Can A 2 Month Old Puppy Have Rabies? What Should You Do If A Puppy Bit You?

Can a 2 month old puppy have Rabies? Unfortunately, yes, and in this article, we will help you understand both the risk and prevention of rabies.

Rabies is a virus that attacks the brain and spinal cord of mammals like dogs and human beings. This virus is secreted in the saliva and usually passes when an infected animal bites your dog. 

The bite breaks the skin, and the virus enters the bloodstream and finally reaches the central nervous system. The Rabies virus may also enter when the open wound of your dog comes in contact with the saliva of an infected animal or by licking. A dog can quickly spread this disease in the dog’s population as well as to human beings.

Can A 2 Month Old Puppy Have Rabies

You may leave your dog for their daily exercise in the park. It is possible that the dog may come in contacts with rabid animals like bats, raccoons, and foxes, which can cause rabies. 

This disease is curable only if your dog has taken rabies vaccination at the proper time. This article discusses rabies disease in puppies and its symptoms, which will help you know about this disease and prevent it by taking corrective action.

Can a 2 Month Old Puppy Have Rabies? 

Yes, if an infected rabid animal has attacked your puppy, then your little one may get rabies.

Can A 1 Month Old Puppy Have Rabies?

Yes, even a one-month-old puppy can have a rabies virus infection if an infected animal bites it. The virus can also be inherited from the mother dog if she has not taken the rabies vaccine in her lifetime.

Can A 2 Month Old Puppy Have Rabies

Well, you cannot give a rabies vaccine so early to prevent the rabies virus so, if you have an infected puppy at home, it’s best to keep the puppy isolated till it has taken the rabies vaccine.

Can A 3-Month-Old Puppy Have Rabies?

Yes, if a three-month-old puppy is bitten or scratched by a rabid animal, that puppy will suffer from rabies disease. In the United States, all dogs above 14 weeks of age should be given a vaccine and then another dose at one year of age.

Symptoms Of Rabies In A Puppy

The virus stays in the body of the puppy for many weeks before the symptoms are noticeable. Puppies usually show signs after 21 to 80 days of exposure to the rabies virus. 

Once the symptoms are noticeable, the disease is hard to treat. So as soon as an infected animal bites your puppy, you should visit a veterinary doctor.

Can A 2 Month Old Puppy Have Rabies

There are various symptoms of rabies that you can observe in your puppies. I have described them below.

#1 Lethargy

If your puppy is getting tired or lowers the energy level soon, this could be a sign of rabies disease.

#2 Fever

If your puppy suffers from the rabies virus, his body will have a high temperature, and the temperature does not reduce after taking pills.

#3 Vomiting

If your dog vomits a lot, then that could be a sign of rabies virus infection. So contact your veterinary doctor immediately.

#4 Excessive Drooling

If you observe continuous foaming on the mouth of your puppy, then that could be a sign of rabies virus infection. Rabies-infected puppies cannot swallow properly. It’s tough for a puppy to control the muscles, especially the head and throat, making swallowing tricky.

Can A 2 Month Old Puppy Have Rabies

Therefore the puppy may start drooling the excess saliva. If your puppy is in the final stage of rabies, you may even observe paralysis or seizures.

#5. Sensitivity

If your puppy is highly sensitive to light, touch, and sound, that could be a sign of rabies virus infection. It’s easy to observe photophobia in puppies but challenging to detect their sensation to touch and hear.

#6. Odd Behaviour

The puppies infected with the rabies virus show changes in their behavior, like becoming aggressive or restless. The puppy, who was friendly before, becomes irritated, and dogs that are usually friendly and excited become docile. 

Can A 2 Month Old Puppy Have Rabies

Your puppy can even bite other animals, including human beings. You will observe that your puppy will constantly lick the portion which an infected animal bites.

#7. Abnormal Vocalization

Your puppy will not be able to bark or don’t produce any sound if infected by the rabies virus.

#8. Breathing Problem

Some puppies cannot take fresh air properly, which can lead to death within a few days.

