Top 5 Best Dog Nail Clippers UK Version 2020 For All Breed

Once upon a time, when dogs were one with nature, playing and running on various kinds of hard surfaces–their nails were worn down, naturally. Thus, there was no need to groom and cut the nails down. In short, nail clippers weren’t that popular.

However, when doggos became popular as a pet and domesticated, with most of them confined indoors for much of their life, nail clipping and trimming have now become a must. Mischievous doggos with long, claw-like nails can’t only damage your floors, carpets, chairs, and sofas, but can also seriously damage your pup’s paws.

Best Dog Nail Clippers UK

Fortunately, with the love of dogs in the UK also comes the popularity of dog nail clippers UK offers. Amongst the hundreds of clippers available, we listed and reviewed the top 5 best dog nail clippers UK.

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The Top 5 Best Dog Nail Clippers UK Version

ThunderPaws Professional-Grade Dog Nail Clipper

Taking the top spot is also one of Amazon’s bestsellers. This professional-grade dog nail clipper from ThunderPaws is super affordable that it is also a favourite amongst veterinarians and professional dog groomers.

ThunderPaws Professional-Grade Dog Nail Clipper

This clipper is constructed from heavy-duty stainless steel. Thus, it ensures durability and guarantees a rust-resistant blade that should last for a really long time. Meanwhile, its handles are super soft to the hand, ensuring a comfortable operation even for longer nail trimming sessions. Not only are the handles ergonomically-designed, but they also feature non-slip rubbers, ensuring a risk- and accident-free trimming.

Furthermore, these nail clippers also boast a safety guard that prevents excessive trimming. Then, there’s the included nail file that allows you to give your dog’s nails a smooth and perfect finish. Another safety feature you will love is the safety lock on the clippers, making it safe around kids, but still best to keep it off their reach.

Lastly, these high-quality clippers come with the assurance of 100 percent satisfaction from ThunderPaws giving you total value for your hard-earned money.


  • Sharp stainless steel blade
  • Durable
  • Excellent quality
  • Safety features
  • Non-slip and ergonomic rubber handles


  • Not preferred for small dog breeds

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DakPets Professional-Grade Dog Nail Clippers

Here comes another superior dog nail clippers, guillotine style. The DakPets Dog Nail Clippers features high-quality stainless steel blades that will offer you a quick and clean cut in one smooth action every time.

DakPets Professional-Grade Dog Nail Clippers

For a comfortable grip and ensuring a safe nail trimming experience for both you and your pooch, it even comes with ergonomic and non-slip rubbers, preventing hand fatigue and accidental slipping due to sweaty hands.

It also features the protective safety guard that prevents you from cutting your dog’s nail too short and close to the quick. Then the safety lock ensures safe storage. If you want a complete and smooth finish trimming session, then you’ll be glad that these clippers include an easily stored nail file.


  • Quick and clean cut
  • Stainless-steel blades
  • Includes a nail file
  • Safety guard and safety lock
  • Ergonomic and non-slip handles
  • Suitable for both cats and dogs
  • 100 percent unconditional 90-day money-back guarantee


  • Although advertised for all dog breeds, it is not suitable for toy breeds

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Simply Pets Online Dog Nail Clippers

Simply Pets Online is owned by 2 professional veterinarians with more than 30 years of experience. And these professional-grade plier-style dog nail clippers are designed for easy and safe trimming of your pooch’s nails. Thus, it is one of the favourite clippers for vets, groomers, and pet owners.

Simply Pets Online Dog Nail Clippers

These dog nail clippers are constructed from premium quality stainless steel and tested by veterinarians, ensuring that they are extremely durable and will stay sharp for a really long time. It then features an ergonomic handle and a bonded bright coloured rubber grip for slip-free and safe clipping with maximum comfort and minimum effort.

With its sharpness, these nail trimmers allow accurate and safe nail grooming of your doggo with reduced risk of injury. Plus, the included nail guard ensures that you won’t cut your dog’s nails too short. Made from the highest quality of materials, the manufacturers also guarantee this tool with 100 percent satisfaction.


