have constipation at some point in his life. So it’s natural that you will worry about him. Constipation means the inability to empty bowels by natural means. If your pet dog has difficulty passing stool or constipation, it indicates that his body needs some fiber.

Benefiber is a good fiber supplement that you need to add daily or every other day on the dog’s diet till he has regular bowel movements. The product contains wheat dextrin, which can be easily absorbed by the cells of your dog’s gastrointestinal tract. It also helps in nourishing the irritable bowel and keeping gut health healthy.

Benefiber also contains gluten, but it’s less than 20 ppm. So manufacturers consider it gluten-free, which will not pose a health problem in your dog. After taking Benefiber, your dog may have side effects like stomach aches or an upset stomach. But his body will adjust to it after a few days.

How Much Benefiber Should I Give To My Dog?

For small dogs, 1 tsp every 24 hours, for larger ones, 1-2 tsp every 24 hours.

Benefiber is available in powdered form. It comes in different flavors like chocolate or xylitol. If you give flavored Benefiber to your dog, it can cause toxic or adverse reactions in your dog. So, I will strongly recommend you to provide only the natural concentration of Benefiber to your dog.

A spoon of Benefiber contains nearly 2 grams of wheat dextrin. So, before serving your dog, you need to keep a few things in mind. I am listing them below.

Can I Give My Dog Benefiber
  • Give your dog plenty of water after taking Benefiber.
  • Introduce Benefiber to your dog gradually. If you give Benefiber a large amount right from starting, his body cannot adjust, and he will have stomach upset or diarrhea.

Dosage Guidelines

The correct dosage for your dog depends on your dog’s body weight. For instance, if you have a small dog whose weight is 20 lbs, then you can mix one tablespoon of Benefiber in a small amount of his canned food every 12- 24 hours. Mixing Benefiber in a small amount of food ensures that your dog will eat the entire dosage.

Again if you have medium to large dogs whose weight is above 20 lbs, then you need to mix one to two tablespoons of Benefiber in a small amount of his canned food and give it every 12 -24 hours. You can also mix Benefiber in a small amount of moistening kibble.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Can I give my dog human fiber powder?

Yes, you can give them safe ones like BeneFiber.

There are some human fiber powders like Benefiber, which have no harmful effect on your dog. In fact, it helps your buddy in fighting constipation. But that does not mean that all the human fiber powder is good for your dog. 

It may contain some ingredients which have an adverse effect on your dog. I will suggest consulting a veterinary doctor before adding any human fiber powder to your dog food.

#2. Can I give my dog Metamucil fiber?

Yes, you can give Metamucil fiber to dogs.

If your furry friend has constipation problems, then you can give Metamucil to him. The ideal dosage is almost about one tablespoon for every five pounds of your doggo weights.
For instance, you need to add almost three tablespoons of Metamucil to the food if your doggo weighs 15 pounds.

#3. Which is the best fiber to give a dog?

Wheat gram

#4. Is dextrin fiber safe for dogs?

Yes, it is a safe compound for dogs.

Yes, dextrin is safe for dogs. One application of dextrin in Benefiber, which helps control chronic diarrhea and constipation in your furry friend. However, it may cause disease and illness if not administered properly.

A Few Final Words

Your dog needs balanced nutrients, which help to stay fit. Fiber is one of the vital parts of a dog’s food and helps have a healthy digestive system.

Your dog’s body cannot produce the vitamins and minerals needed for them. So, they need supplements. You may give natural fiber supplements like apple, flaxseed, and others. But still, if he has hard stool or constipation problems, then you can add Benefiber to his diet. 

But remember, you need to give the correct dosage to your dog; otherwise, it will have an adverse effect. Thank you for reading the article, we hope your dog would feel better after taking the right dosage of Benefiber! 

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