Can Chicken And Rice Make A Dog Constipated?

I put my dog on a chicken and rice diet after they had diarrhea. Can chicken and rice make a dog constipated? If you have a similar question, we are here to give you the answer.

Feeding your dogs home-made meals can sometimes cause serious problems in dogs as they can either be allergic to a particular food item or have a hard time digesting them. One of the most common household food items for dogs is chicken and rice. 

After giving them a chicken and rice meal, the pet parent may sometimes find that the health of your dog is going bad and make them wonder: can chicken and rice make a dog constipated? 

However, the simple answer is that chicken and rice don’t cause any health damage in dogs as long as they are fed with food made with the proper recipe and in a controlled fashion. Let’s dive into the matter and answer what may be causing constipation in your dog.

Can Chicken And Rice Make A Dog Constipated

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Can Chicken and Rice Make a Dog Constipated?

No, chicken and rice is a safe and simple meal that is often recommended for diarrhea in dogs.

Chicken and rice are very common daily household food items fed to dogs. Both chicken and rice are healthy meals for your dog and provide them with many essential nutrients and energy. We must follow a proper recipe while cooking and do not serve our dog the food items that are made for us.

Rice is a healthy food item for your dog. It is a good source of carbohydrates and energy, and in some cases, the pet guardians also feed their dog rice daily. 

Chicken is a major source of protein and energy for your dog and can be easily digested by most breeds of dogs. However, you must know what your dog is allergic to and what not. You can also seek a vet to learn about healthy food items for your dog.

How Do Chicken and Rice Make Dogs Constipated?

Your dog may be allergic to rice, or else the lack of fiber in the diet might be making them constipated.

In some cases, dogs can be allergic to rice which can cause a negative effect upon them. If you feed them excessive rice, it can cause fatal consequences. Your dog may also have been suffering from any digestive problem, which can increase their chances of constipation if they are fed chicken and rice.

Rice lacks fiber, and fiber is an essential nutrient that accelerates the digestion process and induces proper digestion. Feeding Rice to your dog in excessive amounts can slow their digestion process and delay their bowel movement. 

You don’t have to worry about their bowel movements in most cases as they don’t get delayed more than 24 hours. But if your dog happens to be missing bowel movements for more than 60 hours, then it is better to seek the advice of a vet.

It would help if you also kept in mind that you feed your dog only plain white rice. Other rice brands are harder to digest, and brown rice is harder to digest. Brown rice has a higher nutrient value, but it takes a lot more to digest inside the dog’s system, so it has a higher chance of causing constipation in your dog.

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Can Chicken And Rice Make A Dog Constipated

How Much Chicken And Rice Should You Feed Your Sick Dog?

Between 1-2 medium-sized bowls of bland chicken and rice should be enough per day.

Chicken and rice are also essential food items fed to dogs who have been suffering from diarrhea. A bland diet of chicken and rice helps your dog recover faster from diarrhea in a few days and is one of the most commonly used household treatments for dogs. Combining these two helps make the dog stool firmer and provides vital energy to make a faster recovery. 

The combination of rice and chicken should be bland with small pieces of chicken breast or other easily digesting work cut down into small pieces. It would help if you kept the diet between one medium bowl to two depending on your dog’s size and diet. We mustn’t drop their diet to a great extent as it will make it harder for them to recover.

How to Prepare Rice and Chicken for Dogs

Preparing Rice and Chickens for a dog is probably one of the easiest meals you can cook at home. 

  • You need to boil boneless chicken until it gets soft and mix it with the already cooked rice. 
  • The amount of chicken and rice should be in the ratio 1:2, ie, for every portion of chicken, you should use two portions of rice. 
  • It is better to take off the pieces of chicken that have higher fat content and feed the dogs only meaty parts.  
  • You can also use the left-over broth from the cooked chicken to cook the rice, which will make the rice much healthier and full of nutrients. 
  • You can also add a little extra dog food for different flavors but adding spices and other items are not suggested.