  • Nonslip, brightly coloured handles
  • Quick and clean nail cutting
  • Safety lock for secure and safe storage
  • Sharp stainless steel blades
  • Protective guard to prevent cutting too short


  • Not suitable for larger breeds

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Wahl Dog Nail Grinder

Moving away from the traditional dog nail clippers, we have the battery-operated nail grinder from reputable company Wahl. This nail grinding kit is suitable for shaping, trimming, and smoothing rough nails of your furry buddy.

Wahl Dog Nail Grinder

The battery-operated dog nail grinder is designed to provide an easier alternative to clippers, making the task stress-free for both you and your pooch. The high-speed nail grinder offers you better flexibility and increased freedom of movement without being too concerned about the lead getting tangled.

The Wahl nail grinder includes 2 grinder attachment heads as well as a grinder paper for smoothing, trimming, and shaping your pup’s rough nails. Not only that, but the safety stop and safety cap feature also prevents the over trimming of your pet’s nails. In addition, it features a contoured grip that ergonomically and comfortably fits your palm.


  • Cordless operation, battery operated
  • Contoured grip
  • Lightweight
  • Quiet operation
  • Safety cap and safety stop
  • Useful grinder attachments


  • Not recommended for larger dog breeds or those with thicker nails
  • You’ll need to wear a mask, otherwise, you’ll be breathing in nail fragments

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Pecute Pet Nail Grinder

Another great nail grinder for the tech fan and beginner pet parent, this device from Pecute is worth considering. Although it is a bit higher than the traditional clippers due to the fact that it is an electric device, the Pecute dog nail grinder is heaven-sent for the nervous dog parents.

Pecute Pet Nail Grinder

With its 1-hour charge, you get up to 4 times as much on the use time, thanks to the 600mAh lithium battery. Plus, it comes with a USB charger as well as an over-charge protector. Unlike the Wahl grinder, the Pecute dog nail grinder offers you 2 rotary speed options. For an accurate trim, use the 6,000 RPM while the 6,800 RPM works for fast grinding.

Not only that, but this nail grinder also offers you the 3-port option, so you can choose the right size for your pooch’s nail. The ports even have security covers so that you don’t have to worry about over trimming. And while most pets get scared of the grinding sound of pet nail grinders, this one boasts a low-noise motor with only 50DB, thanks to the quality brass shaft that ensures low vibration and noise.


  • Easy and simple to use
  • 2-speed option
  • Quiet
  • Security covers
  • 3 ports
  • Precise grinding and clean finish


  • The battery needs to remain top for you to use the device

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Buying Guide 101: Choosing The Best Dog Nail Clippers UK Version

  1. Dog Nail Clippers Types

You might be surprised to know that there are actually different types of dog nail clippers manufactured. Some are better than the others, but this will depend on your preference and your dog’s.

  • Scissor Clippers

This is probably the most popular kind of dog nail clippers UK market offers. As its name implies, these clippers are quite similar to a pair of scissors, except that they are designed for your pup’s nails.

These are thick, big, and sturdy clippers that can trim and clip hard dog nails with a single cut. The design allows for precision while the grip and construction allow for power for an easy and quick snip. Scissor clippers can be used on dogs of all sizes, however, they are generally used for the larger dog breeds as clipping the smaller nails can be quite challenging.

  • Guillotine Clippers

Guillotine clippers work like the scissor clippers, only they have a round area to put the nail in, then the blade cuts from one side for a quick and clean cut. This type of clippers are handy in cutting in a straight line and makes aiming a lot easier.

The only problem is that guillotine dog nail clippers can be quite difficult when trying to cut your dog’s nail at a certain angle. In short, guillotine clippers are great for most nails, however, not versatile enough for the larger breeds or those with curved nails like dew claws since they lack the power needed. Also, most guillotine clippers also have replaceable blades, so you can use them for years to come.

  • Grinder

This is a recent invention that has changed the way some people view dog nail clipping. They work very much like those in your garage, it contains a disk of abrasive sandpaper spin at a high speed. You then grind the nail away until it reached the desired length. There’s no pain and it is surprisingly easy to use.

Some users claim that this is one of the gentlest and calmest ways to trim your dog’s nails, allowing you to make sure they’re all the perfect size as well as having a smooth surface.

