Can Dogs Eat Hamster Food

When you have two pets, you want to save time while feeding them by giving them the same food. But can dogs eat hamster food? Let’s find out the similarities and differences in the two foods.

As an experienced dog owner, you probably have seen that your canine friend can eat almost anything. If you recently brought a hamster to your house and your dogs ate your hamster food, worry, not hamster food is safe for your dog. 

However, you should not share the food of your dog and hamster as both are different species of animals with unique digestive systems. While dogs can eat hamster food, it is not good for dogs in excess. This article helps you be a better dog and hamster owner as it contains a list of food that your both pets can enjoy.  

Can Dogs Eat Hamster Food

Can Dogs Eat Hamster Food?

Yes, but in moderation. Excess hamster food can cause diarrhea.

When you have two different pets, especially a dog and a hamster, in your home, there is a chance that your pet will eat each other’s food. Dogs are more likely to eat the food that fell off from the cages of your hamster. 

Both dogs and hamsters are omnivores, and their food has similar components. Hamster food has food components suitable for dogs but in a different ratio to dog food. Your dog can eat hamster food, but your dog should not eat it for too long as it can cause a deficiency of some nutrients in them. 

Here are the nutritional compositions of two popular dog food and hamster food brands (we are considering adult dogs and hamsters here, not special diets for pups and baby hamsters)

 Hamster FoodDog Food
Crude Protein18%21%
Crude Fat6%10%
Crude Fiber12%4%
Crude Ash5%NA


As you can see, there is not much difference between the two diets, except perhaps the excess of fiber in the hamster diet which might cause some problems for your dog. But otherwise, the protein requirements are on par with AAFCO guidelines. If you are wondering about ash, crude ash is also present in dog food and is completely safe.

Can Dogs Eat Hamster Food

Can You Feed Dog Food to Your Hamster?

Hamsters cannot eat dog food because it lacks the fiber component.

Dogs and hamsters have the same taste in their food, but still, you should not feed your hamster dog food. There is a difference in the nutrient profile of dog food and hamsters food, including:

  • Protein: The protein content in most dog food is slightly greater in amount when compared to hamster food. Typically, dog food has 20% or more protein valuem which is higher than hamster food. Dog food brands and hamster food have gaps in their protein intake. Hamsters need less protein in their diet.
  • Fat: Dog food has a greater content of fat, which is not safe for hamsters. When hamsters intake fatter, they can become prone to develop severe health issues, including heart disease and obesity. You should avoid feeding your hamster dog food as it results in obesity that decreases its lifespan.
  • Fiber: Dog food lacks fiber content, while fiber is essential for a hamster. Hamster food contains the right amount of fiber that hamsters require in their diet. When hamsters don’t receive enough fiber, they can get constipated. So you should provide your hamster with hamster food instead of dog food.

What Foods Can You Serve Your Dog and Hamster?


Some hamster food contains raspberries that your dog can also eat. It has good antioxidant properties as it helps your pets prevent heart diseases, reduce inflammation, and improve cell functions. This fruit also helps your dog maintain its bones, improve its immune system, and heal wounds faster.


You can feed your dog hamster food containing cucumber as it helps manage the right weight. It contains fats and carbohydrates in small amounts that help in reducing weight and provide energy. It also provides vitamin B and K to your dog, which allows them to improve their eyesight, nerve cell functions, and skin.

Can Dogs Eat Hamster Food

Corn and Soy: 

Many dog food brands have a high content of fat and protein that your little hamster may not be able to digest. However, dog food containing corn and soy is suitable for your hamster to eat. Your dog may not be very fond of soy and corn, but your hamster will like this treat. 

Vitamins and minerals: 

Some Dog food contains vitamins and minerals that can benefit both your pets. Hamsters need vitamin A, D, and E and minerals like phosphorus and calcium to develop strong bones. Your pet also requires vitamin B12 to promote strong metabolism, fight obesity, and boost their energy levels.


You can feed your dog and hamster celery as it has many benefits for them. It helps reduce weight in your pets as it doesn’t contain any fat or calories. It also contains vitamin A which helps your pets’ eyesight and fight several diseases.


Dogs can eat hamster food containing carrots as it doesn’t harm your dog. However, it has many benefits for your dog since it helps improve your dog’s teeth and health. Carrot is also low in calories, making it ideal for your dog. It also has the right amount of fiber that helps your dog’s digestion.

Can Dogs Eat Hamster Food

What Kind of Hamster Foods Are Not Safe For Dogs? 

Anything that contains cherries, grapes, and other foods that are toxic for dogs.

Hamster food containing cherries and grapes is not suitable for dogs. You should avoid your dog eating hamster food because cherry pits and stems contain cyanide that is toxic to dogs, and 

grapes also contain harmful chemicals that impair your dog’s kidney functions.

What Should You Not Feed Your Hamster?

Some foods are toxic for your hamster to eat. You should avoid feeding them this food, including:

  • Almonds
  • All citrus fruits
  • The leafy green part of a tomato
  • Chocolate or other candy
  • Meat high in fat
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Beans
  • Pepper
  • Apple seeds
  • Rhubarb leaves
  • Junk food like chips
  • potatoes

Can Dogs Hurt Hamsters?

Yes, dogs are natural predators of small animals such as hamsters

Dogs are naturally predator animals while hamsters are prey. You should not leave your hamster with your dog after you introduce them. Your dog eventually gets along with a hamster, and you should not force them as your dog may hurt your new hamster. 

The animal instinct of your dog may be triggered when playing with your hamster and result in injuring your hamster. If you train and command your dog to protect your hamster, it will help them slowly get along. 

Can Dogs Eat Hamster Food

Final Word

In the end, dogs can eat hamster food, but you should not provide it as it can make you purchase more hamster food. Hamster food also has different nutrient values in its product that may not be suitable for dogs. 

However, there are some foods that you can share with your dog and hamster. Keep an eye on your dog for some time when you introduce a hamster to your household, as your dog may injure him. 

Thank you for reading, hope we answered your queries and if some are left please write to us in the comments. Other things that you might worry about your dog eating are grape popsicles, raisins with yogurt, agave nectar, chili powder, and so on. Do read and keep your pup safe.