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Can Chicken And Rice Make A Dog Constipated

Things To Keep in Mind While Cooking Rice And Chicken For Dog:

  • Make sure you remove all the pieces of bones from the chicken piece
  • Cool down the meal before serving it
  • Use plain white rice for a faster digestion
  • Chop down the chicken pieces into small haves before serving it

What Can I Give My Dog for Constipation?

Pumpkins, canned dog food, and commercially available stool softeners.

Constipation is one of the major problems caused by overeating chicken and rice and other food items that take a longer time to digest. Constipation is a very common problem among dogs. Due to their weaker metabolism, they are more likely to get digestion issues like diarrhea and constipation when fed with human food. 

Some of the most common household items that you can feed your dog in constipation are Canned Pumpkin, Canned Dog Food, Stool Softeners, etc. 

If the constipation is happening for a day or two, then these home remedies might prove helpful, but it is better to seek the advice of a vet if the problem continues. Canned Pumpkin is by far one of the best items that you can feed your dog in case of both constipation and diarrhea, and it is highly rich in fiber and is a very popular treat too among dogs. 

Can Chicken And Rice Make A Dog Constipated

Does Rice Make Dogs Constipated?

No, but excess of plain white rice can cause obesity and diabetes in dogs.

Dogs have a very sensitive digestive system, and even with the slightest change in their diet, their metabolism can be affected exponentially. Rice is one of the most common household food items fed to dogs. 

It is a healthy item for dogs, but a different variety of rice has different nutrient values and affects your dog’s digestion. The four major types of rice are plain white Rice, Brown rice, basmati rice, and jasmine rice.

Among these, Plain white rice is the best one for your dog, and it has a high quantity of carbohydrates and starch and is one of the essential nutrients our dog needs. However, increased consumption of a carbohydrate-rich diet can cause many problems, including obesity and diabetes. 

Having rice as a part of their regular diet gives them sufficient carbohydrates and energy required for the proper functioning of their body.

Brown Rice is another popular variant of rice among humans, and although it has a higher nutrient value, it is harder to break down in a dog’s digestive system. Feeding brown rice in small amounts is not harmful, but excessive consumption can cause constipation issues in dogs, so keeping it out of their reach is better.

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What Foods Cause Constipation in Dogs?

Any diet lacking fiber, and excess of calcium through bones can cause constipation in dogs.

Constipation can be caused due to a wide range of food items, but the one thing common in them is the lack of fiber. Fiber is an essential nutrient required for proper digestion, true for both humans and dogs. 

Can Chicken And Rice Make A Dog Constipated

If your dog has an earlier digestive problem and is allergic to a certain food, keeping the fiber-rich item in their diet is better. Calcium-rich diets can also cause constipation among dogs.

There can be other reasons too that can cause constipation like improper water intake, tumors or wounds in their digestive tract, injuries, and mental health can also lead to improper digestion and other associative problems. Aging can also be the cause of constipation, and older dogs are more prone to develop digestive problems.

What Do Chicken and Rice Do to Dogs’ Poop?

They help reduce diarrhea, but in excess, they can cause constipation.

Chicken and rice have a big health benefit to your dog, but overconsumption can also cause some serious problems. If overfed in normal conditions, your dog may develop a case of constipation because rice takes a longer time to digest. 

This, in turn, can also be used as an advantage if your dog is suffering from diarrhea. Feeding them bland chicken and rice can stiff up their stool and help them recover from diarrhea.  

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A Few Final Words

Having a dog as a pet comes with a lot of responsibility, and taking proper care of their diet is surely one of them. Unlike humans, dogs tend to feed on almost everything they feel edible irrespective of their digestive system. 

Dogs feast on things like fallen hairs, toys, cat stools, and other non-digestible food items that cause many digestive issues in them.

Can Chicken And Rice Make A Dog Constipated

If you have a pet dog, too, then you must have come across the idea of feeding them chicken and rice. It is a perfectly safe and healthy food item for them, and keeping it as a regular part of their diet has a lot of health benefits. 

Chicken and rice can also be fed if your dog Is suffering from diarrhea, and it can help them make a faster recovery. You must maintain a proper recipe and amount while providing your dog rice and chicken. 

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