Can Dog Eat Wax Beans?

Wax beans are packed with vitamins and minerals, which are good for our health. But what about dogs? Can dog eat wax beans?  Are they equally healthy for them? We will talk about all this in the article below.

Wax beans are edible beans and can be eaten either in cooked or raw form. They are harvested in the late spring season and early summer season. 

They are a rich source of fiber, vitamin A and C, which is quite essential for the health of our gut and heart. It’s estimated that 4oz of yellow or wax beans contains nearly 25 calories. 

Can Dog Eat Wax Beans

However, the nutritional value of wax beans decreases when the wax beans are canned or frozen. But can a dog eat wax beans? Yes, you can feed wax beans to your dog. Many veterinary doctors recommend giving wax beans instead of treats high in calories.

Wax beans will not make your dog obese. So, diabetes, constipation, and heart problems decrease if you give wax beans daily to your dog. The article discusses more dog and wax beans. So, keep on reading the article for more information.

Are Wax Beans Safe For My Dog?

There are numerous ways of rewarding your furry friend when he obeys your command or behaves well while walking with you on the road. One such reward is giving treats or his favorite snacks like biscuits. 

But giving many biscuits a day is not healthy because it contains refined flour and sugar. The ingredients in biscuits will make your dog obese, leading to diabetes, heart problems, kidney problems, and others. It can shorten the lifespan of your dog by almost two years.

Can Dog Eat Wax Beans

So, you need to think of some other possible alternatives. One good alternative is wax beans. You can give wax beans to your dog. They have immense health benefits, which can greatly improve your furry friend’s health. But always keep the wax bean simple.

Here is a very basic nutritional make up for 125g serving of wax beans

  • Calories: 44
  • Fat: 0.3g
  • Carbs: 9.9g
  • Proteins: 2.4g

As you can see, it is both low in fat and high in proteins.

Sometimes the wax beans are prepared by adding other ingredients. For instance, don’t use canned wax beans with high sodium content or wax beans fried with vegetables like onion and garlic

Moreover, don’t give your large size wax beans because they can choke somewhere or wax beans fried with unhealthy oil and many spices.

Can Dog Eat Wax Beans

Are Wax Beans Healthy For My Dog?

Wax beans are loaded with nutrients and vitamins, which include the following.

  • Protein-Protein is essential for a dog’s body because it supplies essential amino acids for building tendons, ligaments, nails, and cartilage.
  • Vitamin A -It is good for the heart and eyes of the dog
  • Vitamin C – It is good for the immune system of the dog.
  • Vitamin K- It is essential for recovering from any injury.
  • Iron – It is essential for making red blood cells.
  • Antioxidants -Helps in lowering cholesterol and reducing the pain of arthritis.

Your furry friend does not need all the above essential nutrients if he eats a completely balanced diet. But wax beans can be a good substitute for dog biscuits as they contain nutrients required for the dog’s body.

Do Wax Beans Help In Losing Weight?

It’s estimated that almost half of the dogs in the United States are overweight. Obesity can lead to multiple health problems like diabetes, cancer, and others.

Giving wax beans in place of biscuits is relatively healthy for the dog. It helps in losing weight, but you should allow your dog to do more exercise and moderation in his regular diet. Don’t allow your dog to consume high-calorie food.

Can Dog Eat Wax Beans

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Which beans are toxic to dogs?

Fava beans: Fava beans can cause vomiting, pain in the abdomen, and diarrhea in your dog.
Baked Beans: Baked beans are rich in sugar and contain onion and garlic, which is not good for your dog.
Canned Beans: Canned beans are rich in sodium and other preservatives.
Chili Beans: Chill beans contain garlic and onion, which is not safe for dogs.
Coffee Beans: Coffee beans can cause neurological problems in the dog.
Kidney Beans: The raw kidney beans contain an ingredient that can cause toxic effects on your dog.

#2. What happens if a dog eats a bean?

There are numerous varieties of beans available on the market. If I talk about wax beans or yellow beans, they are safe for the dog. They are loaded with nutrients and vitamins and can be a healthy snack for your dog. It will increase your dog’s gut health and reduce the chances of diabetes, heart problems, and others.
But if I will talk about raw kidney beans, they contain an ingredient called lectin, which is not safe for dogs and human beings. But if you cook the kidney beans, then the lectin amount reduces, and you can feed your dog.

#3. Can I feed my dog cooked beans?

You can soak the beans for five to six hours and then cook them and feed your furry friend. Your dog will easily digest it.

#4. Can my dog eat yellow string beans?

Yes, you can give yellow string beans as they are a rich source of fiber, magnesium, vitamin A, C, and K. The fiber will help your furry friend to feel full for a long time, and thus he can avoid eating unhealthy treats.

A Few Final Words

You can give wax beans to your dog. It has immense health benefits like it will help your dog lose weight and reduce the chances of dreadful diseases like diabetes, obesity, and kidney problems.

So, from now onwards, store wax beans on the shelf of your dog. But don’t give these wax beans too much to your dog; otherwise, it will have adverse effects. 

Overeating beans can lead to flatulence and bloating. Moreover, it can put a lot of stress on your dog’s digestive system, and he may have diarrhea or an upset stomach.

So, feed wax beans to your pooch in moderation to ensure he gets all the vitamins and nutrients required for his body. We thank you for reading this article and hope you like it. You might also be interested in learning about other food items dangerous for your dogs such as pig feet and cookie dough.