Why Does My Dog Keep Licking His Balls

Why Does My Dog Keep Licking His Balls

It’s a common question that many dog owners ask why does my dog keep licking his balls? We find out the surprising yet commonsense reasons behind why dogs do this seemingly gross thing.  So why do you think your dog keeps licking his balls all the time? While the answer isn’t always simple, there are … Read more

How To Put Bow On Dog?

How To Put Bow On Dog

Your fur baby is your pride and joy. You want to make her more adorable. How about putting on a bow? We show you how to put bow on dog in this article using a step by step technique that will have you making them in no time! Looking for ways to put a bow … Read more

What Color Is Calming For Dogs

What Color Is Calming For Dogs

Can dogs perceive color like humans? What color is calming for dogs? Do colors affect their emotions just like they do for humans? We will attempt to answer all these questions in the article below. Colors can enhance the way you feel, and the same goes for your furry companion. Like specific colors can calm … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Coconut Macaroons?

Can Dogs Eat Coconut Macaroons

Pet owners are often worried about what foods they can give their fur babies. Can dogs eat coconuts? Can dogs eat coconut macaroons? How about coconut sweets? Let us answer all these questions in this article. Can dogs eat coconut macaroons? Yes.  Are they healthy for him? That would be a definite no!  As a … Read more

What Happens If A Dog Eats Orbeez?

What Happens If A Dog Eats Orbeez

Orbeez are a fun way to decorate the house, but they also look like candies and your dog might want to eat them. What happens if a dog eats Orbeez? Is it toxic? Will it cause any kind of problems? Let us find out. Orbeez is small particles that grow almost 100 times their volume … Read more

6 Easy Home Remedies for Mange in Dogs

Red Mange in a Beagle

Mange is a skin disease that is caused by mites on the skin of your dog. It is also known to impact other animals like cats, fox, coyotes etc. As this disease spreads easily from one dog to another, it is important to know how to manage mange (quite the tongue twister, that one!). Fortunately, … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Stuffing Mix?

Can Dogs Eat Stuffing Mix

As pet parents, you might want to give your fur baby a bit of yummy stuffing mix. But have you ever wondered: can dogs eat stuffing mix? Is it a good food item for them? Or can it harm them in some way? Let’s find out. As dogs like to eat anything and the holidays … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Bamboo Leaves?

Can Dogs Eat Bamboo Leaves

Many leaves, shrubs, and plants are poisonous to dogs. But what about bamboo leaves? Can dogs eat bamboo leaves? What about the various types of bamboo? What should you do if your dog eats poisonous bamboo leaves? Answers to these questions coming up! Chewing offers certain dental health benefits to dogs, so it’s not entirely … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Kabocha Squash?

Can Dogs Eat Kabocha Squash

We love to share many things with our dog, including our food. But can dogs eat kabocha squash? How should I give it to my dog if I want to? What should I do if it eats too much Kabocha Squash? Answers to all this in the article below. Dogs are omnivorous animals which means … Read more