Best Raincoat for Large Dogs

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DJANGO City Slicker All-Weather Dog Jacket & Water-Repellent Raincoat with Reflective Piping (Medium, Cerise Pink)
Cerise Pink
RC Pet Products Venture Outerwear Fleece Lined, Reflective, Water Resistant Dog Coat, Size 10, Black
Water Resistant
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Just like their owners, dogs vary in their tolerance for nasty weather. Some are fearless, rough-and-tumble pups willing to go outdoors in anything short of a typhoon, but others refuse to venture out in even the lightest sprinkles.

Best Raincoat for Large Dogs

Nevertheless, dogs at both ends of this spectrum can benefit from wearing a raincoat or slicker, which will help protect them from the elements.

5 Best Raincoats For Large Dogs

There are a lot of raincoats on the market, but the following five are among the best options available. Just be sure to consider your dog’s specific needs, size and rain-tolerance before making your selection.

1. Hurtta Pet Collection Torrent Coat for Dogs

About: The Hurtta Pet Collection Torrent Coat is designed to keep your dog warm and dry in even the heaviest downpours.

Hurtta Pet Collection Torrent Coat for Dogs

With this jacket’s elongated design and extended collar and shoulder sections, the Hurtta Torrent Coat will help protect your dog’s neck, chest, and hindquarters from splashing water.


The Hurtta Torrent Coat is a premium rain slicker, designed for the active lifestyle of modern dogs. Based on a Finnish design and constructed from Hounded fabric, this jacket uses a buckle that connects on the back to provide easy access and avoid pinching your dog’s hair. The Hurtta Torrent Coat is available in three different colors (Cherry, Raven and Hi-Viz Orange), each of which come with attached 3M reflectors to increase your dog’s visibility.


Most owners love the quality of the materials and craftsmanship of the Hurtta Torrent Coat and report that it performs admirably. Most owners find that it not only helps keep the rain from soaking their dog, but it also helps shield pups from heavy snow. The Torrent Coat also looks great and is easy to put on or take off.


Aside from a few customers who complain that the material is too flimsy or difficult to achieve the correct fit, the most common complaint owners express is sticker shock. Nevertheless, most owners find that the craftsmanship, design and material quality justify the additional expense.

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2. Fashion Pet Rainy Days Slicker

The Fashion Pet Rainy Days Slicker is an affordable, yet functional raincoat that will help keep your pooch dry while walking in light to moderate rain.

Fashion Pet Rainy Days Slicker

Although it lacks the expensive price tag common to most premium coats, it still comes with a number of features common to high-end models.


The Rainy Days Slicker is made from 100% polyester, and coated with a PVC protective layer to keep the rain out. To ensure the coat stays in place, this slicker has an attached Velcro strap that stretches across the chest.

In addition to a head-protecting hood, the Rainy Days Slicker also features a shoulder/chest ruffle to help keep the rain and splash off your dog’s torso. The yellow color is easily seen in even heavy rains, and the reflective stripe helps make your pup more visible to motorists at night.


The majority of owners have only good things to say about the Rainy Days Slicker and most are happy with the product. While it is only designed to keep your dog dry in light to moderate rain, it does its job admirably and most owners report that it works well. Additionally, once they see the product in person, many are delighted at how cute the slicker looks on their pet.


The hood seems to be a no-go for many dogs, so many will still suffer from wet heads while using the Rainy Days Slicker. Many owners also experience frustration while trying to acquire the proper sized raincoat – several owners mention that the sizes appear to run small, so it is probably a good idea to purchase the larger size if there is any ambiguity.

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3. Ellie Dog Wear Zip Up Raincoat

The Ellie Dog Wear Zip Up Raincoat is a premium raincoat that is designed to keep your dog dry in all weather conditions.

Ellie Dog Wear Zip Up Raincoat

Made with great materials and a clever design, this raincoat is packed with features that address many of the shortcomings of other coats.   


Above all else, the Elie Dog Wear Raincoat is designed to keep your dog as dry as possible. It not only features an ergonomically designed, removable hood, but it is also made with short front sleeves to improve the coat’s fit and provide even greater protection from the elements.

As the coat’s name implies, it features a zippered chest closure, but it also includes additional button and drawstring closures to keep the water out. The Ellie Dog Wear Raincoat also features several pockets for carrying small items and a slit for easy leash attachment.


Most owners rave about the Ellie Dog Wear Raincoat and praise its high-quality construction, durability, fit and great looks. Most dogs don’t seem to mind wearing it, and it seems to keep them warm and dry in most weather conditions. While this coat costs a little more than some others, most owners agree that the coat is a great value.


In general, complaints about the Ellie Dog Raincoat are rare. A few owners experienced sizing problems, while a handful were disappointed that the coat didn’t provide belly protection, but the majority of those who use the product love it.

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4. RC Pet Products Venture Outerwear Waterproof Dog Coat

The Venture Outerwear Waterproof Coat is a no-nonsense, high-quality coat designed to keep your dog dry, warm and visible while strolling in inclement weather.

RC Pet Products Venture Outerwear Waterproof Dog Coat

Thanks to the unique, dual-strap, open-chest design the Venture Outerwear Coat is designed to provide an optimal fit.


