Can I Call 911 for my Dog?

“Can I call 911 for my dog in an emergency?”. Obviously, this is an important question for pet owners, and we have written the article below to answer your queries in detail.

Nearly 70% of households in America own a pet. With the increase in the number of pets, there is also an increase in emergencies related to them, and the doubts that pet owners have about such emergencies have also increased multifold.

One interesting question that comes up is: Can I call 911 for my dog? The answer is unfortunately no, 911 is meant for human emergencies. Instead, depending on the emergency you should be calling either the vet, animal poison control, or other such agencies that could help you out.

Can I Call 911 for my Dog

In this article, we explore further what constitutes an emergency, whom you can call, and how you can be self-prepared for a pet emergency.

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What Can Be Regarded as a Dog Emergency

Any kind of food poisoning, health issues, or injuries can constitute a pet emergency.

Animals are very sensitive to their food and can easily get food poisoning if they are fed something that is toxic to them. 

Many common household things can be toxic for a dog, including chocolates, candies that contain xylitol, tobacco and alcohol, macadamia nuts, grapes, and so on. Secondly, the breed of the dog greatly influences what diet is right for it, and some dog owners face problems with their diet and maintenance.

If you are worried about the effects of common food items on dogs, you should read our articles on the effects of gummy bears, honey roasted peanuts, deer bones, sugar cookies, and many more. and also What To Do If My Dog Ate Pecans?

Health Emergencies

The other common problem associated with pets is their health. A change in the environment greatly affects the condition of health. 

It is necessary to keep pets in a stable environment with proper ventilation, the right temperature, a designated place to rest and sleep, and of course a place to do their business. Without these things, dogs can quickly become ill.

Can I Call 911 for my Dog

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Injuries and Accidents

Lastly, injuries that might occur due to any reason, especially if they get bit by other animals or insects should be treated as dog emergencies.

Symptoms That Show Your Pet Need Urgent Helps

It is necessary to make sure that your dog is actually in need of emergency aid before rushing to a vet. Below are a few things you can look out for to ensure it is an emergency:

Can I Call 911 for My Dog?

No, 911 is meant for human emergencies.

There are 21mn search results on Google for the query “Can I call 911 for my dog?”. Obviously, it’s an important question for pet owners. Unfortunately, if there happens to be an emergency with your pet or even a stray animal, 911 is not the right number to call. 

It is an emergency service reserved for humans and provides them with essential aid in an emergency. 

You can call them if the one injured or under Emergency is you or someone else facing a problem due to something caused by your pet or any other animal. For example, if you have been bit by your pet or have consumed any of your pet’s medicine by mistake, you can call 911 to get the essential aid for yourself.

Sometimes emergency fire services will rescue cats and dogs from tough situations (like when cats get stuck in a tree), but you should not assume that it is their job to do so.

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Can I Call 911 for my Dog

What Should You Do in Case of a Pet Emergency?

Call your vet or the nearest vet clinic.

The best decision to make when faced with an emergency regarding your pet is to call your veterinarian. Most Veterinarians have ambulance services and can get to your home to pick up your pet and provide essential aid. 

The Vet knows what is best for your pet, and there is no better place to turn to in case of an emergency. Most veterinarians are open 24X7 as there is no saying when an animal will start showing symptoms while being ill.

If the emergency is related to a stray animal, there are many organizations that will provide care and foster homes for such dogs. You should call the nearest one immediately so that they can take the right steps.

Basic Aid You Can Provide To Your Pet In case of Emergency:

If your dog has faced some accident and is in dire need of help, then you must ensure that you give it basic first-aid before the doctor intervenes. 

Here are some of the steps that you can follow in case your pet has faced an accident:

  • If there is an accident and your pet is bleeding, make sure you cover the wound and press it firmly to reduce the blood loss. Blood loss can become a major problem in animals and humans, and we must ensure that no more blood is expelled.
  • If there is a burn, put the burned part under running tap water. You can also apply ice pads and cubes, but make sure that the burned portion is not pressed tightly, or it can cause the weathering of skin.
  • If there is a case of food poisoning, then the best you can do is gather as much information as you can on the item your pet has consumed. Don’t force vomiting as it might cause more damage to animals than helping them.

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Can I Call 911 for my Dog

Prepare a Pet-Specific First Aid Kit

Having a pet-specific first aid kit can help you in more ways than you realize. People in case of emergency make rash decisions. Doubts like, “Can I call 911 for my dog” or “Should I ask for medical help from the hospital” will only worsen the condition by wasting more time.

Having a pet-specific first aid kid will reassure you, and you will have enough options to take care of any minor emergency.

What should you keep in your pet first aid kit?

  • Antibiotic Ointment(make sure that it is of the type that is required for your pet)
  • Bandages and Tapes that are pet-friendly.
  • Gauze
  • Plaine Saline
  • Tweezer
  • Blunt Bandage Scissors
  • Digital fever Thermometer
  • You can also add some food items that are nutritious for your pet.
  • Add items and instruments that can help keep a hold of your pet, like a Muzzle and Slip Leash.
Can I Call 911 for my Dog

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A Few Final Words

You should not call 911 for a dog or any other pet-related emergency. However, you can always contact your nearest veterinarian for medical help and advice. Prepare a first aid kit for your pet to get more options to help them in case of need.

We thank you for reading the article and hope we were able to answer all your queries. If you still have doubts, please feel free to drop us a comment and we will revert promptly.