Can A Black Puppy Change Colour? Is It Natural For Them To Lose Colour?

Many first time dog owners ask us: can a black puppy change colour? The answer is yes, but not all reasons for this change are benign. Read on to know more.

Most full-grown dogs differ not only in size but also in color or texture. Sometimes you may not recognize a full-grown dog from when it was a puppy due to its completely different shade of color. According to experts, two light-colored dogs can even breed a black-colored puppy.

So, you need not worry if you notice your black puppy is changing color with time. Generally, puppies come with a different texture than adult dogs. Numerous factors may determine the color of the dogs. 

We will discuss the reasons, preventions, and other factors here. Please go through to get detailed information about your color-changing black puppy.

Can A Black Puppy Change Colour

Reasons for A Black Puppy Changing Its Fur

There are numerous reasons why the fur color of a puppy may change with age. Most of them are harmless. 


When a little puppy grows, it will change its coat and texture. Even a black puppy may start changing its color. You will notice these changes when your little black dog has become 8-12 months old.

In this time, you will find your dear one shedding the puppy coat and developing an adult texture. Some breeds, including- Proode and Labrador, usually change color as soon as they grow old. 

According to the dog experts, it is not the skin issues, but shedding is the reason to make the color change of your black puppy.

Can A Black Puppy Change Colour

Agouti Coat

Most wild animals, including dogs, wolves, rabbits, and mice, have agouti color. This is also known as ‘wild-type coat. In this pattern, the hair starts with black and changes the color gradually to yellow and grey.

Each strand of hair displays multiple colors, causing the overall appearance to become greyish or brownish.


Seasons also play a vital role in changing the color of your dog. Those who would like to have natural highlights in their dog should spend quality time in the sun. ItIs because the sunlight will bleach your puppy’s natural fur color.

Even if your full-grown dog stays a long time in the sun, it will also lose its color. It is also true that some dogs become dark in winter and light in Summer.


Generally, a dog has a different undercoat color than its topcoat. It is true you cannot notice the undercoat color of your dog. 

But, when your dog starts shedding, the undercoat color will automatically appear.

You may misunderstand this as your black puppy changing its color, but it is usually only temporary.

Can A Black Puppy Change Colour


If your little puppy or dog gets somehow injured, you may find the injured portion to be lighter than the rest of the body parts. According to medical science, dogs also have melanin in their skin, just like we do. 

Naturally, as soon as the injury gets healed, the skin starts to produce more melanin. This accumulated melanin will make the skin darker than before.

Loss of Color

Your puppy can change color completely or partially. Mostly, it loses the color of the nose, lips, and face. Sometimes this change of color happens temporarily, sometimes permanently. 

It is the melanocyte that usually changes the dog’s color. When this melanocyte stops functioning due to viruses, genetic disorders, or other anonymous causes, the loss of color happens.

Can A Black Puppy Change Colour


Those who often shave their dog’s coat may notice the color changes when they grow back. This newly grown hair is soft and light in the shade. Therefore, these changes of color may frequently happen if you shave your dog frequently.

Medical Causes

There are several reasons for your dog changing colors. According to the dog medical experts, some diseases, like- Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, can change the color. This color change happens due to hormonal changes also.

In some cases, when female dogs develop sexual maturity, they might also change color.


Sometimes, stress can also lead to extreme hair shedding of your pet dog. This hair shedding will unravel the undercoat of the dog. There are several reasons that make your dog feel stressed.

Most importantly, if your dog’s stress levels go down, it can get back to the normal color again.


Allergies can also discolor your dog. Generally, if your dog has skin diseases or allergies, it will start licking the spot. This will lead to a natural stain on your dog’s skin. Moreover, allergies can make your dog’s skin reddish in color.

Can A Black Puppy Change Colour

Nutritional Deficiencies

Last but not least, nutritional deficiencies also change the color of your dog. Like humans, dogs also require a good amount of protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals. 