However, some users claim that the vibrations can make their dog fussy. It is also more costly than the other 2 types of dog nail clippers. Plus, grinding the nail can take much longer than getting a quick, clean cut with the guillotine or scissor-type clippers.

Nevertheless, a nail grinder is much preferred by dog parents who are nervous about cutting their dog’s nail too short and causing injury.

  1. Size

A dog clipper for the larger dog breeds differs from those made for smaller breeds. You can purchase dog nail clippers in various sizes, so you can cut your nails’ pup to the most efficient size.

Never assume that the bigger the nail clipper, the easier it is too cut. Blades that are too powerful or too large can actually harm the smaller breeds.

So, instead, remember these:

Guillotine style comes in various sizes and mostly used for the larger breeds. Meanwhile, the scissor types are the most recommended for smaller pups.

  1. Blade Material, Sharpness, and Thickness

In terms of cutting your dog’s nail, a dull blade is dangerous. Using a dull blade means you will need greater force in order to cut the nail and more commonly result in cracks instead of a clean cut.

So, when looking for the best dog nail clippers UK offers, especially for the guillotine and scissor-type clippers, look for the blade material. Its blade needs to be made of heavy-duty, strong, and thick metal that should stay sharp for long, without the need to replaced sharpen. The most recommended blade material is stainless steel.

In addition to the material and sharpness, you also need to pick a dog nail clipper with the right thickness. The typical thickness ranges from 3 – 5 millimetres. In general, the thicker the blades, the better it cuts.

A thicker blade also means that the dog nail clippers can last longer and provides a quick cut, making it much more pleasant and safer for your dog. Lastly thicker blades are mostly recommended for larger breeds.

  1. Angled Heads

If you are a newbie to cutting your mutt’s nails, then you probably don’t know where and how to start.

Hint: Almost all styles of dog nail clippers are considered foolproof as long as they feature angled heads. The ideal place to cut your pup’s nails is at a 45-degree angle and just above the quick. Rather than awkwardly maneuvering your hand to cut at the 45-degree angle or holding your nervous pup’s paw at the 45-degree angle, dog nail clippers with angled heads will allow you to cut at the right angle, effortlessly.

  1. Safety Guards

You also need to look for dog nail clippers featuring safety guards. For the scissor or plier types, this is the bar that prevents you from cutting your pooch’s nails too far down.

Now, if you do not know how long you should cut the nails, get a clipper with a quick sensor. This sensor is a great safety feature using light in order to show where the quick is and allows you to determine where not to cut.

  1. The Handle

The easiest dog nail clipper can be difficult to operate if the handle is not comfortable. When cutting your mutt’s nails, you need to focus on holding the paws of your squirming pup and avoid cutting through the quick.

Thus, you want clipper with the most comfortable handles and ergonomically fit your hand for a quick, clean cut. Otherwise, it may negatively impact the way you cut your pooch’s nails.

In addition, you’d also want a clipper with non-slip grip handles.

Oftentimes, the simplest task can make your hand sweat like crazy. This is especially true if you are quite nervous not to hurt your beloved Fido. A sweaty hand can cause slipping and awkward holding of clippers which may result in injuries or accidents.

To prevent this, make sure to choose a clipper with a firm and comfortable grip so that you are not constantly readjusting or dropping the clipper while cutting your pup’s nails. Remember, any sudden or slight adjustment can cause a bad cut.

  1. Light

Dog nail clippers featuring light is one of the best things you’ll want. It ensures an easy, fast, and pain-free cutting. This is because the light ensures accuracy and allowing you to see the entire nail so that you won’t make the mistake of cutting the nail too short.

  1. Blade Replacement

Another thing you need to consider when buying the best dog nail clippers UK market offers is the blade’s lifespan. Guillotine clippers offer replaceable blades while plier or scissor-type clippers will need to be sharpened or the whole thing replaced.

  1. Durability

Whether they are regularly trimmed or not, your pooch’s nails are hard and his paws can be squirmy and powerful.

Thus, you want a dog nail clipper than can hold up to your pup’s tough nails and attitude. The blade should not only be durable enough to cut even the hardest nail but should also endure frequent drops, slips, and readjusting. The best dog nail clippers UK should have the highest quality and heavy-duty materials that will not wear out or fall out over a few nail trimming sessions.

