Can Dogs Eat Totinos Pizza Rolls?

Dogs love to duplicate what their favorite human is doing and it is the same for them with pizza rolls. But can dogs eat Totinos pizza rolls? Is it safe for them to eat or does it contain something harmful? Let’s find out.

The simple answer is no! Dogs can not eat Totino’s pizza rolls. It is not safe to give pizza rolls to dogs in most cases as it contains many ingredients, and not all of them are healthy for dogs. 

Some of the ingredients in the pizza are not only unhealthy but are unsafe for dogs. Pizza contains dairy products like cheese and butter. If your dog is allergic to dairy products, it can have an upset stomach after eating pizza.

Can Dogs Eat Totinos Pizza Rolls

Most of the time, if your dogs accidentally ate some pizza, they would be fine, but you should never make it a habit to feed pizza to your dogs. Pizza rolls usually have a very high salt content which is not safe for dogs to consume.

Most of the pizza consists of pizza base, sauce, and toppings. All these components are made of ingredients that can cause problems for dogs. Read on below to find out why eating pizza can be bad for your dog.

Why Pizza Is Bad For Your Dog

A lot of ingredients go into a pizza, and any of them can cause problems for your dogs.

#1. Pizza Base

The pizza base, or the outer layer in the case of a pizza roll, is made of refined flour, salt, sugar, oil, water, and yeast. Salt and sugar are the main culprits. In Totino pizza rolls, the salt and sugar are in excessive quantities that are not good for dogs.

#2. Pizza Sauce

The tomato-based sauce inside the pizza rolls contains salt, sugar, spices, onion, and garlic. All these things are essentially not good for dogs. Onion and garlic consumption can lead to anemia in dogs.

#3. Pizza Toppings

Pizza toppings or fillings in case of a pizza roll contain overly processed ingredients. If your dog is dairy intolerant, then the cheese inside the pizza roll can be harmful to them. Also, meat-based toppings like pepperoni are processed and contain huge amounts of salt.

Can Dogs Eat Totinos Pizza Rolls

Can I Give My Dog Pizza Bread?

No, you can not give your dog pizza bread. Dogs are naturally carnivorous, and thus their body is built a way to digest raw meat.

If your dog likes the taste of pizza bread, then giving him some once in a while will not cause any harm, but you should never make your dog habitual. 

Stomach troubles

Overeating pizza bread can cause diarrhea, upset stomach, and vomiting in dogs. If these symptoms persist, then you should get immediate veterinary help. 

Lack of nutritional value

Pizza bread does not offer any nutritional value to dogs and is very high in calories. The bread and even the toppings are also processed and unsuitable for dogs with high amounts of salt. 

Toxic ingredients

Sometimes, the pizza bread also contains herbs and seasoning to make it more flavorful, like onion and garlic, which is unsuitable for dogs.

It would be best if you never gave raw pizza dough to your dog. The raw pizza dough is made by fermenting yeast to make the dough expand out. 


If your dog ate raw pizza dough, chances are the dough will keep expanding inside its stomach, and that can cause its internals to bloat. 

It can cause blockage to blood flowing into essential organs. Dogs can also have trouble breathing. If your dog accidentally ate raw dough, you should immediately get them checked at the vet.

Can Dogs Eat Totinos Pizza Rolls

Can Cats Eat Totino’s Pizza Rolls?

A small number of cooked pizza rolls won’t hurt your cats. However, since Totino’s pizza roll is a processed food, it is high in calories and fat. You should not feed your cat highly processed and high-calorie food if you want them to remain healthy.

Make sure that your cat never eats raw pizza dough. Raw pizza dough contains yeast which ferments and expands the pizza dough. If your cat accidentally ingested some, it will keep expanding in its stomach and can cause swelling and blockage of blood flow to essential organs.

Can Cats Eat Hot Dogs?

No, cats can not eat hot dogs. But as we all know, it is sometimes impossible to say no to them. Like pizza rolls, you can feed hot dogs to cats once in a while in a limited quantity. 

But you should never make it a habit to feed hot dogs or any other processed food to your cats regularly. All processed food contains high amounts of calories and fat, which are not good for a feline. 

Cats can not process fat, and it gets stored in their bodies over time. It will result in your cat being overweight.

Can Dogs Eat Totinos Pizza Rolls

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Is it okay to give dogs pizza?

While feeding pizza to dogs does not do any harm in most cases, you should not do that. Pizza is very high in calories and contains dairy products. If your dog is sensitive to dairy products, it can get sick and have upset stomachs. 
Other than that, the salt content is very high in pizza, which is not good for dogs. Pizza also contains herbs that can be toxic for dogs. If your dog accidentally ate some pizza, it won’t be that big of a problem, but you should not make it a habit to feed pizza to your dog.

#2. Are Totino’s pizza rolls cooked or raw?

Yes, Totino’s pizza rolls come fully cooked. The pizza rolls are either fried or pre-baked before they are packed. You can eat them without needing to microwave them as soon as they get thawed. But since nobody likes cold pizza, we usually heat them in the microwave or oven.

#3. Can cats eat Totino’s pizza rolls?

Eating a small bite of Totino’s pizza rolls does not usually harm your cats. However, make sure that your cat doesn’t eat a huge amount of pizza rolls as they are high in calories and can make your cat overweight.

#4. What pizza toppings can dogs eat?

While you should not feed pizza to your dogs as it contains some ingredients that are toxic for dogs. However, if you are guilty of feeding a few pizza bites to your dog, you should do so with pizza’s have toppings that are suitable for dogs. 
When it comes to the main topping of a pizza, it is cheese. While most of the cheese is safe for dogs as long as you feed them in small quantities, except for the blue cheese. Blue cheese is toxic for dogs. Also, you should never feed cheese to dogs who are lactose intolerant. 

A Few Final Words

We treat dogs like our family members hence it is our responsibility to take care of their health also.

If dogs eat something that is not meant for them or that can severely affect their health, we should avoid giving it to them. Hence, stop feeding your dogs pizzas if you are into this habit, it is doing no good to them.

Thank you for reading the article, we hope we were able to answer your queries about pizza rolls for dogs. If you have doubts, please reach out through the comments. You might also like to read: Can Dogs Eat Sun Chips? And Can Dogs Eat Sweet And Sour Chicken?