Naturally, if your pet lacks these nutrients in its meal, he/she might start losing the hair or fur texture. Therefore, you should try to feed a balanced diet to your pet friendly also. 

How to Prevent A Black Puppy from Changing Colour

There are some ways that you can follow to prevent your puppy from changing color-

Nutritional Prevention

Proper and balanced nutrition plays a crucial role in making your dog well-coated and healthy. Beginners may not know the exact healthy diet of their dog. Even the most expensive kibble may fail to meet the right nutritional balance.

It would be better if you research the ingredients well before you choose the food for your dog. It will help to improve the overall health of your dog. 

Copper, Zinc, and amino acids are very important for your furry friend. 

On the other hand, eggs and almonds are also very important. They contain Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, which not only improve the immune system but also make your dog’s skin shiny and well-textured.

Can A Black Puppy Change Colour

Health Monitoring

Health monitoring is essential. You should always consult a veterinarian as soon as you notice redness, skin irritation, or allergies in your pet friend. Sometimes, some medication side effects can make the color change.

Therefore, only a veterinarian will better understand this situation and help your dog to overcome this crisis.

Sun Bleach Management

If your dog loves playing in your outside lounge or garden yard all day, certain color changes will develop over time. You should manage the amount of time that the dog spends outside to safeguard your black pet from these issues.

You can use color-protect shampoos and conditioners to protect your dog from this situation. They can protect your dog from harmful UV rays. But always consult your veterinarian before you use a particular brand for your black pet friend.

Things You Can Do when Black Puppy is Changing Colour

Get An Appointment With Your Vet

If your dog develops some medication allergies, you should make an appointment with a veterinarian as soon as possible. If you see any behavioral and physical changes, you should consult a vet to safeguard your black pet.

Can A Black Puppy Change Colour

Nutritional Deficiencies

There are numerous dog foods available in the market. You should choose dog food very carefully to avoid such nutritional deficiencies. Some dogs come with pre-birth deficiencies. The nutritional demand of both the puppy and the dog differs from one to the other.

Therefore, you should consult a veterinarian to get a good suggestion. He can suggest some healthy food for your dog. Sometimes, they suggest a well-balanced diet to protect your black friend from nutritional deficiencies. 

If you give a proper diet to your dog, skin issues or color changes may decrease very frequently.


Stress is another reason to make the changes to your black dog’s fur. First, you should find out the reason for your pet friend’s stress. 

When you find out, try to minimize it. You can take your dog out in the early morning to spend quality time with him or play ball or fetch with them to show them that you love them. If your pet is new in your home, give him some space to get relaxed.

Frequently Asked Questions: Can A Black Puppy Change Colour

Can black puppies change color?

Many black puppies change color. Usually, the puppies come in different color shades than the adult dogs. Numerous factors affect a dog’s changing color, including- medication side effects, allergies, nutritional deficiencies, stress, and many others. You can consult a vet to get a proper suggestion.

Can A Black Puppy Change Colour

Do black puppies turn grey?

Like human beings, black dogs also turn grey due to the natural aging process. Dogs also stop producing melanins with age. Aging will result in your black dog becoming grey or lighter in the shade than before.

Can a puppy’s coat change color?

When the puppies shed their first coat, they may change their color. You can brush your puppy well to reduce the hair from your house. When your puppy sheds the first coat, if you notice any spot or allergies or readiness, consult a vet as soon as possible.

Can a black dog turn brown?

If your black dog spends too many hours in sunlight, it can become red due to suntan. The dead hairs become red or brown with time. On the other hand, dogs can be back to their color in the winter due to the low heat of sunlight.

Can A Black Puppy Change Colour

Can A Black Puppy Change Color? Yes, And It’s Nothing To Worry About

It is very common with most black puppies to change color with maturity. It happens due to the natural aging process. Also, you should feed your dog well and spend quality time with your pet to prevent this color-changing process.

Never forget to consult your veterinarian if you find any unusual occurrences in your pet.