How Is Rabies Diagnosed And Treated?

The veterinary doctor cannot diagnose the rabies virus by simply taking a blood sample of your puppy. To be hundred percent sure, the veterinary doctor needs a biopsy of the brain tissue, but obviously, you cannot do this while the puppy is still alive.

So once the symptoms are noticeable, it’s hard to treat this disease. Most of the puppies die within ten days after infection. 

Can A 2 Month Old Puppy Have Rabies

But if you take your puppy to the doctor immediately after an infected animal bites him, then he may give a booster rabies vaccine to lessen the chance of transmitting the virus.

How Does A Human Being Can Catch Rabies?

A rabid puppy can transmit the virus by biting or scratching human beings. Again, if you have a wound and the saliva of your puppy comes in contact with the wound, you may suffer from rabies. But this disease is not transmitted from person to person. 

The virus spreads quickly from the bloodstream to the brain, and once it reaches the brain, the virus multiplies very fast, which causes inflammation of the brain and spinal cord. 

Finally, your health deteriorates, and you may suffer from anxiety, confusion, hallucination, partial paralysis, salivation, and difficulty in swallowing. If not treated early, it may cause heart or lung failure and finally death. Nearly 59000 people die due to rabies every year

I will advise you to immediately consult your physician if a puppy bites you in your neck or head. Also, you should vaccinate your puppy at the proper time. However, every bite of a puppy does not cause rabies disease. 

Can A 2 Month Old Puppy Have Rabies

Puppies explore the world with their teeth. They go through the teething process for two to three months. So, they try to bite everything. They play with their siblings with their teeth. 

Sometimes they bite just because they are scared or anxious. So you must train them patiently and properly to weed out this habit when they are growing up.

A Puppy Bit You. What Should You Do Next?

If a puppy bites you, then you should immediately wash the wound with soap and water. I think this is the best way to reduce the rabies virus infection.

Then consult your doctor immediately. The doctor will treat the wound and do various tests to check for rabies virus and other antibodies. He may take the sample of your blood and saliva for testing.

If the doctor detects the rabies virus in your test, he begins the treatment by giving the rabies vaccine. The rabies vaccine is safe if you take it at the right time. Even a pregnant lady can take the rabies vaccine. It is safe for both mother and baby.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Can a two-month-old puppy cause rabies?

Yes, a two-month-old puppy can cause rabies, but only if infected by a rabid animal. Again, a puppy can get an infection of rabies virus from the mother dog who has not taken a vaccine in her lifetime. In that case, if that puppy bites you, then you suffer from rabies disease.

#2. What happens if a two-month-old puppy bites?

It’s normal for a puppy to bite everything starting from a toy to a human being. So if a two-month-old puppy bites you, then it may or may not cause rabies disease. If a rabid animal bites the puppy, then it may infect the virus to any person.

Can A 2 Month Old Puppy Have Rabies

#3. Can you get rabies from a puppy bite?

Yes, you can get rabies disease from a puppy bite. If the puppy receives infection from an infected animal, it will cause rabies to other animals or human beings. So vaccination at the correct time is quite important for a puppy.

#4. How do I know if my puppy has rabies?

If your puppy is infected with the rabies virus, you will first notice changes in its behavior. The friendly puppies will become irritable. Again you will see other changes like they have difficulty in swallowing or digestion. Your puppy will vomit a lot and have a high fever. They usually die within seven to ten days of infection.

Rabies Is Preventable With Vaccination At The Right Time

The best way to prevent rabies in puppies is to give the vaccine at the correct time. In fact, in many states, it’s the law to give your dog a rabies vaccine. Vaccination not only protects your pet but also prevents other animals and human beings from deadly diseases. You can also avoid your pet coming in contact with wild animals.

Can A 2 Month Old Puppy Have Rabies

I hope this article has helped you in knowing about rabies disease and its prevention. Please do share your suggestions for this article. I would love to read your suggestions in the comment section.