The Venture Outerwear Dog Coat features a waterproof, rip-stop nylon shell to keep your pooch dry and a fleece lining to keep him warm and comfortable. It is available in seven different colors (Black, Slate, Boysenberry, Electric Blue, Crimson, Lime Punch and Grapes), each of which feature a reflective 3M honeycomb logo to provide improved visibility in low light conditions. The collar is made with a leash-access point, making it easy to attach to the leash to the collar without removing the coat.


Most owners like the Venture Outerwear Coat, and report that it keeps their dog warm and reasonably dry, despite its streamlined shape. Many owners like the aesthetics of the coat and there are only a handful of dogs that object to wearing it.


A few owners were disappointed that while the coat provides easy collar access, it doesn’t provide a good way to attach your dog’s leash to a harness. Sizing problems are somewhat common, as occurs with many other raincoats, so be sure to review the manufacturer’s sizing chart carefully.

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5. DJANGO City Slicker

The DJANGO City Slicker is a canine rain jacket from Django, designed specifically with petite pooches in mind. It’s an especially great choice for long and low-to-the-ground breeds like Dachshunds.

DJANGO City Slicker


The City Slicker’s sleek outer shell is made of 100% high-grade nylon and fully repels water, snow, mud, and sand. It’s also lined with sports mesh cotton which is soft yet strong for ideal doggy comfort and flexibility.

Since the nylon shell is fully waterproof, the coat also serves as an effective windbreaker during cold weather months. Reflective piping runs down each side of the jacket, enhancing visibility and safety during evening outings.

Both the neck and chest closures of his jacket are adjustable, and elastic leg bands ensure a secure and comfortable fit. One other nifty feature – this jacket uses a no-leak leash portal that allows you to easily attach your dog’s leash to his favorite harness.

The coat comes in three different bright and fun colors (pink, red, and blue) and comes in three different sizes – XS, S, and M. The extra-small is designed for tiny toy breeds, while the medium is for small-breed dogs like pugs and terriers.


Dachshund owners ADORE this jacket, noting that it is one of the few coats that can fit a Dachshund’s small neck, broad chest, and long back. It’s definitely a great choice for Dachshunds or similarly long breeds.


This jacket is really only suitable for small and very small dogs – medium or large canines won’t fit!

Do you use a raincoat to help keep your dog dry and warm in inclement weather? What raincoat model has worked best for you? Does your dog wear it willingly, or does she put up a fight about it each time? Let us know all about your experiences in the comments below.

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Why Use a Dog Raincoat?

The purpose of a raincoat is fairly obvious, but many owners fail to appreciate the diverse array of benefits they provide to both you and your dog. For example:

 Raincoats keep your dog drier while walking in bad weather.

Many dogs, especially many small breeds, do not like to get wet. Some might even refuse to go potty at all in wet weather! But, once protected by a good raincoat, these dogs become more confident and willing to go out in the rain. Also, by keeping your dog drier on walks, you’ll avoid filling your home with that wet dog smell.

 Raincoats keep your dog cleaner while splashing in puddles.

In addition to getting wet, dogs often get dirty while walking around in the rain. Raincoats help to keep mud and muck from splashing up onto your dog’s fur, which will also help keep your house cleaner and save you from constant full-body bathing sessions.

Best Raincoat for Large Dogs

 Raincoats keep your dog warmer in wet and windy weather.

Malamutes, Newfoundlands and other big, thick-coated breeds may not become chilled while walking in chilly winter downpours, but most dogs can be at risk for hypothermia anytime the weather is wet and cold or windy. Fortunately, raincoats will keep your dog a bit warmer and help shield him from the wind.

 Raincoats help make your dog more visible to motorists.

Rainy weather is low-visibility weather, so you’ll always want to make sure motorists can see your dog well. Fortunately, most rain coats (especially those with bright, punchy colors) help improve the visibility of your dog.

 Dog Raincoats are adorable.

I’m not the biggest fan of cutesy dog clothes, but even I must admit that many of them are pretty darn cute. And that’s good enough reason to get one for your dog in my book.

Things To Look For in a Good Dog Raincoat

Of course, you can’t enjoy all of these benefits if you buy a cheap, low-quality raincoat; you’ll just become frustrated when it fails to perform, doesn’t fit right, and won’t last more than one or two walks.

Fortunately, there are a number of very high-quality dog raincoats on the market, which will make your wet-weather walks much more enjoyable.

Look for the following characteristics and features to get the best raincoat possible:

  A Hood or Collar.

Hoods are a great way to keep your pup’s head and face dry during walks, and they will often help rain-averse dogs feel more comfortable going outdoors. However, some dogs don’t seem to like wearing a hood, so you’ll just have to experiment with your pup. Extended collars may be an acceptable alternative, although they won’t provide as much protection.

 Unimpeded Leash Access.

If you use a harness rather than a collar, you will need to pick a raincoat that provides a place to attach the leash to the harness. Otherwise, you’ll have to thread the leash around the coat, which will compromise its efficacy.

Secure Straps or Closures.

A raincoat won’t keep your pet dry if it slides all over the place, so you want to stick to raincoats that have adjustable straps to ensure a good, secure fit. Most of the best raincoats feature Velcro strap closures, which are easy to use and will remain securely attached in wet weather.

 Reflective Surfaces.

Always look for raincoats that have reflective surfaces. This will help make your dog visible to motorists and keep you both safe during low-light conditions. Some raincoats rely on reflective stitching, while others use sewn-on reflective patches.

 Warm Liner.

Some of the best raincoats also feature a fleece, wool or synthetic liner. This will help keep your dog warmer and more comfortable while walking around in the rain.