Can A Dog Have Two Masters?

If you give your dog away, will he still remember you as a master? Can a dog have two masters? Do dogs remember their foster parents when rehomed? Do female dogs remember their pups who were taken away? Let’s try to answer all such questions.

Dogs are very loyal pets. Their love and care for their masters is amazing. We always wondered whether dogs could have multiple dog owners. 

It is a subjective topic as everyone has a unique way of thinking. Some people say that dogs can indeed love and think of two different people as their favorites. Others do not share the same opinion. 

In this article, you will explore in-depth the pros and cons of having multiple owners. Stay tuned to explore more about it in this blog.

Can A Dog Have Two Masters

Can A Dog Have Multiple Owners? 

Yes, dogs can love more than one parent and consider them both equally their masters. In fact, there are several advantages to this.

Here are a few advantages if your dog considers both you and your partner or friend as a master.

Things can be managed on time

One dog owner can save a huge amount of time without completely dedicating several hours for just one dog. While one owner takes care of the dog, the other can manage other priorities.

 If you take your dog for the two walking sessions, feed him food, and spend time with the dog, you will have for yourself a minimum of 3 to 4 hours.

Instead of this, you can distribute the work of feeding grooming sessions with another dog owner as per your work schedule. This will reduce the burden of one owner, and both of you can easily manage things on time.

Reducing the burden of responsibilities

If there are multiple owners or at least multiple people in a family taking care of one dog. In that case, one member does not need to bear all the responsibilities of a dog, like spending time with grooming, feeding, and other essential requirements of the dog. 

You cannot look at your dog when you are at work. So, sharing responsibilities can be good as it can reduce your tension and relax you simultaneously.

Can A Dog Have Two Masters

Things can be controlled in any circumstances

If a dog has one owner, there is always a danger if the owner has an aggressive personality. It may happen that the owner cannot handle the situation peacefully. If the dog has multiple owners, the dog can be effortlessly controlled in any unexpected circumstances.

Dog won’t get bored and sad

If a dog has multiple owners or is bonded with multiple people, they can have an excellent time together with the family members. 

Often, when one owner is busy or cannot devote proper time to the dog, he turns sad and lonely. But because of the multiple owners, dogs can have a good time with the owners by playing games and going on long walk sessions. 

It saves money

When a dog has multiple owners, someone can always take care of the dog. It won’t matter if one person is out for work. This means that there is no need to pay for the doggy daycares, pet sitters, and hire dog walkers. Thus this is known to be cost-efficient.

You can save some time for yourself

Everybody loves to spend time with their friends. It is a fact that all of us should agree that everybody is busy in their lives at some point. However, due to the busy lifestyle, you can relax as there is someone else to take vital responsibilities of the dog. 

Would Having Multiple Owners Create Problems?

If your dog considers multiple people as its owner or parent, it can be confusing for him, especially if there is a conflict. Read on to understand the problems.

Can A Dog Have Two Masters

One owner can have a better bond 

If the dog has a behavior that it likes to be around one person, then it can be challenging for two dog owners to form a strong bond with the dog. So, the other family members will not fulfill all the requirements and will wait for the dog owner to return home. 

It becomes difficult to address the preferences of the dog

Every animal has certain likes and dislikes. These preferences may vary depending upon multiple elements. So if one dog owner spends most of the time with the dog daily, then it becomes difficult for the other to be aware of the likes and dislikes of the dog. 

Thus, due to this, the other dog owner won’t be able to understand the behavior and address all the dog’s preferences. 

If the dog is allergic to a particular food, you can inform other dog owners or family members about it. But, certain things and instincts cannot be explained to others because you have gained them by being close and spending time with your little dog. 

For instance, identifying that your dog is sad about something through his facial expressions. But this can be changed over time, and even another owner can develop a good bond with the dog.

Can A Dog Have Two Masters


A dog trained by multiple dog owners may get confused due to the different behaviors and training methods. For example, if you want your dog to sit on the floor, you might be using sit as the command; however, the other member might say ‘down.’ This might confuse the dog, and they may always stay confused. 

