Can A Puppy Break Its Nose? What To Do If A Puppy’s Nose Is Broken?

Can a puppy break its nose? Sadly yes, and in fact, it is quite common. Read on to know what to do if it happens to your pup.

Anyone who loves dogs would never want anything to ever happen with them, especially if it’s a puppy. But even if you are careful with your puppy, injuries can happen to anyone, just like we humans. 

Can a dog get a broken nose?” the answer is yes. Puppies can break their nose, and it is sadly the most common thing to happen to any dog. 

Can A Puppy Break Its Nose

Dogs may break their nose if they get stuck in a car or fall down. However, some older dogs or puppies may be prone to breaking their nose while just playing around as well. Puppies can even break their nose if they get hit by humans or if they are accidentally stepped on.

Let’s further look at what we can do when a puppy breaks its nose. This article will help you to prepare yourself if, by chance, your dog breaks its bones and knows how to respond to it.

Signs Your Puppy’s Nose Needs Attention

If you know what your puppy’s healthy nose looks like, you will be able to find if there is anything wrong with its nose. Let’s looks at sure signs where your puppy needs attention,

#1 Why does your dog have bumps near the nose?

Do you find something raised near your dog’s nose? It may be a tumor. In most dogs, cancer develops in the upper jaw. It is mainly in the mouth and under the nose area. This causes the outer part to swell. If your puppy or dog has a very light-colored nose and is often out in the sun, it may be at high risk of getting that lump.

Can A Puppy Break Its Nose

#2 Why is your dog’s nose breaking?

If you find your dog’s nose cracked or dry, it may be due to some allergy, dehydration, sunburn, or even due to sleeping too much. There may be some other health issues as well, like nasal hyperkeratosis.

#3 Why is your dog’s nose bleeding?

If you find your dog’s nose bleeding, it may have developed a tumor inside, have a bacterial infection, or may even have a blood clot. You can wipe away the blood and if the cut is significant, take your dog to a vet.

#4 Why is my dog’s nose color changing?

It is very common for a dog’s nose to change a bit. This color change may be due to using plates for feeding made of plastic or can even occur naturally during winters. Sometimes, a change in nose color may be related to immune system disorder in your dog. It is better to go to a vet and get it checked properly.

#5 Why is your dog rubbing his nose frequently?

If you find your dog rubbing his nose frequently against any furniture or making some noise while breathing, there may be some object or mass stuck inside its nose. It may also itch due to some allergies or skin disorders. You may find their nose red.

Can A Puppy Break Its Nose

What Do You Do if Your Dog’s Nose Is Broken?

Stay Calm

When your puppy breaks its nose, he may be scared and in pain. You may get scared too. But you need to remain calm and handle it well until you take your dog to a vet and get him treated.

Your dog may have an internal nose break.

Sometimes, the bones break internally and do not break the skin. If you see your dog crying out in pain when you touch him, or if there is some swelling near his nose, it may have hurt its nose somewhere.

Take your dog to some safe place.

So first, take your dog to some safe place where he is comfortable. Know that it may be in pain and maybe wanting to bite. Your puppy may also be scared due to the injury and pain it may be causing. You will have to be very careful when you take him anywhere.

Can A Puppy Break Its Nose

Get An Appointment With The Vet Immediately.

If your puppy’s nose is broken, he will need to be treated by a vet right away. Take your dog to the clinic very carefully, or else request the vet to come to your place.

Note down all the possibilities you can remember about the cause of a broken nose. Did your puppy or your dog fall somewhere? Did he get stuck in a vehicle or something?

Don’t try to be a vet yourself.

Please do not try to apply anything on your dog and put any cream or ointment by yourself. Let your vet handle the situation. If you do something, your dog may get aggressive and may even try to bite you.

If you see your puppy bleeding continuously, cover it up carefully with a clean cloth or shirt. You can apply some pressure to stop the bleeding from the nose. Some dogs may need to be covered up. They may bite you due to pain or injury.

Can A Puppy Break Its Nose

Get someone along to take your dog to the vet.

If possible, you may take someone along with your dog, which may help you on the way to the veterinary doctor. Try to keep your dog warm all the way and keep the nose raised as much as possible.

What Will the Vet Do?

The veterinary doctor will look at your puppy’s injuries. He may give you suggestions about what can be done. He may suggest you either repair or set the bone. If there is any severe case, you may even have to do some surgery.

But firstly, your vet will need x-rays of the broken nose to see how deeply it has been hurt and the extent of the fracture. They may even have to soothe them or give any pain control medicine to get it done.

Your vet may give him some medicines, pain control, or antibiotics. It will help in the healing process and prevent further infections.

Recovery Time

After your puppy’s nose has been repaired, it will take a lot of time to recover fully. Your puppy may need some physical therapy to get back to normal life. 

You will have to take care of your dog and not make him run, jump or play around until it has fully recovered. However, make him exercise and take a walk regularly, as your vet may have suggested.

Your doctor may suggest you apply ice packs on the dog’s nose and give them a gentle massage. Make sure to do all the things your vet may have told you to do. But if he did not ask you to do anything, let it heal on its own. It may take a few months for your dog’s nose to fully recover. 

A Broken Nose Can Be Fixed if You Stay Calm and Follow Your Vet’s Instructions

A puppy may break its nose even if you are very careful with them. It may get hit by a vehicle or get its nose stuck somewhere while just playing around. So when your puppy breaks its nose, you may find it difficult to handle the situation and stay calm. 

Can A Puppy Break Its Nose

But if a broken bone is the issue, you will have to take him to a veterinary doctor and get a thorough check-up done. You will have to follow all the instructions given by your dog and help him recover completely. 

You may have to give your dog some medicines timely and help your dog manage the pain. Follow up with the vet until your dog is recovered completely.

With the above information, you will be well prepared and know what to do if, by any chance, your puppy breaks its nose.