What Dog Breed Is Snoopy?

What Dog Breed Is Snoopy

If you are a fan of Schulz’s iconic comic strip Peanuts, and also an avid dog lover, then you might have wondered what dog breed is Snoopy? Well, Snoopy is a beagle, but to know why to read on. Snoopy is the famous pet from the iconic comic strip “Peanuts” by Charles Schulz. Peanuts is … Read more

Can You Use Bactine On Dogs?

Has your furry friend got a boo-boo? Wondering what can help disinfect the wound? One question that you might be asking is: can you use Bactine on dogs? Well, let us find out. How many times do you see a cut, rash, or bruise appearing out of nowhere on your pup’s body? Well, most pet … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Deer Bones?

Dogs are no longer the wild animals they once were they may not have the stomach for certain things. For example, can dogs eat deer bones? Let us find out what the research says. The ‘paleolithic dog‘ lived in the wild, just like wolves; they would hunt down deer, amongst other animals, to fill their … Read more

Why Do Dogs Lick Their Balls?

Why Do Dogs Lick Their Balls

As a pet parent, you might be concerned when you find your male dog licking its balls. Why do dogs lick their balls? Well, it’s mostly a natural instinct for grooming. More details to follow… If you are wondering why do dogs lick their balls so much? Don’t worry; you are not alone. Every dog … Read more

What Is A Male Dog Called A Bastard?

What Is A Male Dog Called A Bastard

If a disobedient female dog is called a bitch, what is a male dog called a bastard? Nomenclature and history are intertwined, so let’s look at the what’s and why’s of this name given to male dogs. A male dog that declines to follow any command of its master or instructor is usually referred to … Read more

Why My Dog Barks At Me When I Try To Sit On The Couch?

My Dog Barks At Me When I Try To Sit On The Couch

In this article, we will address a common question from many dog owners my dog barks at me when I try to sit on the couch, what should I do about it? First of all, stop questioning yourself whether your dog loves you or not. This behavior doesn’t mean that your dog does not trust … Read more

Can Dogs Get Blue Balls?

Blue balls refer to painful and aching testicles after arousal that does not lead to orgasm. Can dogs get blue balls just like us humans? Let us find out. Blue balls are medically known as epididymal hypertension. It happens when you have extended arousal without release. It causes increased blood in the testicles for a … Read more

Can Dogs Have Wet Dreams?

Can Dogs Have Wet Dreams

Dogs dream just like other mammals. Let’s find out can dogs have wet dreams below in this article. Dogs are just like human beings. They play, eat, sleep and like to have fun. You can see these things physically, but what about things that you cannot see with your own eyes? For instance, you may … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Sugar Cookies?

Can Dogs Eat Sugar Cookies

We have all heard that sugar is toxic for dogs, but the latest research says this is not true. So can dogs eat sugar cookies? No, not exactly. Learn why sugar cookies can be harmful to them. Whenever you get or bake cookies at home, its irresistible smell all around the house makes everyone’s mouth … Read more

6 Best Chew Toys For Australian Shepherd Puppies

In this article, we will share our curated list of the best chew toys for Australian Shepherd puppies. Our top 3 choices are in the table below. Isn’t your Australian Shepherd the apple of your eyes for being the most easy-going family pet? They win your heart with their delightful ways to please you.  Known … Read more