Top 4 Best Puppy Food for Bulldogs (Picked for American and English Bulldog)

Best Puppy Food for Bulldogs

Today, more and more people are adopting puppy bulldogs as these dogs are goofy and adorable making them a wonderful household pet. But unluckily, bulldogs are prone to health issues. In fact, their short noses may cause breathing issues. Aside from that, bulldogs are susceptible to skin sensitivities and joint problems. However, are you aware … Read more

4 Best Food for Pitbull Puppy: Top Pit-bull Puppy Foods 2020

Best Food for Pitbull Puppy

When it comes to the food that you give to your Pitbull puppy, choosing smart is very important to make sure that your puppy is growing properly. Today, there are lots of options out there, this makes choosing the best one very confusing and challenging. So to help you, we have done our research and … Read more

3 Best Food For Dachshunds: Top Foods to Keep Your Dachshund Healthy

Best Food For Dachshunds

Lovingly referred to as the Weiner dog, dachshunds are one of the most recognizable canine breeds around. With their long slender bodies and stubby legs, it is almost impossible to resist their wagging body (and tail) as they walk cheerfully towards you! And that’s not even the best part! These cute pups have an energetic … Read more

3 Best Food For Doberman Puppies: Top Food To Feed Doberman Puppy

Best Food For Doberman Puppies

Doberman pinscher – the dog with a regal, powerful and athletic body. Talking about Dobermans, most of us would immediately think of a pitch black-brown dog with tall, always-alert, cropped ears and docked tails sitting vigilantly next to a military soldier or police officer. And if you have always been a big Doberman fan and … Read more

Best Dog Clippers for Border Terriers Review of 2020

Best Dog Clippers for Border Terriers

Grooming is an important aspect as your pet needs to be well-maintained in terms of its health and appearance. Hair clippers are the tools to provide a tidy look to your pet. There are a number of trimmers available and it is difficult to choose the right one. The following info would let you be … Read more

Best Dog Grooming Clippers For Westies

Best Dog Grooming Clippers For Westies

In this article, we have reviewed the best dog grooming clippers for westies. If you are in a hurry, the table below gives a quick snapshot of the top ones. Westies are a breed of medium-sized terrier dogs from Scotland. They have a characteristically harsher white colored outer coat, but also have a soft and … Read more

Top 5 Best Dog Grooming Shears For The Money 2020

Best Dog Grooming Shears For The Money 2019

It is that time again— the annoying time when your lovable Fido becomes a walking broom or a ball of mange. I know you only want what’s best for your furry buddy. And I know that you want him to keep looking his best with his soft, shiny, well-managed and mange-free coat. So, you take … Read more

When Do Puppies Stop Growing? Dog Breed, Food, Nutrition

When Do Puppies Stop Growing

The trade-off for puppies being as mouthy, rambunctious and distractible is quite obvious— they are so freaking adorable. They are super soft to cuddle, smells like the best scent on the planet and their cute faces are almost impossible to say “no” to. Bringing home a puppy, they are so small and cute that it … Read more