  • Ease of Cleaning

Nail trimmers get dirty. They can come into contact with a lot of germs and dirt hidden in your dog’s paws and nails. So, make sure that you choose a clipper that is super easy to clean.

The blades should not rust when cleaned with water. Meanwhile, the handles should be easy to wipe like rubber or silicone grips. Also, a removable grip handle can help clean the dirt that gets trapped or accumulated underneath.

Best Dog Nail Clippers UK Version Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I trim my dog’s nails?

A: There are various reasons as to why you need to cut your pup’s nails regularly.

Just like our nails, your pet’s nails constantly grow. And long nails can lead to potential health issues. Long nails that touch the ground can cause uneven pressure to your mutt’s paws, joints, and tendons. Overtime, this can cause discomfort and pain as well as making their paw splayed or flattened.

For serious nail neglect, overgrown nails can eventually curl round and puncture the paw, causing serious health issues and extreme pain and discomfort for your dog. In addition, long nails also mean frequent splitting or cracking which can be quite painful for your dog.

Q: How often should I clip my dog’s nails?

A: It depends.

If your dog is active and always prowl outside, the hardened and concrete surface can slowly and steadily trim your dog’s nails. However, if you have an indoor house dog, then once a month or every 4 – 6 weeks nail trimming is a good timeframe.

More frequent nail trimming might be needed if your pup has a wound and is wearing a recovery suit or a dog cone. In this case, you need to keep their nails short in order to prevent damage.

Q: How to use a dog nail clipper?

A: Dog nail clippers are generally easy and simple to use. Most styles will feature 2 handles that can be held in the palm of your hand, using two holes at the ends for your forefinger and thumb or a whole-hand grasp.

Gently place your pup’s nail in the trimmers. Then grasp and squeeze the clippers, steady and firm. From there, the cutting mechanism should do its job.

Q: Howlong should the nails be?

A: It is crucial that you know the perfect length to trim your pooch’s nails. If they are too long or too short, it can be painful or harmful.

Here’s a general rule:

The nails shouldn’t go over the footpad and not touch the surface when walking. Now, if you can hear your dog’s nails making a sound as he walks around, then it is an indicator that they need to be cut.

And don’t assume that shorter nails are better. Your mutt also needs some nails or it can be painful when they scratch.

Q: Can I use my own nail clippers on my dog’s nails?

A: No. You should never, ever try to use your own nail clippers to trim your pooch’s nails.

The main reason is that human nail clippers aren’t that strong to cut the nails of your pup. And cutting their nails with a dull clipper can cause serious damage. In addition, human nail cutters are flat while dog nail clippers feature a rounded mechanism since the dog’s nails are round.

Q: Does nail trimming hurt my dog?

A: You are used to cutting your own nails. IT is fun, pain-free, and not that messy. And once you get your pup accustomed to nail trimming, then it can also be a fun experience for him.

In general, a proper nail trimming is painless and does not hurt at all. Unless you cut them too short and too close to the quick. When you do, you’ll have a hard time the next time you need to trim your pup’s nails since he won’t be as cooperative as before.

Q: What is the quick?

A: The nail quick is the exact reason why most dog parents are nervous about cutting their dog’s nails. The quick is a blood vessel and also contains nerves. Thus, nipping them can cause discomfort and pain.

For dogs with light-coloured nails, the quick is highly visible. However, for the pups with dark nails, it can be quite tricky.

Q: I cut the quick. What do I do?

A: Cutting the nail quickly can hurt your pet and cause his nail to bleed.

Stop cutting your dog’s nails immediately and stop the bleeding as quickly as possible. Apply a styptic patch or a styptic powder (a dab of corn starch and a bit of flour) to the nail. This powder should stick and allows clotting.

If the bleeding continues for a couple more minutes, then you need to call your vet for advice or, much better, bring home to the vet right away.

Final Thought

And there you have it!

Hopefully, this article helped you find the best dog nail clippers UK offers and you get to gain some insights on the dog nail trimming. Although nail trimming is not something your pooch is looking forward to, with regular positive enforcement, you not only get your mutt to love the process but also ensuring their overall health and well-being.