Can Dogs Eat Swedish Fish?

Do you love candy such as Swedish Fish and want to share some of it with your pup? Are you wondering: Can dogs eat Swedish fish? Then stop right there, don’t do anything before reading this blog.

Does your doggo love a sweet treat and candy more than anything in the world? Does your heart melt when they make those soulful eyes every time you say no to their favorite Swedish fish?

Well, steel your heart because what we are about to tell you will shock you. Swedish fish are not immediately toxic for dogs, but their bodies are not in any way designed for eating sweet candies and jellies.

Can Dogs Eat Swedish Fish

Swedish Fish are loaded with extra sugar and empty calories, which can cause obesity and diabetes in your dog. You can occasionally offer a little bit of Swedish fish to your pup, but that’s about it. If it steals a lot of Swedish fish candies from the candy jar, you should immediately call your veterinary doctor.

Let’s talk a bit more about what harm sugar and empty calories can cause to your pet pup and why despite their hurt and soulful eyes, you should avoid giving in to their demands.

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What’s Wrong With Swedish Fish?

I can just hear the groans of the candy lovers out there: one more article to prove that sugar is not good for you.

Well, facts are facts. Swedish fish is not all good for the health of your dog. These fish-shaped candies are full of empty calories and do not contain essential nutrients and vitamins. 

Your dog needs proteins and other nutrients to grow, and these sweet candies cannot provide proteins and other vitamins, nutrients, and dietary fibers. The empty calories in Swedish candies can cause your dog to gain weight and make him obese.

What are Swedish Fish Made Of?

The Swedish fish candies mainly contain three ingredients, i.e., corn syrup, inverted sugar, and sugar. Sugar is dangerous for your dog because it leads to obesity and diabetes. 

Similarly, corn syrup is bad for your dog’s health and leads to type 2 diabetes and weight gain in your canine friend. It even increases the triglyceride levels of your dog. So if you do not want your canine friend to develop liver and pancreas problems, don’t give many Swedish fish candies.

Inverted sugar is a mixture of glucose and fructose. Fructose is slightly safe for your dog compared to classic sugar. But it’s still not a good thing to give your dog regularly.

Besides three ingredients, Swedish fish also contains a range of artificial colors and preservatives. For instance, Swedish fish candies have Red 40, which can lead to cancer in your canine friend.

Can Dogs Eat Swedish Fish

What Can Happen If My Dog Eats Swedish Fish?

Thankfully Swedish fish does not contain xylitol. Xylitol is an artificial sweetener and is highly toxic for your dog. So, if your dog consumes a few fish candies, then don’t panic. 

However, eating fish candies is not entirely risk-free and comes with side effects. I am discussing some of them below.

#1. Creates Sodium And Electrolyte Imbalance

When your dog eats these fish-shaped candies, there is a sudden increase in blood sugar level, leading to diabetes. Moreover, the sugar molecules tend to draw water from your dog’s cells, which leads to building up water.

The built-up water may cause your dog to drink enough water, leading to sodium and electrolyte imbalance in the body.

#2. Digestive Problems

Overeating Swedish fish candies can cause digestive problems in dogs like diarrhea and vomiting. Your dog may have constipation problems because of these candies.

#3. Teeth Cavities

The fish candies contain a lot of sugar, leading to tooth decay and rotten teeth in your canine friend. The bacteria in your dog’s mouth uses sugar and produces acid, which can destroy the enamel (first layer of the teeth of your dog), which leads to tooth decay.

Additionally, the bacteria on the teeth spread to your dog’s gums and cause gingivitis and severe dental problems. So, if you give a lot of fish candies to your dog, then you will end up spending a lot of money on treating dental issues in your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Swedish Fish

#4. Obesity

 Swedish fish candies are loaded with empty calories. It doesn’t give any benefit to your dog except to gain weight.

If your dog eats a few candies, then it may not have an adverse effect on your dog immediately. But it may lead to weight gain and obesity in the long run. Additionally, excess fat on your dog’s body can lead to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and joint pain.

Obesity is a big problem for your dog, and you cannot fix the problem overnight. So keep track of your dogs’ food and don’t give foods high in sugar content.

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How Much Swedish Fish Is Good For The Health Of My Dog?

There’s no simple answer to this question because it depends on the breed and size of your dog

For instance, eating a handful of Swedish fish can cause a sugar spike in small dogs like Chihuahuas but may not cause that much harm in Great Dane. So, if your dog is big, that does not mean that Swedish fish candies are safe for the dog’s health.

Moreover, some dogs will suffer from diarrhea or vomiting after consuming a small amount of Swedish fish. In contrast, other dogs experience this after eating a whole bag of fish candies.

Either way, why gamble with your dog’s health? Just avoid these candies completely!

Can Dogs Eat Swedish Fish

What Happens If My Dog Ate Swedish Fish?

The most common reactions that your dog will experience after eating Swedish fish are as follows

  • Digestive issues like vomiting and diarrhea
  • Dehydration
  • Hyperactivity

However, if you continuously give sweet candies, including Swedish fish, to your dog, he is likely to develop tooth cavities and weight gain. Additionally, your dog will experience metabolic changes that can severely affect his health.

What Should I Do If My Dog Eats Swedish Fish?

If your dog steals one or two fish candies and you found it out, then don’t panic. These fish candies are not immediately toxic, nor do they contain xylitol. However, you should monitor your dog’s digestive issues if he has eaten fish candies by mistake.

If your dog has eaten a whole bag of fish candies, then call the veterinary doctor right away. Simultaneously monitor the signs and symptoms of digestive issues of your dog.

What Can I Give My Dog Instead of Swedish Fish?

There are many fruits like blueberries, apples, and watermelon that can provide a sweet yet natural and safe treat for your dog. You can also bake a pup-friendly cake with minimal sugar or buy one from your local pet stores.

Can Dogs Eat Swedish Fish

A Few Final Words

Some dogs are born with a sweet tooth, but that doesn’t mean that you will give sweet fish candies to these dogs.

Sweet candies like Swedish fish are harmful to the health of your dog. It can cause digestive issues, tooth decay, and elevated sugar levels, increasing the possibility of heart diseases and diabetes. So it’s better to keep away fish candies from your furry friend.

We thank you for reading the article and hope we could answer all of your queries. If there are unanswered questions, we invite you to visit our comments box and leave them so that we could respond quickly. If you liked this information, do skim our site for more such gems about your dog’s health.