Best Way To Surprise Someone With A Puppy

Looking to gift a puppy? Read this article for some excellent suggestions and select the best way to surprise someone with a puppy

Most people love surprises and cute little puppies. When you combine both of them, it becomes the best gift ever. Gifting a puppy to your friends or near and dear ones is a symbol of trust and love. 

There are many different ways to surprise someone with a puppy. But you should invest time and find a unique way to present a puppy gift to your loved ones. They will indeed love to remember the first instant that they met their pawed friend!

Best Way To Surprise Someone With A Puppy

Holidays, festivals, or birthdays are good events to surprise someone, but you can give a puppy gift any day of the year. In this article, I will discuss with you the best way to surprise someone with a puppy. Pick any of the ideas below and create an event to remember!

Best Way To Surprise Someone With A Puppy

#1. Build Tension

There will be various occasions when your friend or family member wants to buy a puppy from the pet store. If they want to buy, then deny them by saying that it’s not the right time to buy a puppy. 

But secretly inform the pet seller that you want to surprise your friend and collect their favorite puppy at Christmas or on your friend’s birthday. 

It may build tension in your friend’s mind, but when you surprise the desired puppy on a special occasion, their joy would indeed be doubled!

#2. Puppy In A Box

Puppy in a box is one of the best and oldest ways to surprise someone on events like birthdays, anniversaries, bar mitzvah, and so on. It’s a bit difficult to keep the puppy silent inside the present box, but your surprise can work well if you choose the right timing when the pup is asleep. 

You can wrap the box with colorful gift paper and place a bow on top of it. Again, to avoid making the puppy irritated, try to arrange a bit of food inside the box. 

Best Way To Surprise Someone With A Puppy

Provide proper ventilation so that the puppy will not feel suffocated. Open the surprise within a few minutes to avoid discomfort to the puppy. Again the puppy may need to pee, and a soaked present box can ruin your surprise. Line the box with a pee pad and try to get the surprise open as quickly as possible.

You can make Christmas and secret Santa’s really special in this way. Put a small Santa cap on the puppy, which is undoubtedly going to melt everyone’s heart!

#3. Surprise Home Visit

You need to visit the home of your friend or relatives on a normal day and wait till everyone gathers at a place at the same time. Then enjoy a group meal with them. 

But while having your meals inform any of your friends to allow the puppy to get inside the house. The sudden purring noise of the puppy will surprise everyone. Some are sure to enquire, while others will leave their seat to cuddle the little one. After a few minutes, you introduce the puppy to the group. 

The puppy will indeed become the star of your dinner party. This idea is the best way to surprise a kid with a puppy. Don’t tell the kids at the beginning. Just tell them that you are going to return the puppy to the neighbor. After some time, reveal the truth. They are surely going to shed tears of happiness.

#4. Scavenger Hunt

Can there be a scavenger hunt better than the one which involves a puppy? I don’t think so. You need to organize a scavenger hunt on a special occasion like Thanksgiving, leave some clues inside your house, and then tell all of your family members that this is how they will find a surprise gift. 

Best Way To Surprise Someone With A Puppy

In the meantime, you need to hide the puppy in a basket with good ventilation. When any of your family members find the basket, then tell him to open it. You will see the boundless joy on the face of your family member after discovering a puppy inside the box.

#5. Airport Surprise

Suppose you are returning home and your child has come to receive you at the airport. Then tell him that you have something extra special in your luggage, which will develop curiosity in your child’s mind. 

Now, after a few minutes, open the chain of the bag containing the puppy. Your child will surely be overwhelmed with joy. I think this is the best way to surprise your child with a puppy.

#6. Car Surprise

You need to place the puppy inside the car of your family member or friend. Then inform him there is something scary or strange inside their car. As soon as he opens the car, he will find a puppy in the back seat, which will be a huge surprise.

But while keeping the puppy inside the car, make sure to open the windows for a couple of inches to allow ventilation. The doors should be locked so that the puppy cannot accidentally go outside. Try to avoid giving this surprise in extreme hot or cold weather. You should not leave your car for more than one or two minutes.

#7.The Lead-In

After the birthday morning, your child is disappointed as he has not got her favorite birthday gift. When she unwraps all the gift boxes and feels sad, tell her to hold on for a minute and bring the puppy from outside. It is a unique way to surprise your child, and she will be absolutely delighted. This is one of the best ways to surprise a child with a puppy.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. How do you gift a puppy?

There are various ways to gift someone with a puppy. For instance, you can present a puppy in a gift wrapping box and keep it under the Christmas tree, which will surely bring loads of happiness to the face of your family member or friend.

Best Way To Surprise Someone With A Puppy

#2. Should you surprise kids with a puppy?

Yes, you can surprise them, but a puppy is not a present. Your kid may not be physically and mentally prepared to take on the challenge of caring for a puppy, which is a full-time job. The last thing that you want is to bring a puppy home only to have to return it back after a few days.

A puppy will chew and gnaw on the flooring or the shoes in your house. They have to be trained to pee and do the nasty in the right place. They have to be washed, fed, walked, cuddled, loved, and played with. 

It’s a lot of work, and your child might become overwhelmed after a few days. If you do intend to gift a puppy to a child, make sure that they fully understand the responsibility. If possible, try and keep a friend’s pup at your house for a few days so that the child can understand for themselves the amount of effort that goes into taking care of one.

#3. Should you surprise someone with a dog?

Yes, you can surprise someone with the dog, but you should be sure that the recipient can take care of the dog for life. Adding a dog to anyone’s family is wonderful. But many people don’t have patience, time, energy, and interest in taking care of the dog. Make sure that you gift the puppy only to a responsible person.

Best Way To Surprise Someone With A Puppy

#4. How do you reveal a puppy?

There are various ways of revealing a puppy to your family member or any close friend. You can leave the puppy in your garage and tell your family members that there is a very scary thing inside the garage. Once everyone opens the garage, everyone will be surprised to see the puppy.

#5. How do I announce my puppy to my child?

When you return home from the office, tell your kid that a little one is waiting outside. As soon as your kid opens the door, he will discover a puppy and will indeed become happy and speechless. He will dance with joy.

#6. How can I surprise my kids with a Christmas puppy?

You can buy a lovely basket or a gift box and fill the basket with all the puppy products and cute little puppies with an exciting note. Then place the basket under the Christmas tree.

Then tell your kid to open the basket. She will be overwhelmed with joy after seeing the puppy.

Puppies Are Full Of Love, But They Should Be Gifted Only To Those Who Can Take Care Of Them!

We all have seen viral videos of kids opening a gift box where a puppy will pop its head out from the box. Some kids will start shedding tears of joy. The video ends there, and you, as a spectator, wish anyone could have presented you with such a gift.

Best Way To Surprise Someone With A Puppy

But surprising someone with an animal is also giving them a big responsibility. The recipient should have interest and patience in taking care of the puppy.

I hope this article has helped you know the best possible ways to surprise someone with a puppy. Please do share your suggestions for this article in the comment section.