Who is behind ThePupCrawl?

Hi, welcome to ThePupCrawl.com.

I am Gaurav, the founder of ThePupCrawl.com. I live with my wife, two sons and a yellow labrador retriever in the suburbs of Toronto.

After Woofy joined our family, we realized that we have got a very sensitive puppy home.

For the first two months Woofy would throw up on every car trip and he kept scratching himself to the point of giving himself wounds.

We had innumerable questions about bringing up a dog, especially one with a very sensitive stomach. As time went by, we spoke with friends and neighbors and realized that they have pretty much the exact same questions.

Gaurav and Woofy enjoying the summer on their deck

I started ThePupCrawl.com with the aim of bringing you the most reliable and complete information about caring for your dog.

For that purpose, I have teamed up with other pet professionals reliable people who know what they are talking about when it comes to dogs.

While we try to answer all questions that we think are important when caring for a dog, we are bound to miss things. Please feel free to contact us if you have any feedback or input. I hope you enjoy your stay on our site.

Meet Our Team

Gaurav Dhir

Blogger, Pet Enthusiast

Gaurav started ThePupCrawl to compile answers to all the questions he had as he took over the responsibilities of raising his yellow labrador, Woofy.

He does all the legwork, when it comes to running this blog. But he knows his limitations, so when it comes to anything that requires specific dog related knowledge, he defers to the experts on the team.

Apart from blogging, Gaurav is an online entrepreneur a loving husband and a father of two energetic boys.

Amanda Corsaut

Writer, Dog Rescuer

As an avid dog lover, Amanda has had dogs in her life for as long as she can remember. She is also actively involved in animal welfare and dog rescue as she currently sits on the board of Save Me Dog Rescue as their Finance & Public Communications Director.

Amanda lives with her own rescue dog, Korey, who keeps her very active with long hikes, endless games of fetch and playing at the park. She has worked with her rescue through training and obedience, and has experience with making life the best it can be with your pets.

Shauna Parks

Vet, Technical Expert at ThePupCrawl

Shauna is our technical expert when it comes to any dog health related issues. She is the guardian of all the content that we publish on ThePupCrawl.

Shauna is a vet by training and profession. She sees hundreds of animals every week and uses her expertise to answer all our pet related queries and keeps us on the right side of medical knowledge on ThePupCrawl.