Can Dogs Have Grape Popsicles?

In this article, we will answer “Can dogs have grape popsicles?” along with several other queries regarding popsicles and grapes and how good or bad they are for your dog.

Who does not like to eat something sweet, and if the sweet dish is also cold, then the satisfaction of eating that gets doubled. In terms of eating habits, just like humans, dogs also love to have something cold and sweet almost every time. 

On a hot summer day, while enjoying grape popsicles, you might think of sharing a bite with your dog. Still, you need to be careful about this just because the digestive system is quite different from a human being. You need to handle the situation with utmost care. 

So, can dogs eat grape popsicles? The simple answer to your question is, NO. Grape popsicles are extremely harmful to your dog and can be toxic. They are not supposed to have anything related to grapes. 

Can Dogs Have Grape Popsicles

Why Should You Not Give Grape Popsicles to Your Dog?

Anything related to grapes is toxic to dogs in excess (except the stem) and can cause kidney failure.

Popsicles are often mistaken for ice creams, but they are pretty different. You will not find any ice in ice cream, whereas a popsicle is nothing but frozen fruit juices on a stick. Grape popsicles are a flavor of popsicles. 

They are made by using fresh grape juice, sugar for making it sweeter, and a small amount of water. It is a very popular dessert during summer in countries like the United States of America, Canada, Australia, etc. 

Grape Toxicity

Whenever you eat popsicles in front of your pet dog, he will, of course, want to have a bite, but you should restrain them from having it. Dogs must not eat grape stems at all. It may cause kidney failure and leave them vulnerable if left untreated for a long time.

Digestive Issues

Whenever you give your dog something to eat, you will, of course, expect that your pet friend will find it easy to digest. But dogs might have digestive issues when you give them something like grape popsicles made by using grapes containing anthocyanin.

Can Dogs Have Grape Popsicles

Presence of fewer Nutrients

Though grapes have a nutritious value, grape popsicles do not possess any of the nutrients present in grapes. Grape popsicles are nothing but a dessert, and the grape part used in the making can prove fatal for your dog. 

Instead of giving your dog something like grape popsicles, look for other alternatives that have nutritious value. Your dog will enjoy that, and it will also help improve their health. 


Grape popsicles will not directly cause diabetes in your dog, but if your dog has diabetes, it can increase its severity because of the presence of excess sugar in them. 

You should always look for the potential signs of diabetes in your dog, and these symptoms include weight loss, lack of energy, increasing water thirst, more urination than usual, and decreased vision. 

If any of these signs are present in your dog, you should stop giving them anything that includes sugar and, of course, not grape popsicles. 

Are Grape Popsicles Harmful to Both Puppies and Adult Dogs?

Yes, absolutely

After reading this much, we hope you understand that grapes are highly toxic for a dog. Neither puppies nor elderly dogs can consume grape popsicles, but they can have artificially made grape popsicles that don’t have actual grape in them. 

We will talk about them later in this article. Grape juice is toxic for dogs of any age. If they consume it by any means, they can get sick and require immediate medical assistance. So, it is better to keep grape popsicles or any other food like that away from dogs. 

Can Dogs Have Grape Popsicles

Can you give artificial Grape Popsicles to dogs?

While your dog can’t have grape popsicles made using juice extracted from original grapes, your pet friend can have artificially flavored grape popsicles. These artificially created sweet dishes might be ideal for an adult dog. 

Still, if you have a puppy in your house, you should avoid this alternative as a puppy’s digestive system is not well developed in comparison to an adult dog. All the artificial flavors and colors used in making artificial grape popsicles can adversely affect a puppy’s health. 

But as mentioned earlier, you can give artificially flavored grape popsicles to your dog if they are an adult, and you two can enjoy it together. 

Answer to Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of popsicles can dogs eat?

Any popsicle that does not contain harmful fruits.

Dogs can also eat popsicles that do not contain real fruit juices. Some popsicles are made using artificial flavors and food colors. You can give your dog this type of popsicle.

Can you give a dog grape-flavored things?

Yes, as long as the flavors are artificial.

You can’t give grape-flavored food items to your dog that contain actual grapes. Grapes are toxic and can cause digestive issues in your dog’s body.

Are popsicles poisonous to dogs?

No, not all popsicles are harmful.

Not all popsicles are poisonous to dogs. Just ensure that the ingredients used in making the popsicles are not harmful to your dog’s health.

Is Grape ice cream poisonous to dogs?

Yes, anything containing grape is poisonous to dogs.

You should avoid grape ice cream for the same reason of avoiding grape popsicles as they are made by using grapes, and grapes contain anthocyanin, which is harmful and toxic to a dog’s digestive system.

Final Words

We hope you have received answers to all the questions that might come to your mind regarding this issue. Just keep one thing in your mind: your dog is not supposed to have grapes and no other products made by using grapes or grape juice. 

Ensure that your dog is not consuming grape popsicles and any other products like grape popsicles, as they are not ideal for your furry friend. But as we have also mentioned that you can feed your dog grape popsicles that do not contain actual grape extract. So, try that instead and make your dog happy and healthy. 

Thank you for reading the article. You might also want to read about other summer treats like snow cones and raisins in yogurt, and whether they are good for your dog.