Can Dogs Eat Grape Seed Oil?

Grapes, raisins, and anything connected to grapes are usually considered off-limits for dogs due to their toxicity. However, can dogs eat grape seed oil? Is it safe for them, and if so why? Are there any benefits to giving your dog grape seed oil? Answers to this and more are below.

People today are much more aware of the good and bad things for their pets. Many people want to know things like: can dogs have grapeseed oil?.

Grapeseed Oil is a natural antioxidant that is widely used in pet tinctures. But while it may be safe for topical application, is the oil safe for the pet’s consumption? 

The American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) reports that grapes are toxic for dogs. Eating a lot of grapes can cause kidney failure in dogs. However, there is no record of grape seed oil or extract causing any harm to a dog.

Can Dogs Eat Grape Seed Oil

The simple answer is yes, the grape seed oil is safe for your furry friend. There are some differences between grape seed oil and grape pulp, seeds, and whole grapes.

  • Research says grape pulp and skin are toxic to dogs and other pets; this fruit can cause renal failure for them.
  • The grape seed oil contains omega-6 fatty acids, which are highly beneficial to dogs. Knowingly, the oil helps increase the health of dog tissues, pom, coats, gums, and teeth. Overall, it is effective for dog health.

What is Grape seed Oil?

Grape seed is a kind of oil extracted from grape seeds and has various health benefits. During the preparation of this oil, the seeds are taken from the flesh and skin and then processed. In addition to the health benefits, this oil is used to make wine.

This oil has several uses and benefits for humans: 

  • It is used as cooking oil as it contains a high smoke point.
  • It is highly effective for the skin because it has anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties that keep the skin healthy and help in brightening the skin tone. 

Here are some more benefits of grape seed oil.

Why Do Humans Use Grape Seed Oil?

Besides being a potent and effective antioxidant, this oil works very well as effective carrier oil. Pure full-spectrum hemp oil is very thick and pasty, making it difficult to use. 

In some cases, the oil is also used as a carrier oil because you can apply it to different products like CBD oil and directly apply the combination onto the skin. Remember, you cannot use the essential oils directly on your body as they are too strong to put on directly.

Can Dogs Eat Grape Seed Oil

If grape seed oil is used as a carrier oil, it makes the tincture lighter and more consistent, which is much closer to the liquid than the paste. Raw organic coconut oil is used as the main ingredient in any human tincture. It is the carrier oil in human tincture. 

But for pets, formulators think grape seed oil is the best carrier oil which means the nutrition is much higher and its excellent safety record, and so on. Grape seed oil also has many other beneficial properties for dogs, which we will discuss later.

Can Dogs Eat Grape Seed Oil?

Grape skins and flesh are associated with animal hazards. So the question is can dogs have grape seed oil? 

Experts Agree That Grape Seed Oil is Safe for Dogs 

The ASPCA says that there is no data indicating grape seed oil has any adverse exposure to dogs or other pets. Most government-registered Natural pet food stores sell grape seed oil for cats and dogs as an anti-allergenic, anti-inflammatory treatment. 

Pet herbalist Gary Le Mon told in his report that grape seed is not toxic for a dog. These two substances: grape seed oil and extract make the skin shiny and bright, improve tissue health, and make teeth and gums stronger. 

Health Benefits of Grape Seed Oil For Dogs? 

So, grape seed oil isn’t toxic to dogs; it is entirely safe. But can they consume it as well, and in what quantity? Does it have any benefits for them? 

#1. Antioxidants

Grape seed oil contains a considerable amount of antioxidants that support the immune system of animals, including dogs. 

Can Dogs Eat Grape Seed Oil

#2. Omega-6 Fatty Acids

Besides this, it is rich in omega-6 fatty acids that enhance digestive health. However, you should be careful about the overdose of omega-6 because too much of this fatty acid can create upset stomachs. 

