Can I Be Evicted For Not Picking Up My Dog Poop?

So, you let your dog do its dirty work in your apartment building’s backyard. You might be wondering: “Can I be evicted for not picking up my dog poop?” The answer is yes, you can and most likely will.

Dog poop is messy. It stinks, it’s dirty and disgusting. So I can understand if someone doesn’t want to pick it up. That said, why go around spreading (literally) shit? Train your dog to do the doo doo in a safe place where you don’t have to pick it up?

But if you do go around letting your dog do its business, can you be evicted for it? Yes, the dog poop laws are very much real in most apartments in major cities. They can cause you significant pain and fines if you don’t follow them to the tee.

Can I Be Evicted For Not Picking Up My Dog Poop

Can I Be Evicted For Not Picking Up My Dog Poop?

There are various rules in different countries regarding leaving Dog Poop, and if the rules are broken, yes, you can even face eviction. 

The basic policy among all the laws in different countries is that you cannot leave your dog’s feces on public or private property.

If you are a first offender, you will probably get away with just an earful from the landlord or the super. But if you have signed an agreement mentioning the specific rules regarding dog poop and are now breaking it, you can easily get thrown out next time. 

The terms of the agreement can differ as per requirement and are only applicable when both parties have agreed to it beforehand. 

If your dog poops on public property and you don’t clean it up, then you can be prosecuted against legally, and if found guilty, you can even face a considerable fine which can go anywhere from $100 to $1,000 depending on where you live! For example, in Austin City, Texas, you will have to shell out a coll $500. 

The fine amount may vary, but you undoubtedly have to pay one.

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Why Do I Have to Clean Up Dog Poop?

Letting dog poop lie openly without picking it up allows flies to breed and causes an offensive odor in the surroundings. It’s completely unsanitary and you simply cannot do this to others that live around you.

But that’s not all. If the poop is left unchecked, it can cause different diseases in both humans and other animals. The most common diseases caused by dog poop are roundworms and a few other internal diseases. It also causes a foul rotting smell making the surroundings hard to breathe in.


Dog poop can also cause damage to the grass or pollute the water when drained at the wrong source. A dog owner’s responsibility is to provide their dog with a proper pooping environment and instruments.

Pet dogs are generally trained to poop in their specific area or basin, but that is not always the case. Sometimes when dogs are out on a walk or at a different place they tend to poop at any place they find suitable. It is the responsibility of the dog owner to clean behind that poop.

How Do Apartments Verify Dog Breed?

Some landlords don’t allow specific breeds to live in their apartments. The landlords take this decision out of concern for other tenants and whether your dog’s presence will or will not be harmful to them. 

Many landlords don’t allow dogs or any other kind of pet in their houses, and others have strict rules for allowing them. The rules should be followed, and dog owners should always keep their neighbors in mind.

Private Owners often go through a pet interview with your pet to get to know their behavior better and whether they are suitable for their building or not. The Dog Owners often get the DNA test of their dog or the certificate of their purchase to prove the claim for their breed. 

The Breed of the Dog greatly determines the dog’s behavior, so it is necessary to know its breed in the first place. The verification of the dog breed is also beneficial in buildings where there are already different types of dogs. It helps them manage the dogs properly and make decisions necessary for their well-being.

Can I Be Evicted For Not Picking Up My Dog Poop

How to Tell Tenant To Clean Up Dog Poop

You can directly approach your tenant and ask them to clean up their dog poop. The other popular method includes sending them a notice or filing a complaint against them. The tenant sometimes leaves their dog poop unchecked, disturbing others, so they must take care of it.

If the landowner has signed an agreement with the tenant where he has mentioned the rules regarding dog poop, then they can also pursue a legal course of action. 

There are specific laws regarding dog poop in most countries, but individual apartments and buildings have their set of rules regarding pets, which must be followed.

By approaching them legally, they can also impose a fine on them, or in the worst case, the tenant can also face prison. The dog owner should be the one taking care of his dog’s business, and if he fails to do so, the landowners are free to file a complaint against them.

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What Necessary Rules Must Dog Owners Follow

If the dog owner has signed an agreement with the landlord regarding the pet, they must fulfill their commitment under any condition or even face expulsion from the place. The Dog owner should ensure that his dog is trained to poop only in specific places.

Can I Be Evicted For Not Picking Up My Dog Poop

You must maintain a healthy environment for your neighbors and other people living around you. Leaving dog poop in a public place is undoubtedly out of the question, so you must always carry a carry-bag if you have to clean up the poop. 

Dogs are loving creatures, but few people are allergic to dogs, so you must ensure that your dog doesn’t get in close contact with them. A sanitary condition must be maintained so that the city you live in stays beautiful and doesn’t have any random waste lying around due to your laziness.

A Few Final Words

We would like to conclude by saying that it is necessary that you maintain a sanitary condition around the place you live in. Having a dog is a blessing but don’t let it harm the comfort of others. 

Make sure you get your dog inspected for good health regularly and take proper care of them. Thank you for reading the article, we hope it answered your queries. If you have more questions, please write to us in the comments box below.