It seems to be a small thing for the family members and humans; however, it may vary for the dog. The one owner may appreciate and show some extra love, and another may act neutral. Even if the family members train in the same procedure, the approach may vary when it comes to training sessions. 

How Do You Know Who The Master Of The Dog Is? 

Dogs are very smart creatures, and they always pay attention to small details of their masters. Here is the behavior of the dogs through which you can understand who the master of the dog is.

Dogs can understand when their parents are angry

Dogs can easily understand the body language of their parents when they are angry or upset. Dogs will always give hopeful expressions and hope that things will change.

They understand when you are frightened

Almost every dog can easily sense when its owners feel stressed and afraid about something. Your dog can easily understand your expressions and body language if you are frightened. Thus they may try to protect you depending upon how frightened you are.

Can A Dog Have Two Masters

They can sense when you are sad or depressed

Have you ever gone through a moment when you are very sad and depressed, and your dog starts playing and cuddling with you? 

This is because they can understand that something is going wrong with you. Dogs try to support true bad times, and their unconditional love for their owners is incredible.

Can Dogs Remember Their Older Homes And Parents?

Rehoming and fostering are two of the most humane ways to adopt strays and unwanted dogs. But does this frequent change of homes cause emotional problems and confusion for the dog? Let’s look at some of the questions that crop up in one’s mind.

Do dogs remember previous owners? 

Yes, sometimes they do, if they have strong positive or negative associations with them.

Dogs do not easily forget their previous owners when the new owners adopt them. The more time they spend with someone, the more they get attached to the person. Some dogs become a bit anxious when they are suddenly taken away from their first owner.

Do dogs get sad when rehomed? 

Sometimes yes, especially if they had a strong bond with previous 

Dogs turn out to be sad and depressed when they are rehomed. When they are rehomed, they can turn out to be extremely sad and disheartened. You will notice that the dog is not interested in anything and is not energetic all the time. 

Can A Dog Have Two Masters

Do dogs know they have two owners?

Typically no, they prefer to get attached to one person. But they can love both their mum and dad.

Dogs usually do not understand that they have two owners. They get attached to the person they spend more time with. They usually follow the commands and training of the person they spend most of their time with. If you are the one who takes the dog for long walks or training sessions, they are more likely to consider you as the master. 

Do Female Dogs Remember Their Pups Who Were Taken Away, And Vice Versa?

While dogs may or may not remember their masters, do mothers not feel sad when their pups are taken away? Let’s find out.

Do dogs get sad when you give their puppies away? 

The dam does not actually have the patience to be sad during weaning. 

No, they do not feel sad when their puppies are given away; they do not want to know when weaning. The female dog gets irritated during this process.

Will a puppy remember its mother?

No, they are usually taken away too early to remember their mother or siblings

Most of the puppies spend their early days or months with their siblings and mother. They tend to remember their siblings and mother until they are young; however, as time passes, they tend to forget old things. If they spend time with new people, then they turn out to be faithful to their new family members. 

Can A Dog Have Two Masters

What is the most clingy dog breed? 

The Vizsla is known to be notoriously clingy.

Vizsla is known to be a dog breed which is known to be one of the most clingy dog breeds. It is a velcro dog that comes from the Hungarian breed. The second breed of the clingy dog is the labrador retriever.

A Few Final Words

There are multiple pros and cons of having 2 masters for a dog as well as yourself. Hence if you are planning to have one dog in between 2 people then you must consider both aspects of it.

There are always some questions we think about. One of them is can dogs be attached and love their dog owners equally. We have shared the merits and demerits of having two dog owners. 

Dogs are emotional creatures; however, they don’t forget their masters immediately. They don’t forget their siblings and parents suddenly. However, they consider the new people to be their family. 

Thank you for reading, we hope you got the answer you were looking for. You might also read about getting a new puppy or giving one away.