Can I Give My Dog A Bath After Frontline

Can I give my dog a bath after Frontline? How does Frontline work and what are the precautions that I need to take? Read on to know more.

When your dog gets ticks or fleas, the first medicine that comes to mind is Frontline. However, there is one big problem that no one admits: Frontline stinks! The moment you put it on the dog, you wish you had a way to wash them or take the stink off.

Many dog owners have this question: Can I give my dog a bath after Frontline? The answer is no, you shouldn’t be running out to give your dog a bath for at least  48 hours. It even says so on their website, but did you know why?

Frontline Plus is a topical medicine that needs to be on the dog’s skin for some time in order to get absorbed through the skin. So you cannot bathe your dog for at least 48 hours after applying Frontline plus or spray. Otherwise, it will wash off the medicine and will not be effective.

In this article, I will talk more about Frontline plus, how it works, what precautions you need to take after applying it, and how to bathe after the suggested 48 hour period to get the stink out of your pupper. 

Before we begin, let me talk a bit about fleas and ticks, and how you can get to know that your dog already has them.

How Do You Know If Your Pet Has Fleas And Ticks?

If you find your dog scratching and shaking its head, then there are chances that your pet has fleas. 

Your Dog Keeps Shaking Its Head Often

If you find your dog shaking his head, then there are chances of fleas present in its skin. Ticks usually hide inside the dog’s ears, legs, and groin area. You can easily see the licks in your pet’s ears using a flashlight on your phone.

Your Dog Has Red Bumps On Its Skin

If you find red bumps on your dog’s skin, then it means ticks are present in its skin. You should not ignore this sign and examine your dog properly for ticks and get it treated.

Your Dog May Suffer From Fever

If a tick bites your dog, there are chances that your dog may have a mild fever. The symptoms include weakness, loss of appetite, and shivering. However, the fever will last only for a day and may even last for a week. It is advisable to properly check and examine your dog and treat it if licks are there.

So if you find fleas or licks in your dog’s skin, it is advisable to apply frontline plus.

How Does Frontline Work On Dogs?

As mentioned earlier, it absorbs slowly through the skin.

Frontline Plus contains two active chemicals: Fipronil and S-Methoprene. 

When you apply Frontline Plus to your dog’s skin, it absorbs the skin and gets stored in your dog’s oil glands. Though it takes some time to absorb the skin fully, once the medicine gets in there, it works for 30 days. After a month, you need to re-apply the medicine if, in one application, the fleas don’t go away.

Fipronil damages the nervous system of fleas and licks. So when it gets in touch with the dog’s skin, the fleas and ticks present get paralyzed and slowly die when it gets in contact with this chemical. 

However, fleas can multiply very quickly, and it can get difficult to kill all the eggs. So to stop the lifecycle of the fleas, the manufacturers have added another chemical in the product: S-Methoprene. 

This chemical works by getting inside the flea eggs and preventing them from hatching. Thus applying this medication helps break the flea life cycle and stops further flea infestation.

How Soon After Flea Treatment Can I Bathe My Dog?

At least 48 hours, so that it gets absorbed properly in the skin.

When you apply Frontline plus or spray, it takes some time to absorb your dog’s skin, and you need to wait for two days before you can bathe your dog. 

Wait For At Least 48 Hours

The product manufacturers usually advise not to bathe your dog for at least 48 hours, and otherwise, the medication will not be effective.

But if your dog is dirty and requires a bath, you can plan to bathe him up at least 48 hours before the application. Also, you need to keep your dog away from the rain and swimming pool for two days.

Use A Soap-Free Shampoo

It is essential to use a soap-free shampoo. Avoid using human shampoo on your dog as the pH level is different and not good for the dog’s coat.

A dog shampoo or soap-free shampoo will not remove the oil coating from your dog’s skin and keep them healthy. You can consult your vet for the type of shampoo you can use for your dog’s skin.

What Precautions Do You Need To Take Before Applying Frontline Plus?

Frontline is an expensive medication, and you will not want to waste it. The medication gets absorbed into your dog’s skin and sticks to the oil glands, so you should avoid using human shampoo or flea wash. 

Otherwise, the medication will not work. This is because when you use human shampoo, it will remove the oil from your dog’s skin, and the medicine will not be as effective.

Using dog-friendly shampoo will remove the dust and dirt while keeping the oil intact. Also, it is better to prevent your dog from getting in the dirt frequently, as, after the frontline application on the skin, it won’t be wise to wash your dog often. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does A Bath Wash Off Frontline?

If you do it before 48 hours, yes, it will wash it off.
Yes, it does. Frontline plus take time to absorb the skin, and you need to wait till the medicine dries. A flea can get multiplied much faster and cannot be cleaned off right away, and bathing washes off the medicine and will not be as strong. 

How Long Does It Take For Frontline To Absorb?

Frontline will clean off fleas within 18 hours from your dog’s skin and can kill the ticks within 48 hours after being applied on your dog’s skin. The medication spreads in your dog’s body within 24 hours.

A Few Final Words

Frontline Plus or spray protects your dog from fleas. Since the medication is topical, you need to wait for 48 hours before bathing your dog, or the application will not be effective.

I hope we have answered your question, and other associated ones as well. Applying the Frontline medication the right way will help your pet get rid of fleas and lick faster. Thank you for reading. You might also want to know what happens when you put too much Frontline on your dog.