Can Guinea Pigs Eat Dog Food?

If you have both guinea pigs and dogs, you may be wondering “Can guinea pigs eat dog food?”. Read on to know if you can feed dog food to your guinea pigs. 

Guinea pigs and dogs are entirely different animals in the food chain, with guinea pigs being herbivores and dogs being omnivores. Moreover, guinea pigs are herbivores, while dogs are carnivores. So, you should not feed guinea pigs dog food. 

Your guinea pig will not want to eat kibble or any other dog food most of the time. But, even if you find them enjoying dog food, it is best to keep the bowl away and monitor your guinea pig’s diet. 

What happens if guinea pigs accidentally eat dog food? Take a look at the following sections to learn more. 

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Dog Food

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Should You Give Dog Food to Guinea Pigs?

Dog food is not for guinea pigs, so you cannot give them any. It is essential to ensure that your guinea pig has a diet typical of small herbivores which they can easily digest. You should not provide dog food to your guinea pig because they cannot digest meat or meat-based products. 

There are several reasons why guinea pigs cannot eat dog food, and here are a few of them. 

The Digestive System of Guinea Pigs is Not Suitable for Carnivore Diets

Carnivores usually consume many tough meat products, and such foods are often raw. Even store-bought dog food may contain traces of raw meat-based products. Guinea pigs, being herbivores, cannot digest this kind of diet. 

Their digestive systems are designed to break down and absorb foods from plant-based sources. The digestive system of guinea pigs only produces the acids and enzymes needed to digest fibrous plant products and not meats.

Guinea Pigs Do Not Produce Vitamin C

Guinea pigs cannot naturally produce any Vitamin C within their bodies. This is why they need to consume foods rich in Vitamin C. Dog food does not have many Vitamin C supplements. This is because dogs produce Vitamin C on their own. 

If you are unable to provide food rich in Vitamin C, it is best to add vitamin pellets to your guinea pig’s diet so that they get adequate nutrition and do not develop scurvy. However, it is vital not to keep the pellets for more than two months as the efficiency of Vitamin C will decrease. 

If your guinea pig is pregnant, they will need twice the amount of Vitamin C, and during such a time, dog food can cause serious medical issues. 

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Dog Food is Not Nutritional for Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs do not get adequate nutrition from dog food. Guinea pigs primarily need vitamins and fibers in their diet. The nutritional value of fats and protein, as in meat or dog food, is not ideal for them. Therefore, long-term consumption of dog food will result in inadequate nutrition, which can cause various diseases in guinea pigs. 

What Happens if Guinea Pigs Eat Dog Food? 

While dog food for guinea pigs can generally lead to nutritional deficiencies, it causes the following conditions. 


Obesity is a common medical issue in guinea pigs that do not have a proper diet. If you feed your guinea pig dog food, they will consume more calories than they can burn, and this is bound to cause obesity. Obesity in guinea pigs can also increase pressure on various organs and cause fatalities. 

Heart Disease

Dog food may have a high concentration of saturated fats. Guinea pigs cannot digest these fats entirely, which can lead to heart disease. 

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High Cholesterol

Dog food will usually have meat, and if guinea pigs eat it, their cholesterol levels will increase. An increase in cholesterol will primarily affect the heart, but it can also lead to several other diseases. 

Apart from meat, there are certain other foods that guinea pigs cannot eat, which can cause medical problems. These include dairy products, beans, garlic, nuts, and chocolate. 

It is also best to avoid feeding your guinea pig large portions of vegetables like cauliflower or cabbage that can cause bloating. While none of these are necessarily dog foods, your dog may enjoy a few of them as treats. Therefore, you must remember not to give any to your guinea pig. 

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Dog Food

Best Food for Guinea Pigs

The best food for guinea pigs is hay. If you can get fresh meadow hay, that will be the most nutritional and enjoyable food for your guinea pig. You can add small portions of vegetables to this diet to increase the number of nutrients, but hay is essential. 

Guinea pigs can go for a day without hay, and after that, their health may deteriorate slowly. Interestingly, a guinea pig’s teeth grow continually, and only chewing on hay helps grind and naturally wears them down. But without hay to chew on, their teeth will be overgrown, leading to various health consequences. 

Apart from meadow hay, you can include small portions of fresh carrots, artichokes, peas, green bell peppers, and spinach in the diet. Guinea pigs can also eat peas and tomatoes. 

What to Do If You Don’t Have Guinea Pig Food? 

Many often give dog food to guinea pigs when they forget to buy proper food for their pets, which usually leads to digestive problems. If you do not have hay and other suitable foods, you can give these foods to your guinea pig.

You can also give hay-based pellets and vitamin pellets as dietary supplements.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Dog Food

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How to Stop Your Guinea Pig From Eating Dog Food? 

The easiest way to stop your guinea pig from consuming dog food is by separating feeding stations to ensure that the food does not get mixed up. 

You also need to prepare food separately. If you prepare food for both your dog and guinea pigs, it is essential to use separate utensils. This will help to avoid contamination. 

If you do not have dogs and are just shopping for guinea pig food, make sure to check all labels. Read the labels to understand the composition and check if the product is similar to kibble for dogs. If it isn’t, then it is safe for your guinea pig. 

Final Words

Guinea pigs are delicate creatures, and they need a well-balanced to stay healthy. Try to feed them fresh produce, hay, and any plant-based products or supplements. 

If you do this, your guinea pig will not fall sick often. You can also share this information with others who are thinking of keeping guinea pigs. 

Thank you for reading, we hope we answered your questions! If not, please write to us below and we will add answers to your queries in the article.

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