Can A Dog Produce Milk For A Kitten?

If you recently brought home a homeless kitten who was hungry, your lactating dog might consider it as her pup and start producing milk for her. However, it may not be such a good idea to feed the kitten this milk.

Nature is amazing and motherhood can create miracles that we might have never imagined. For example, you might have heard of cases where a female dog started to produce milk for a litter of kittens when their mother was not with them. 

While a dog can produce milk when it is pregnant or once it has given birth to puppies if a poor kitten without a mother needs milk in an emergency, it is conceivable to give her a lactating dog’s milk. 

Can A Dog Produce Milk For A Kitten

However, while a dog can produce milk for a kitten, it is not safe for a kitten to feed on a dog’s milk regularly. Secondly, there can be several other underlying causes for a dog producing milk when it doesn’t have puppies. Read this article to know about why this happens, and what is best for the kittens and the dog.

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Can A Dog Drink Cat Milk?

Yes, but only in an emergency. 

It is not safe for a dog to drink cat milk or a cat to drink dog milk as the milk that either species needs have different components from each other. 

Cat’s milk has lower fat and higher lactose content than a dog’s milk. Often puppies who get separated from their mother and live along with a cat who has kittens of her own might start drinking her milk, but this is not a great idea.

While a dog drinking a little bit of cat milk may not cause any significant harm, it is not advisable as the composition of a cat’s milk is different from a dog’s milk. 

A cat’s milk has a higher lactose percentage than dog’s milk, which a puppy may not be able to digest, and it can result in the puppy having bloating and diarrhea. The condition might even worsen if left untreated and can result in death.

Also, even if a dog feeds on a cat’s milk, the nutrients won’t be enough for them to develop. For more understanding you can go through this table:

Milk in different Species (%age composition)


Source: Milk in different species (

Can A Dog Produce Milk For A Kitten?

Yes, a dog can produce milk for a kitten. Whether it’s good for them is another matter.

We shared an example in the beginning of the article itself. Female dogs have a strong maternal instinct, and once they get attached to a kitten, they can start producing milk for them.

There are several instances of female dogs acting as surrogate mothers for kittens who get separated from their mothers. If kittens under the care of a female dog start nursing the dog, then she can start producing milk for them. 

There can be other possible reasons why a dog is producing milk for a kitten.

  • The dog might be pregnant and lactating.
  • The dog may be having symptoms of a false pregnancy.
  • The dog might be suffering from hypothyroidism.
  • In the most severe case, the dog might be suffering from a mammary gland tumor. 

In the last two cases, timely medical attention can help your dog. If your dog suddenly starts producing milk, then it’s best to get them checked out by a vet.

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Can A Dog Produce Milk For A Kitten

Can You Cut The Hair Off A Dogs Willy

Yes, you can cut the hair off a dog’s genital area. 

Genital areas in dogs can accumulate dirt and combine it with urine. It can lead to infections. The problem is even more severe in long-haired dogs. 

If you learn how to cut hairs from around a dog’s genital areas, you can keep it clean, free from the risk of any infections, and you can save a lot of money from the grooming session. 

While cleaning hair off a dog’s genital area may feel gross to some people, it can help keep your dog safe from any urinary tract infections.

Can You Put A Tampon In A Dog

There are no tampons made specifically for dogs. You can use DIY solutions.

You can use one available for humans in your dogs. If your female dog is going through her menstrual cycle, using a tampon might be a good solution. 

However, unless your female dog has given birth before, there is less chance that you will be able to put it inside her, and even if you did, your dog won’t be too happy about it and will pull it out.

Instead of using tampons, you can try menstrual diapers for your female dogs in heat. A pair of men’s underwear with menstrual pads worn backward so that their tail comes out the frontal opening also works fine.

Can A Dog Produce Milk For A Kitten

What Happens If A Dog Eats Insulation?

Insulation is not something a dog should ever eat. 

Dogs sometimes like to chew on things, and they can accidentally eat insulations used in your home. If your dog accidentally eats insulation, that can lead to serious health issues like choking or suffocation due to the piece getting stuck into their throat, indigestion, bloating, bleeding in internal organs, and sometimes even death.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a dog stimulate a kitten?

Yes, a dog can stimulate a kitten. 

Dogs living with cats and kittens from the start can develop a bond with them and care for them. Also, female dogs have a natural maternal instinct to care for kittens.

Why does my dog nurse my cat?

Dogs are very maternal, so they might consider the kitten as part of their litter.

Female dogs have maternal instincts, making them protect and care for a kitten like their own. Your dog nurses your cat because your dog might be having symptoms of a false pregnancy. Other times a female dog will nurse a kitten that lost its mother so that it can survive.

Why is my kitten trying to nurse from my dog?

If your kitten has lost its mother or was taken away from its mother, then it can develop a bond with your dog. 

Most of the time, a kitten tries to nurse from a dog because it considers the dog to be its mother. Another possible reason is that if your kitten feels anxious or stressed, it can also try to nurse your dog as a replacement behavior.

If your kitten is trying to nurse from your dog and your dog doesn’t object to it, then there is no problem with it. However, if you feel that the nursing is happening excessively and your dog has infections along with its nipples, you should intervene and stop this behavior.

Why is my dog licking my new kitten?

Licking is a way to explore the world and show affection in dogs.

Licking is a way for an animal to show its affection. If your dog licks your new kitten, it shows their affection towards the kitten. Also, licking in female dogs is related to their maternal instincts. They like to lick their puppies to mark them with their scent. That is another possible reason for your dog lucking your new kitten.

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Final Words

Female dogs have strong maternal instincts, and if a kitten starts nursing them, they can produce milk for them. Dogs can develop bonding with the kittens and consider them as their offspring, which results in them producing milk. 

It is not necessarily a bad thing, and unless your dog shows some severe signs of discomfort or infections along with its nipples, you don’t have to worry about it.

Thank you for reading thus far do write your comments and questions in the comment box below. Also, read more articles such as Do Dogs Get Diarrhea When Pregnant and Can My Pet Dog Get Pregnant After Giving Birth? Do read them to learn more about your female dog and her pregnancy.