#3. Vitamin E

Grape seed oil and grape seed extract both of these two substances have similar benefits. They have plenty of vitamin E that works effectively as a dog’s immune booster and detoxifier. 

#4. Pain Relief

This oil is also used as a treatment if you think your pet is getting sick and unhealthy. Its Linoleic acid helps relieve the dog from getting free of arthritis. So you can’t call grape seed oil harmful or toxic to dogs. 

#5. Other oils beneficial to dogs

However, in addition to grape seed, you can use other oils for dogs. For example, coconut oil is used to make dog coats look shiny. Flaxseed oil and olive oil are both used for dogs. However, before you use the oil, talk to your veterinarian.

Medicinal Benefits of Grape Seed Oil For Dogs

Besides what we discussed above, its antiseptic properties can destroy numerous organisms on your adorable dog.

#1. Minor Cuts and Bruises

You can use the grape seed oil on dogs’ minor sores and cuts for faster relief; it works excellent. 

#2. Fungal Infections

Due to its antiseptic properties, you can mix it with your dog’s shampoo and apply it to their skin. It is a great combination to fight any dog’s fungal skin and bacterial infections.

Can Dogs Eat Grape Seed Oil

#3. Ear Infections

Mix the grape seed oil with aloe vera gel and apply it to the ear of your adorable pet if it has an ear infection. You can treat it with the combination by killing the parasites and germs. This ear infection can be dangerous for your dogs as it will convert into ear cancer. 

#4. Gastric Distress

It also reduces your dog’s gas, acidity, diarrhea, and stomach upset. The recommended dose is one drop per ten pounds. It works excellent on these problems. 

#5. Candidiasis

The grape seed oil also contains antifungal properties to protect your dog from candidiasis. Candida is digestive yeast that forms on dogs’ noses, ears, genitals, and mouth. 

Symptoms of candidiasis can include dog fever, skin irritation, open sores, shaking of the head and itching, constipation, and bladder inflammation.

#6. Parasites

Additionally, this oil can be used to fight off parasites and protect your dog from bacteria. 

Is Grape seed Oil completely Safe For Dogs?

Grape seed oil is made from seeds, and it is advantageous for your dog in different cases. It’s not toxic for dogs and is completely safe. However, you should be  careful before giving it to your dog.

Besides other ingredients, the grape seed contains a large amount of linoleic acid (LA), a type of omega-6 fatty acid that is polyunsaturated. It helps structure the cell membrane and enhance cell function. Besides these, LA plays a vital role in: 

  • Boosting the immune function
  • Enhance the health of the skin 


But taking too much omega-6 can increase inflammation in your dog. And lead to immune dysfunction and some chronic problems, including: 

  • Diabetes
  • The problem with Liver and kidney 
  • Different Types of Allergies
  • Cancer in a separate area
  • Inflammatory bowel disease

So you need to be careful about taking the grape seed oil of your dog. The modern diet of pets is high in omega-6, which can create an imbalance if you add more.

Can Dogs Eat Grape Seed Oil

Frequently Asked Questions 

#1. What happens if a dog eats grape seed oil?

Nothing grape seed oil is not harmful to dogs. You can heave a sigh of relief because your pet will show no signs of distress or other problems.

#2. How much grapeseed oil should I give my dog?

You can give your dog a drop of grape seed oil for every 10 pounds of body weight. This much grape seed oil will be beneficial in reducing gastric distress, diarrhea and other stomach related problems in dogs.

#3. Is grapeseed oil toxic?

No, it is not toxic for dogs or humans. However, it is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and therefore it’s not exactly a healthy option for you or your dog to consume every day.

Wrap Up

Despite the bad rap that grapes and anything concerned with grapes (like raisins, grape stems,  and grape popsicles) get due to their toxicity for pets, grape seed oil is completely harmless for dogs. 

We hope this article was able to alleviate your fears, and we thank you for reading it till the end. If you have any further questions about grapes, grape seed oil or any other food item and its toxicity to dogs, drop us a word in the comments section below.