Can Antibiotics Make A Dog Lethargic?

If your dog is undergoing a bacterial infection, can antibiotics make a dog lethargic? We understand that you might be concerned, but it is nothing to be alarmed about. Read on to know why this happens.

Dogs are susceptible to many diseases like humans. One of the most common illnesses in your furry friend is a bacterial infection. The infection can occur in any part of the body, i.e., eye, ear, nose, lungs, and other vital organs. A veterinary doctor usually prescribes antibiotics to treat bacterial infections.

But can antibiotics make a dog lethargic? Yes, it can make your dog lethargic, and your furry friend will be less interested in eating food. But remember that your dog should continue to eat because his body needs more energy to fight against infection or repair damaged cells. Simultaneously hydrate your pet as much as possible so that he will recover faster.

Can Antibiotics Make A Dog Lethargic

But if you find that your dog is not responding or lying around in a corner quietly for a longer time, then it is better to talk to a veterinary doctor about it. The article ahead further discusses the things you need to do if your dog feels tired or lethargic after taking antibiotics. Read on to learn all about it.

Can Antibiotics Make A Dog Tired?

Yes, antibiotics can make your dog tired.

You take your pet to the veterinary doctor when you think your dog has bacterial infections. The veterinary doctor prescribes oral antibiotics for treating infections. The harmful bacteria are present in your dog because of bacterial infections, whereas beneficial bacteria are present to support the health of your canine.

But unfortunately, oral antibiotics cannot differentiate between good and harmful bacteria present in the body of your dog. This causes your dog to have an imbalance of beneficial and harmful bacteria in the gut, leading to many side effects like diarrhea, vomiting, and loss of appetite. These side effects make your dog tired and lethargic.

Moreover, your dog is fighting an illness. Your canine’s immune system is working hard to fight off the infection. So, it’s normal for your pet to feel more tired than on normal days.

What Should I Do If My Dog Feels Tired After Taking Antibiotics?

If your canine is feeling sick or tired after taking antibiotics, you can do a few things to make your dog feel better.

#1. Keep Your Canine Hydrated

One of the vital things you can do is make your dog drink plenty of water. Try to keep an eye on his water bowl and fill it with water when it is empty.

Water will help your dog in staying hydrated as well as fight infections.

#2. Maintain Clean Environment

It’s essential to maintain a clean environment for your canine. The beddings and sleeping area should be clean to reduce any additional infections.

Can Antibiotics Make A Dog Lethargic

#3.Monitor Symptoms Of Your Dog

If your dog is feeling tired after taking antibiotics, then you should monitor the symptoms or keep track of what he is doing all day. It will help you know whether your dog’s health condition is improving or getting worse.

#4. Reduce Activity

If your dog is very active after taking antibiotics, you should reduce his activity level. Too much exercise can make your dog feel more tired and takes more time to recover.

#5.Provide Nutritional Support

You should provide a high-quality diet to your canine friend when he is taking antibiotics. It will help your dog in recovering faster. 

You can give foods like probiotics or fish oil to support your dog’s immune system. A probiotic supplement will introduce good bacteria to the body of your dog. So it will help him reduce the side effects of antibiotics like tiredness and lethargy.

#6. Keep Your Canine Away From Other Canine

Try to keep your dogs inside and away from other dogs when he is taking antibiotics. It will help him in recovering faster.

Can Antibiotics Make A Dog Lethargic

Can You Vaccinate A Dog While On Antibiotics?

You should avoid giving vaccines when your dog is taking antibiotics.

If your dog is taking antibiotics, then he is unhealthy. So, if you give a shot to your unhealthy dog, its immune system may fail to provide immunity. 

You will have false security that your dog is protected from a disease, but in reality, it is not. So, it is better to wait for a few days till your friend is 100 percent healthy.

Do Antibiotics Make Dogs Sleepy?

No antibiotics do not have a tranquilizer or sedative effect on your canine friend. But your dog may feel tired after taking oral antibiotics. The tiredness can also be because of the initial illness, which requires energy to fight.

If your canine friend is tired because of antibiotics and taking more resting naps or sleeping more hours at night, it is normal and will resolve itself within a few days. But if you find your pup Is not responding to you or pacing around slowly, you should talk to the veterinary doctor about it.

Can Antibiotics Make A Dog Lethargic

Dog Threw Up Antibiotic Should I Take Another?

Talk to the vet, they might change the medication.

When your dog takes antibiotics, there are many possible side effects like vomiting, diarrhea, and others.

But if your dog threw up an antibiotic within a few hours after taking it, then you should first talk to a veterinary doctor about it. 

He will change his medication to the one that is less irritating on your dog’s stomach so that he will not vomit once again. Your veterinary doctor may prescribe an antiacid for your dog to reduce stomach acid and better tolerate the antibiotic without vomiting.

How To Get A Dog To Eat While On Antibiotics?

If your canine friend refuses to eat while taking antibiotics, you should not force him. Try to wait a few hours and offer food to your dog again. If your canine friend again refuses to eat food, then add something interesting to the food, making it more palatable. 

For instance, you can offer rice and warm broth initially. When your dog’s appetite begins to pick up, then offer him some easily digestible food like cottage cheese, strips of chicken, egg, and plain yogurt so that he will easily swallow it.

Can Antibiotics Make A Dog Lethargic

Can A Dog Get Kennel Cough Twice In A Month?

Yes, it can and there is nothing to be alarmed about.

Kennel cough is a respiratory infection in dogs. It is usually not dangerous and does not even require any treatment. But in elderly dogs and puppies, the kennel cough can be severe and may develop into pneumonia.

Your dog can catch kennel cough twice a month. The kennel cough is an airborne and highly contagious disease. The bacteria can be transmitted through toys, food and water bowls, and others.

A Few Final Words

Antibiotics are a crucial tool in fighting bacterial infections in dogs. But there are some side effects of taking antibiotics like lethargy or getting tired, stomach upset, vomiting, etc. 

However, these side effects will resolve within a few days. Unfortunately, if it lingers for more than 5-6 days, then it’s best to talk to a veterinary doctor about it.

We thank you for reading the article, and hopefully, the information provided here was able to resolve all your queries about your dogs’ laziness after taking an antibiotic. If you have more questions, please write to us in the comments and we will be happy to help as quickly as we can.

Bacterial infections are not the only problem that you face with your pup. Lice, ticks, and injuries are other common problems that you might have to deal with. Do read our guides on using Frontline and Bactine