How To Stop Puppies From Trying To Nurse

Meta: How to stop puppies from trying to nurse? The weaning process starts gradually. You can start by separating their mother for some time in a day. Read on to know more. Just like humans, mother dogs feed their puppies. And puppies nurse until they are at least four weeks old or not introduced to … Read more

How Long Does 3Kg Puppy Food Last?

Meta: How long does 3kg puppy food last? It usually depends on how much you feed your dog. For this, consider your dog’s size, ingredients there in dog good, and the dog’s metabolism.  Getting a puppy home is exciting, but it is not an easy task if you own a puppy for the first time. … Read more

When Can I Let Puppy Roam House?

Pup parents are well aware of “Puppy accidents”. But after a few months, even the most loving parents wonder: “when can I let puppy roam house?” Let’s find out. Are you planning to let loose your untrained puppy while you are at work? If yes, then don’t blame him later if you need new shoes, … Read more

How To Make My Doberman Puppy Gain Weight?

New pup parents are a worried lot. Doberman pups are naturally sleek, and parents are always worrying about how to make my Doberman puppy gain weight? Read on to get all the right answers. As pet parents, we want our pups to be healthy, and having an underweight puppy is a huge concern. Dobermans already … Read more